Redskins have to shuffle the deck after injuries


The Redskins need to mix things up on special teams, and they did so Tuesday.

As a result of the season-ending knee injuries suffered by long snapper Nick Sundberg and linebacker Bryan Kehl, the two were placed on injured reserve today, the team announced. They also released safety Jordan Pugh.

To fill those roster spots, they signed long snapper Kyle Nelson, linebacker Josh Hull and safety Trenton Robinson.

Hull, a former Penn State linebacker, had been with the Rams. Robinson was just released from the Eagles practice squad. Nelson has been with six teams since 2011, filling in for six games last year with the Chargers after an injury.

12 responses to “Redskins have to shuffle the deck after injuries

  1. Somebody needs to fill in for Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett as he clearly is not getting it done as a coordinator. His all out blitzes don’t even work. Washington always had a good defense…Until this guy showed up in town.

  2. Haslett isn’t the problem. If the players don’t know how to tackle at the professional level – there isn’t any coach that can help that.

    You also can’t help people that aren’t living up to their potential.

  3. What happened to the ”Best Team In Maryland”?
    I guess they meant, Best High School Team In Maryland….lol

  4. ravenunitas says:
    Oct 15, 2013 4:40 PM
    What happened to the ”Best Team In Maryland”?
    I guess they meant, Best High School Team In Maryland….lol

    That distinction goes to powerhouse Quince Orchard.

  5. Jim Haslett’s defense held Dallas to 213 yards of offense… In Dallas…. Special Teams & Offensive coaches are ripe for criticism, especially Burns, but Haslett did ok… As much as I can’t stand DeAngelo Hall, the fact is, Dez Bryant was MIA all night… Can’t blame Haslett this week!

  6. I never could understand Shanny switching from a top ten 4-3 defense to a 3-4? All that needed to be fixed (and is once Griffin is FULLY healed) was the offense.

    Cap penalties has severely hampered the special teams and defense and unfortunately will for a few years to come as money had to be pushed forward.

    I have greater concerns as to Goodell and his fellow attorneys ruining the game as they have. Glad I lived to see the days of men playing in the 80’s and early 90’s!

    This team is on the right track, last year was a pleasant bonus not an expectation.

  7. cue, logicalvoicesays….. the redskins are the best team pound for pound in the NFL. no mater what the stupid record says. Roger Goodell hates us with all the cap fines…. ITS JUST NOT FAIR!!!

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