Report: League considers adding more Thursday games

Anquan Boldin and those who agree with him aren’t going to be happy.

According to Matthew Futterman and Shalini Ramachandran of the Wall Street Journal, the NFL is considering adding more Thursday night games to its current slate of 13 televised by NFL Network.

Per the report, the league could stage some Thursday night doubleheaders, with games being televised on networks other than the league-owned broadcast operation.

The NFL reportedly is disappointed that the present approach, which expanded last year to cover most Thursdays, hasn’t generated more interest.  In addition to additional Thursday night games, some of the games currently televised by NFL Network could be sold to other networks.

While the first Thursday night of the season is an obvious spot for a second game, it would be hard to sell more short-week games once the season has begun.  From the 13 Thursday night games on NFL Network to the three Thanksgiving games on CBS, FOX, and NBC, each of the 32 teams plays one game on a Thursday after playing on a Sunday.  For competitive reasons, it could be unfair to compel some teams to play a second short-week game.

Also, the NFLPA would have to agree to more Thursday night games.  With player health and safety now receiving so much attention, it could be hard to sell the players on additional Thursday night games.

The better approach could be to sell all of the Thursday night games to the highest bidder.  That would reduce the revenues of NFL Network by dropping advertising dollars and subscriber fees, but it could generate hundreds of millions of dollars via a tug of war between other cable networks.

That’s a drum the NFLPA should be banging.  If the players are going to be playing one game per year with three days’ rest, the league needs to maximize the money that comes from it.  By keeping the games on NFL Network, the league probably isn’t.

209 responses to “Report: League considers adding more Thursday games

  1. Thursday night games are always terrible. The league shouldn’t be trying to ruin their product

  2. Please no.

    More Saturday games late in the season would be more fun. Thursday Night games are sloppy football, especially early in the season.

  3. I’m a hardcore football fan and I don’t watch them unless my team is playing. More does not mean better.

  4. The only way for Thursday games to work long term is to have each team that plays a Thursday game, have it’s bye the week before. Two teams have a bye each week, first 16 weeks. No Thursday game last week of the season. They would have 11 days to prepare, and 10 days to recover. But the NFL is not about being fair, it’s all about $$$$.

  5. Why don’t they just have two Monday night games every once in a while like they do for the first week of the season?
    There are enough west coast teams to have late games and it’s fun.

    Thursday games have all sucked this year.

  6. The NFL needs to realize that there IS too much of a good thing.

    I’m already stretched kind of thin with how much time I spend watching football now, there’s no way I could give up my entire Thursday in addition to a portion of Monday and all of Sunday to watch football.

    If I start missing games, I’ll struggle to keep up with the NFL. If I struggle to keep up, I’ll start caring less. If I care less, I’ll probably keep up with my own team and that’s about it.

  7. I’m in favor of Saturday night games in Dec once College Football championship games are over and done with. Use the format the use with Sunday night games down the stretch using playoff contenders and giving teams 2 weeks advance notice of the date switch. No more Thursday night games, those games tend to be blowouts are very boring games to watch.

  8. I haven’t watched more than a couple of minutes of any Thursday game yet this year, and most weeks none of the game. There are only so many good matchups most weeks. When you try to spread them across Thursday, three Sunday national day time slots over two networks, Sunday night, and Monday night, you aren’t going to end up with good matchups for all of those slots. If they stars align and you actually had 6 good matchups that week, what are the odds they would be spread across the various games? Keep diluting your product NFL, and it will end up costing you.

  9. Stupid… here’s an idea… either double headers on Monday night, every Monday.. OR even better… Push the start times up on Sundays to Noon eastern, 2nd set of games at 3:15pm, 3rd set of games at 6:30pm and the Sunday nighter at 9:45pm. More time slots, more national games on a Sunday.. a quadruple header. It’s the only way to be sure.

    You’re welcome NFL, now where’s my consulting fee?

  10. Not sure what’s up with the poll or these comments. I would rather watch a bad football game than any sitcom or CSI ripoff that permeates our TVs now. There is no such thing as too much football. The match ups that you guys claim are so bad would still be just as bad on Sunday.

  11. As one who dislikes Thursday football, if they really want to do it, then they need to coincide the games with bye weeks.

    Sunday – ten days (includes the bye) – Thursday – nine days – Sunday.

    Using that scheduling concept, the Thursday game flips from being a feat of endurance to a part of the season players may find themselves looking forward to.

  12. I’m pretty I speak for the majority of fans and all the players in saying NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  13. I love football. I hate Thursday night games. Besides the holiday games they absolutely are terrible. I can’t even remember who played this past Thursday.

  14. This is insane. If they really care about the players health & well-being they would understand they need more time off, not less, in between games.

  15. Apparently, no one in the NFL corporate office knows the meaning of the phrase “too much of a good thing.” Watering the product down even further is not the answer.

  16. I am under-impressed with the few Thursday night games I’ve watched and don’t intend to watch any more.

    Competitively, they make no sense.

  17. I know the NFL is a business and their mandate is to make more money. But it is disappointing to see them say that these Thursday games aren’t “generating more interest”. The NFL is the only business that does not listen to their customers as far as what they want or will tolerate. You would think that they “get” that fans and players want less Thursday games. But while the owners are putting that extra revenue in their pockets, teams are asking players to take pay cuts to remain on the team. This goose only has a few golden eggs left to lay and they are trying their best to kill it.

  18. You have been pushing the ‘sell the Thursday Night’ games agenda since before the labor lockout ended. You would think that you work for a network that might put you on such a broadcast or something….

  19. Less is more.

    I am fine with Thanksgiving kicking off the Thursday NFL schedule.

    Until then, leave Thursday to high school and college football.

    It cheapens the game to have it on so often. I am starting to become numb to all the games on TV outside of Sunday afternoon, and that is not good for the NFL, were it to occur on a mass scale.

  20. Games everyday and into march would be AWESOME! Wth is wrong with you people. Who cares if some games are sloppy, most aren’t, yes more games longer season. Expand roster size which would mean draft rounds 5 , 6,7 would be relevant.

  21. And the second sport week each team plays on Thursday will be played in London, Tokyo, mexico city, Sydney, Moscow, and any other foreign country that we are trying to expand to. And every team losses a home game on a Thursday prime time game to a foreign audience.
    Goodale for President will be what we hear next.

  22. I don’t like Thursday night football games in the first place the matchups are usually bad and the games are sloppy. I would like if the NFL would move the Thursday night games to Friday or Saturday night games. That would be nice.

  23. Watch, next they’ll start playing more games in London, have a Super Bowl in London and talk about a franchise in London too. Wait… They are already talking about those things.

  24. They should change it to Friday Night football. Giving teams one more day to rest, prepare, and dare I say…..practice in a short week would be very beneficial. It’s a small bonus for player safety, all be it not much. Also you have to figure the quality of the game would be better with another day to prep.

  25. So the leagues response to low ratings on Thursday is even more games on Thursday?
    Makes perfect sense (sarcasm mode off)

  26. Not it just means airing more totally crap games like the browns and bills.

    I am sure all 7 of the out of market fans enjoyed that waste of a football night.

  27. Thursday night football sucks. I still watch it because I love football…but I wish they would get rid of it. In my opinion, it takes away something that used to be special about MNF as well.

    And Boldin is right. NFL games are brutal. Players need time to recover physically and mentally. Having a shorter turnaround…and this silly talk of adding MORE regular season games (and even postseason games) needs to stop.

  28. Sometimes too much of a good thing isn’t the best solution. They are eventually going to oversaturate the product and people are going to start tuning out.

  29. Wow are NFL owners retarded? The NFL is really becoming a joke! Keep it in Sunday, some Monday nights, keep it in America, allow tackling, don’t hire coaches from Rutgers. It’s not that hard.

  30. Thursday night football needs better match ups. If other networks get to compete for broadcasting Thursday night, then maybe we will get better match ups. It could get better, but if it doesn’t than I guess we will get less Thursday night football. Kinda win-win IMO.

  31. I said this 5 years ago, what the NFL is doing in called backwards intergration. In 10 years all of the games are going to be on the NFL network. That way they get all of the ad revenue and everything that goes with that.

  32. Hate the idea……Which with my luck much like more games in London, moving the draft back a couple weeks, and adding more teams to the playoffs….. Look for more Thursday night games in 2014.

  33. There IS too much of a good thing. It’s gotten to the point I watch Sunday afternoons and unless my team is on Thursday, Sunday night, or Monday night I’ll pass. So 1 additional game means 1 more I won’t be watching.

  34. Move the Thursday games to Friday or Saturday nights on CBS/FOX/NBC. Also, MNF should be on ABC not ESPN, since not everyone has ESPN. Streaming online isn’t the same.

  35. I am against Thursday night games. However, if they are going to have them, there SHOULD be more.

    Let me explain myself. Since there are 13, that means that a maximum of 26 teams can be subjected to the disadvantages of having to play them.

    In the interest of fairness, they should sprinkle 3 more games in there and spread them out over all 32 teams so that every team has to play in one Thursday night game.

  36. Saying you care AT ALL about player safety and throwing more players into playing games on short rest is beyond hypocritical. It shows exactly what you actually care about. Fans don’t want more Thursday games that have been mostly, as other posters mentioned, completely disjointed, and we don’t want 18 games. We like our teams to have a chance of getting through a season without half the team ending up on IR at some point. It’s getting ridiculous Goodell.

  37. It might be nice if you could actually watch them. I already pay too much for tv and don’t get much use out of it. I’m not going to pay even more just to watch a few Thursday games. It ticks me off when my team plays on Thursday because I have to listen to it on the radio. So if you want to alienate more fans like me, keep adding those Thursday games.

  38. did this report get leaked just to spite Anquan Boldin?

    “But there are some things that just don’t make sense to me,” Boldin said. “I mean if you’re so concerned about player safety then why do you have every team in the league playing on Thursday night when they just competed on a Sunday, knowing how difficult it is for guys to get back to being healthy after playing on Sunday? Guys really don’t feel like they’re back till probably Thursday or Friday to prepare for that next week.”

  39. The NFL is getting dumber and dumber. Thursday games were fun when you had a couple a year. Now it’s just over done. There isn’t going to be any games left for Sunday if they keep this crap up.

  40. What a terrible idea – why am I not surprised? Let’s just have a 25-game schedule, games every night of the week, and franchises in Moscow, Dubai, and Port-Au-Prince while we’re at it.

  41. I love Thursday night football. It’s a great night to catch a game, and get you ready for Sunday. I look at it as a nice bonus NFL game every week, and the NFL Network does a great job with it.

  42. I like watching games on live TV. Because of that NFL Network is useless except for the couple days a year a game is on.

    If they insist on having games on Thursday then they should sell the TV package to a Network, or at least to someone on basic cable.

    In my opinion they should do away with thursday night football altogether and do Saturday night games every saturday during the season.

  43. Where’s the South Park episode where they portray Goodell as the blob n he consumes everything in his wake! Paging Trey Parker and Matt Stone!!!

  44. With the exception of the first week of the season and Thanksgiving, there should be no more Thursday night games.

    Hey NFL: this one is a no-brainer…dump the Thursday games.

  45. Just keep it the way it is or get rid of them. Don’t over-saturate our lives with games.

    The “Not now honey, football’s on!” Excuse is only going to remain 100% effective if its reserved to the sacred Sundays in the fall.

  46. Thursday night games are garbage & so is everything else the NFL is doing to “improve” the game. Whoever is dreaming this stuff up needs to find a new day job. Perhaps they could start a band called ‘Goodell & the Flag Footballers’. They couldn’t possibly be any worse than this.

  47. Good old emperor Roger. Moving teams to other countries, turning the game we love into flag football, screwing over the taxpayers, blackouts, increasing the season to 18 games, making fans pay full price for preseason games, refusing to lower ticket prices, and moving games away from the traditional Sunday.

    Greediest man in the world.

  48. IF they’re going to do this (which I don’t think they should) they need to broadcast it on one of the big networks. I’m not going to pay for NFL Network just to watch 1-2 games a week, which my team may be playing in one of them all year. Just go to the bar that night to watch it.

  49. Players angry? Check.
    Coaches angry? Check.
    Fans angry? Check.
    All the league cares about? A check.

  50. Stupid. Just like holding the draft in May, the NFL is obsessed with being talked about every day in the offseason, it’s almost obnoxious. That’s what made it so great in the first place was it was that one magical day of the week that you couldn’t wait for. Now it’s Thursday Night football (lame, except on Thanksgiving) and Saturday Night football (pointless except for playoffs).

    The NFL is the next “we’re too big to fail” corporation that will end up failing. Badly. And it will be sad when it does.

  51. …right…because adding more games where the teams have no time to prepare or rest is a good idea. Those are always fun to watch…

    I cant remember the last thursday night game that was interesting…not 1.

    Oh, and while were at it, lets discuss how we already have to pay extra money to see our teams play on thursday night?

    No thank you. I will continue to pirate stream thursday night games until you decide I can watch my team play on the networks I already pay to see.

  52. Knock out one pre-season game & add an additional bye-week, then have teams that mutually had a bye week play Thursday game double-headers after having the extra.

    The math is easy for 32 teams, 4 teams play each Thursday for the first 8 weeks = all 32 teams played. Then you simply mix up the original 4 team’s opponents to play the opposite team & start it over again. Rotate the Thursday games between the networks (FOX / CBS / ABC / NBC / ESPN / NFLN), with the NFLN getting a game every of other week. Thursday games kickoffs should begin at 6:00 PM, second game at 9:30 (NFLN always being the late game for ratings sake).

    This eliminates advantages that allows teams to prepare longer after a bye & eliminates complaints about the short-week for Thursday games. Simple.

  53. Does Goodell not understand that most people that watch football like to have friends over to drink and eat and have fun. You don’t do that on Thursday night. Heck I go to bed at halftime during the Monday night games…..and I’m on the West coast.

  54. Keep the Thanksgiving games (Dallas and Detroit, for tradition) and the season opener. Get rid of the rest of the mid-week games. Short prep time leads to sub-par football and an increase in potential injuries/players not yet healed enough from the previous Sunday.

    The quest for the almighty dollar is quite sickening. That’s all this is. the NFL makes around $10,000,000,000 but still have to find ways to make even more (PSLs, London games/future franchise push, pro-bowl stuff, propping up offense via rule changes in order to profit off casual/fantasy football fans, etc.) I’m all for them making a profit but they are cheapening the game in order to make an extra buck. We wouldn’t stand for it in other products (good products made with cheap parts) so why should we accept this from the NFL? Oh, yeah, no competition. They know they can do it so they will.

  55. “The NFL reportedly is disappointed that the present approach, which expanded last year to cover most Thursdays, hasn’t generated more interest”

    A few points here:
    First, show games that people actually want to watch. Make it like the Sunday night games.

    Secondly, show it on a local network as the NFL Network is not a standard basic cable channel and costs about $10 a month to subscribe to. And while $60 a year is not a big deal to watch football Thursday night’s all season, it’s the other $60 a year that there’s no football on that we’re paying for that kills it. It’s crap, crap I tell ya!

  56. Horrible idea and the greed makes me sick. The one and only reason is to generate even further revenue on their own network in addition to the vast money that comes from the TV contracts.

    We’ve already seen several teams play horribly in the early Thursday night games. The Pats are a prime example with a large number of rookies. With only a 3 day turnaround from Sunday and one of those a travel day for one of the teams involved, no full practices, it is inevitable that teams will play like crap in these early Thursday night games.

    Teams need time for the players to settle into the offensive and defensive playbooks and become smoother in their play before they start handing out short weeks.

    No absolutely not. They need to cut back from where they are now and return to the previous format with just a few Thursday games late in the year.

  57. If you get a Thursday night game followed by a bye week in the middle of the season, it will be good for that team to rest up their injured players.

  58. Voted to “actually have fewer games.”

    But if more games do come, can they put a better team than Mike Mayock and Brad Nessler?


    I’d rather listen to Kevin Harlan on the radio.

  59. It says a lot when a poll on a site frequented by NFL fans votes overwhelmingly against it.

    The sample size is small but somebody has to see that casual fans are going to be even less interested.

  60. Not only is the Thursday night game usually a terrible matchup but there is not enough time to recover to have a competitive matchup. The nfl is starting to bother me, if it ain’t broke…

  61. I just want to point out that the Thursday night games were really being pushed by NFLPA reps before the lockout as a way to increase revenue without adding more games to the schedule. In particular, Eric Winston is one of the player reps who I heard multiple times talk about the full Thursday night schedule as a great idea from the players’ perspective. Same amount of games, more revenue. I’m sure ya’ll could dig up those sound bites or quotes from him…

  62. I love football and I have a very supportive wife … But even we are reaching our limits here. Sunday is all day football. Monday nights now sometimes have double headers. And then there is Thursday night. It’s too much as it is.

    If you want people to be interested in your product, a little scarcity doesn’t hurt.

  63. The games are typically terrible. The teams only have 3 days to prepare, are banged up, and look gassed by the 3rd quarter.

    If the NFL insist on Thursday night games, they should do the following things;

    1. Don’t begin to play them until October

    2. Match up 2 teams coming off bye weeks

    3. Kick the game off at 8, not 8:30

    4. Reward quality teams with the games ala Sunday night football. Nobody wants to watch a Jacksonville vs Tennessee game.

  64. Thursday night games are over doing it. More of them will be beginning of down fall, don’t get greedy NFL! Half the time you forget they’re on, the other half us family folks are figuring out how to watch with family conflicts; not every wife and child is interested in football especially after loyally watching it all day Sunday and monday nights.

  65. no reason for thursday games.

    unless teams don’t play the weekend before that game and have a week off following.

    give them the week off after.. have 2- 3 byes for teams.

    they are trying to milk the cow for all the milk.

  66. I agree the Thursday games are sloppy and there definitely shouldn’t be more. And the season shouldn’t be extended I believe one of the great things about the NFL is the short season and the long anticipation of the next season. Adding more weeks would only dilute that, and for those fans who’s team is not in the playoff chase it would be a bore. Add more playoff teams perhaps but don’t as more weeks to the regular season.

  67. People hate TNF cuz there’s no avid passing. There’s not enough practice time for it.

    Also, every team needs to be in the air. Even the Jags.

  68. Its time for us fans to stand up, grab the pitchforks and take a stroll to goodells office and say enough is enough!!


  69. They should fix the current games first. I don’t mind the thursday format but the production is just terrible, though not as bad as it was when it started. Also Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock are just awful announcers. Nessler makes me fall asleep and Mayock can’t stop talking about 40 times and how he knew this guy was gonna be a beast when he saw him in college. Yeah, we get it Mike you watch a lot of college tape…

    Also, another little thing but they’ll just go to commercial with no warning, no music, no throw from the announce booth.

    The only good thing about Thursday games right now is the pre/post game with Rich and the boys, especially the post game where they get players out on the set to chat.

  70. Dear lord no…NO more thursday night games. It’s nice to have Sun/Mon as the go to game days…you don’t need football every damn night.

    Doing it too much makes it no longer special.

    Besides the current Thursday night broadcasts royally SUCK.

  71. Goodell is all about the $$$$. He doesn’t give a lick about player safety or there would be NO Thursday games. But that would mean he couldn’t put the games on this own network and make even more money.

  72. Everyone wants to play on Thanksgiving, saying Detroit and Dallas shouldn’t be home games every year. Whine, whine, whine.

    Now, nobody wants to play on Thursdays? Make up your mind! Good thing the Lions and Cowboys don’t mind playing on Thursday 🙂

  73. If the league wants to generate more ad revenue they should move more games to the late afternoon slot and let fox and cbs show 2 games each every week. It seems like every week there are a bunch of good games early and then a bunch of awful teams during the late slots

  74. angelogiaquinto18 says: Oct 15, 2013 9:32 PM

    This is getting ridiculous NFL….almost by the day. Soon we’ll have games everyday and the season will end in March.

    That’s actually a very good idea! Can you ever really have too much football? Go Lions!

  75. Why not have games every night…and actually broadcast them! Not have most of the games at 10am PT…and not show them! Then, we wouldn’t have to buy the NFL package, to see the games. Now, there’s an idea!

  76. I’m used to college games being on Thursdays. For fantasy football purposes I would prefer we do away with Thursday games except for on Thanksgiving.

  77. I absolutely HATE thursday night games. I can’t imagine what it must be like for a season ticket holder on the east coast to go to a game that kicks off at 8:30 on a weeknight. I don’t even bother going to my teams Thursday games (I’m a season ticket holder) and I live on the west coast. Thursday night games are seriously one of the worst ideas Goodell has come up with.

  78. Thursday games are a real bummer for fantasy football. Example: Your backup qb plays on thursday night, but you don’t need him because your starter is probable for sunday. Sunday morning rolls around and look who’s a late scratch from the game, your starter. Too bad your backup played already.

    I do kind of like thursday games because it gives me something to watch on tv if nothing is going on.

  79. I’m in favor of Saturday and Sunday games. I love the playoffs because you get Saturday and Sunday games. But here is the problem: college football.

    I’m in favor of moving the college season to the spring: April (right after March madness) -June. Draft in July, right in time for training camp.

    I personally don’t care or watch college football but I think finding a way to get more Saturday games is a good idea. No more Thursday games.

  80. The majority of people do not want more Thursday games. Conventional wisdom says that more Thursday night game will now become a priority for the NFL.

  81. I have a solution to all of this nonsense: Saturday night doubleheaders – for a few reasons:

    * Thursday night game are far too early in the week to begin with, and with a growing concern for injuries, I’ve never felt like I’ve seen a truly great game on a Thursday. Competitive, yes. But not a game that has me talking for days because it was phenomenal. Not even close.

    * Also (and I bet I’m not nearly alone on this one), I really don’t give a damn about college football. So this is what they can do:

    College can play most of its major conference games at noon and 3:30, and the NFL can play an east coast/west coast doubleheader at 7:15 and 10:30 (or just 1 game a week), if ESPN, ABC and the other networks are so worried about a potential ratings drop. For years the NFL played Saturday games later in the season, and I loved it. They should bring it back. Besides, playing 1 day earlier than normal is better than 3 days early.

    In my opinion, the biggest NFL and college fan bases are completely different people and in completely different areas – there’s not a massive crossover of fans who love both (some do, but the overall percentage is low).

    Universities already makes a ton of money from the sport. Maybe they should spend more time getting the players (and students) to focus on the reason their schools even exist – to get an education.

  82. The League isn’t happy with the amount of attention their Thursday Night Games are generating so they want to add MORE of them? By that logic they should cancel Sunday night games, then, since they easily draw fan viewership.

    The Thursday Night Games (especially early season ones) are just bad products. The teams don’t get time to prepare for their opponents (the Bears didn’t even hold a practice during their short week), players who get injured on Sunday have virtually no chance of playing on Thursday games (which may be cutting into some players performance-based bonuses; if they could’ve played on Sunday but the game is on Thursday, they could be losing cash, another beef for the NFLPA to bring up), and the end result is some very poorly played football.

    And NFL Network, I realize you’re trying to seem “cool” by having a teenie bopper pop star sing a song to announce the start of your Prime Time Matchup, but is it too much to ask to have the song have something to do with football?

  83. Instead of adding more games, how about a simulcast the current Thursday games on say, Fox Sports 1. Fixes your viewership problems. I’d certainly watch more of them.

  84. Saturday Night Football. You can stay up for the entire game and sleep in on Sunday morning. How can that not be a success?

    Oh wait, that may conflict with college football games.

    Why should that matter?

    It couldn’t be that the NFL has a zero cost minor league system in the NCAA could it?

  85. Goodell seems positively driven to milk every dollar possible out of the NFL product he governs, even at the expense of the game itself. Expanded season, teams in Europe, more Thursday games…while all the while trumpeting his concern about player safety and the integrity of the NFL shield.

    He should be ashamed. His hypocrisy would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous to the game we love.

  86. 50% of the fans say get rid of Thursday games

    I am NOT paying to watch a game.

    so the NFL wants to double down now…
    Football is NOT baseball. keep the games to sunday.

  87. I like the Thursday games, but I wish the NFL would use what I believe is a simple solution. Have the teams coming off a bye play on Thursday. That way no team has to prepare for a 4 day week. No team ends up playing 3 games in 11 days. Good for player safety. Good for competition. Good for fans.

  88. And, of course, Goodell will say that the “fans are demanding it” even though most here and elsewhere seem to hate the expanded Thursday lineup as it is.

    Gotta love those late season “intriguing matchups” between two 4-9 teams………….

  89. The NFL has to face it… TNF lost its luster. I agree with the previous post about having more Sat night games – perhaps when the CFB regular season ends.

  90. Forget Thursday Night Football. Keep all pro football on Sundays with one Monday Night Game a week.

  91. I’m always up for an NFL game. I voted no though, thursday nights are bad for me with my work schedule. I just had to take a Thursday off to see my team. (I know I could always dvr them but then I have to stay away from sports websites until I watch it). It’s funny how I watch football nowadays. I watch my team live (if at all possible…it usually is). Then watch the shortcuts of the other games throughout the week. I’m watching more football, just at weird times.

  92. I didn’t think there was anything that could/would make any NFL game terrible to watch – until Thursday night games. What a terrible bore!

  93. “We have the most popular sport in America. Let’s try to destroy it!”

    – Roger Goodell

    I absolutely love football but it’s getting to the point where I’m going to have to start boycotting it.

    Roger Goodell’s “new” NFL has injuries on the rise while looking more and more like college football everyday. If you enjoy good defense the NFL is no longer for you.

    I also refuse to watch A Thursday night game unless my team is playing. These games should not exist unless the team is coming off a bye week. not enough time to game plan or recover.

    Also the issue of the preseason games not being the same quality as the regular season games…….. No $&#! thats why its called PREseason. I wAnt my coach to get a good enough look at his players to determine a team that is going to be competitive in the regular season!

    Enough Is Enough!

  94. This is the difference between Tags and Goodell. Yes, both ultimately work for the owners, but I suspect Tags was a voice of reason behind the scenes. Goodell seems unable or unwilling to steer them away from killing the golden goose.

  95. Week 20, Thursday night double-headers….. In London, aaaannd China, and then we’re gunna go to Australia, and to Saudi Arabia and south Africa…. Wooooo !

  96. The solution to the Thursday night mess:
    teams should ONLY play on Thursday night after their bye week.

  97. Why does Roger Goodell so desperately want his league to “jump the shark”? That’s what he’s doing w/ ONE Thursday game, let alone multiple games.

  98. The correct verbiage would be “fewer games.” Plural nouns use “fewer” and singular nouns can use “less”.

    Fewer games means less football to watch on Thursdays.

  99. The league wonders why there isn’t more interest. Let me relay my story. I would watch the NFL Network, but my cable provider, Charter, puts it into an overly-priced special sports package. Sorry, I’m not going to pay 52 weeks for an over-priced sports package to see 16 NFL games. If Charter had it in its regular package, no problem. But as I understand it, it costs Charter a bundle to get the programming. HMMMM.
    I’m also not in an “NFL Gameday” mindset on Thursday night.
    Consider this: the NFL Network is put together by the NFL, using money from fans who aren’t enthused about Thursday football. They also take money from the main broadcast networks(BILLIONS OF DOLLARS) and make a network that competes against the programs paid by the commercial broadcasters. It is as cynical as it gets. Then you can’t get the NFL Network content anywhere else, WITHOUT PAYING MORE.
    Go stuff it. I’ll watch reruns of “Burn Notice” before I’ll get taken yet again.

  100. Goodell won’t stop until he kills the goose that lays the golden egg. He is the worst commissioner in the modern era, a corporate suit who loves money more than the game. In the end…that won’t end well! Goodell= Bad Football.

  101. I’d prefer only one day of being completely exhausted at work due to watching football the night before. The 3 I have to go through now are too much.

    I love how we get a poll for this. Can we get one for the Redskins name change?

  102. Until they do what I’ve suggested repeatedly, give the two teams playing on Thursday their bye the week before, they need to shelve these games. It’s generally unwatchable football and a health risk for players.

  103. Maybe they should worry about to much hurting their ratings. 11.45 million for Monday Night Football is god awful and Sunday Nigh Football will lose to Walking Dead after DVR Playback. Overexposure is hurting the league and the explosion of passing yards which decreases the special platitudes like a 300 yard game is starting to have an impact on fans who don’t enjoy every game being 48-34 with ridiculous pass interference calls

  104. Gave up my season tickets this year ( Eagles ) ( no jokes please ) F_A_R to expensive. Not just the tickets but the whole NFL Experience. An odd thing the Eagles have been offering supposed, visiting team returned tickets, for home games. One would assume they would be in a bloc, but they are all over the stadium, even premium seating. Hmmmm.? It appears the League may have passed the financial limit of fans and may be experiencing a drop in attendance. 108,000 at Penn State / Michigan. The NFL could not come close to matching that game. Just my thoughts….

  105. The NFL Network programming sucks. Rich Eisen is the most annoying juvenile announcer in the history of professional sports. Top 10 Lists are a joke, total filler.

    I agree Saturday night games are cool late in the year. Put Thursday Night Football and NFL Network out of its misery.

  106. Hows that entire quest for player safety treating you, Goodell? Having 250-300+ lb men who run into each other for 3 hours play on three days is the antithesis of caring about player safety. What a dip.

  107. Just move them to Friday nights.

    One more day of rest for the players.
    Most people don’t have to get up for work the next day. So East Cost can stay up and watch the end of the game.
    Great reason to have a party.

  108. Do I want to see more football games on Thursday, sure, I love football during the week, the more the better.

    BUT, the League looks pretty bad on this one as it screams about player safety and then puts more effort into making teams play on short rest.

    It’s a double-edged sword, but does make the league look bad, as usual.

  109. Why not add a Tuesday game? Goodell knows fans will come back even for a watered down product. He’s making money for the owners and that is all that matters.

  110. I hate Thurs night football and so do the players. I hate that I’ll have to wait five months for the draft now and miss the Sat portion if its nice out.
    Stop messing with things.

  111. I watch the Thursday night game basically because I love watching football, but they should stick with just the 1 game per week and 3 on Thanksgiving.

    kane337 has got it spot on – at the moment each team only has to have one short week, let’s keep it that way.

    I’d much rather see more 4.15pm Sunday games, so there’s more than 2 or 3 to choose from. I know you have to consider the time zones from east coast to west, but there’s often a huge difference in the number of games available to watch.

  112. Logic NFL style:

    1: Let’s try to conquer Europe, increasing our profit.
    2: Let’s schedule more games on a weekday, that start well past midnight over (t)here.

    It’s bad enough that, in general, the most interesting games are scheduled for SNF/MNF, but to double the # of games on Thursday (which is what it has to come down to), just terrible.

  113. The quality of Thursday games is terrible. Too many injuries, too. We need fewer Thursday games, not more.

  114. mushin9 says:
    Oct 15, 2013 9:31 PM
    I’m a hardcore football fan and I don’t watch them unless my team is playing. More does not mean better.

    You are not a hardcore fan. A hardcore fan would watch all of the available games. I like Thursday night games. They are not always the best games….but its football. It helps shorten the work week, and it gives national exposure to even the basement teams.

  115. I think the NFL is missing part of the reason it is so popular. There is no doubting NFL football is a good product, but there is something special about the games being every Sunday. It becomes more a social event with people gathering with friends and family to watch the game. It is also makes it easy for a fan to see every game their team plays. The more they spread the games across the week, the more this effect is lost. Also, for season ticket holders, Thursday night games are terrible.

  116. The league is already at risk of diluting their product. Thursday games should be reduced to make them more of a treat, and all weeknight games should begin at 7:30 Pm. Even when my team is playing, or I’m otherwise interested in the match up, I only watch a quarter or so because of the late time – I’m a working man and up early.

    Agree with Mattlion above that going back to more late-season Saturday games would be good. Have fond memories of decorating the tree while watching the late afternoon Sat. games with my dad.

  117. They should shorten the Thursday schedule. Have the first Thursday game to open the season then the three Thanksgiving games & be done with it. As someone said previously, more isn’t always better.

  118. SO much for the league’s “alledged” concern about player safety. I am sure turning them around on three days rest to play again won’t contribute to injuries.

  119. The problem is the nfl is getting to big for its own good. They are taking the excitement of the game away from the fans. some of the greatest plays are kick returns, big hits when a reciever goes up for the catch. I love this game but when defenders can’t defend it makes me feel like the next step for “player safety” is going to be flag football. i’m sorry i know its a brutal game but if you don’t want to play stay home. this game was intended to physical. I am sick an tired of listening to Roger talk about player safety. if he was so concerned he would stop talking about 18 game season and enforce players to use the correct pads. Football needs to stop implementing dumb ideas. more thursday games is a dumb idea. its perfect the way it was. all games sunday with one on monday night. with the exception of thanksgiving day games. lose the night game.

  120. Please no…the quality of football on those Thursday night games is noticably lesser than games that take place on Sunday/Monday. The short week doesn’t allow for the correct amount of preparation.

    If you’re going to throw more Thursday night games at us, can we at least get some quality play-by-play and color analysts? I like Mayock as a recruit analyst, but not as a commentator during a game.

  121. I’ve yet to see a decent,competitive game on Thursday night football. It was almost comical watching Marshall Faulk and the other 5 clowns trying to get people pumped for the Browns/Bills game 2 weeks ago. The match-ups are horrible and the games are boring. I hope to God they aren’t going to add more games. Games in London should be eliminated too,for that matter.

  122. @cajunaise says: Oct 15, 2013 10:59 PM

    Players angry? Check.
    Coaches angry? Check.
    Fans angry? Check.
    All the league cares about? A check.


    What fans do you think are angry? The 50 or so on here that are PFT’s lap dogs and agree with anything they write??

    90% of fans with a set hanging in their pants are going to want more football, any day of the week they can get it. If you don’t want to watch it you can play your DVR’d “Dancing with the Stars”. These players get paid A LOT of money to do what they do and have the lifestyle they do. They can suck it up for one (or maybe now two!! 🙂

    I agree, the match-ups should be better but going to other networks will change that.

  123. the problem with thur night is the NFL channel’s coverage sucks…the broadcast team sucks….the on-field coverage sucks…it’s a low-quality football broadcast compared to NBC/FOX/etc.

  124. The only football games that should play on Thursday’s are the games on Thanksgiving. There should be no other football played on Thursday’s. All games on Sunday, except for the one game on Monday night. That is how it should be.

    However….ratings are ratings. If you put a football game on every night, they will watch it.

  125. NFL is going to shove this down every ones throats whether they like it or not. These games suck. I would never pay to see the NFL network.

  126. Many of you sound like women who are in an abusive relationship. You sound off to your girl friends about the abuse, but you stay with the man you abuses you.
    Admit it, most of you will tune in to the Thursday games.

  127. NFL games on Thursday dilute the Sunday product. Adding more games will make Sunday games (the primary earner) less competitive. The NFL is making a huge mistake by alienating their primary audience.

  128. Less is more.


    The NFL has been turning into, simply, a bad product. Dilution is the main culprit, but so too is the increasingly political creep into the game. (Too many nanny type fines and forced community initiatives and promotions of government-related messages coming from “the shield”, but let’s leave that aside for now and focus on its easy to fix problem.)

    Friday: HS Football
    Saturday: College
    Sunday: NFL

    That is the hierarchy that used to be respected. And here it is worth noting that the NFL is not football; the NFL plays football. It’s part of a mosaic of the game that is most American in nature as Sal Paolantonio wrote: capture territory and advance. Football is unique in sport because no other sport has a line of scrimmage and stoppage of play each play. This puts paramount importance on field position – on territory, holding it and capturing more.

    The NFL seems to be focusing itself on capturing more televised territory rather than stoppage of play. In other words, they need to rediscover its natural balance. Football is not best served as a blur, as a multinight occurrence; it is best served in limited supply. Leave the customers wanting more, not becoming background noise like nightly baseball, basketball or hockey. Not becoming something to catch a bit of while you do something else. Limit the supply and remain an event, remain appointment quality. Remain King.

    The other mistake the NFL is embracing has elminted my viewership of about half its games. Domes. Turf. Get rid of them. The game should be played outside, always. Turf looks terrible and it is increasingly outside now too. That should be illegal. Is this the NFL or Arena Football? I can barely tell anymore. Superclean uniforms all game long, pretty much every week? Shiny halo reflections from dome lights on every player’s helmet? No sun, no wind, no rain, no…nothing. Just echoes and X shadows on every player. It is lame and weak and it is not football.

    NFL, stop being pathetic and get back to being football.

  129. “The NFL reportedly is disappointed that the present approach, which expanded last year to cover most Thursdays, hasn’t generated more interest” Could it be because many people don’t have NFL network and refuse to pay a premium to have it? Or could it be that having every team, including many lousy teams on Thursday reduces interest? Or, as in my case, I’d much rather watch the college football Thursday game?

  130. Last Thursday’s game did a 5.0 rating which was almost 50% more than the baseball elimination game the same night despite being on a network in less homes. In other words, just another NFL game did considerably better than one of the biggest games of the year for what is arguably this nation’s second biggest sport. So let’s not act like no one is watching these games. The NFL being disappointed with the ratings is like the billionaire being upset over his mutual fund earning 2% instead of 4% return.

    The NFL is enormously popular not just compared to other sports but anything else on TV. Yet it has the shortest season of all the majors so the fewest number of national TV games. At some point adding more games could oversaturate the current product but there’s no evidence that it is happening. Sunday NFL ratings are as strong as ever. Adding more games makes sense to consider but the NFL just has to be realistic with the expectations are realize they aren’t going to do gangbusters ratings like Sunday or even Monday night.

    I can understand the people who say they don’t need another primetime game but I don’t get those that are so adamantly opposed to any games outside of Sunday or Monday. Is it the inconvenience of having to submit your office pool or check your fantasy lineup a little bit earlier? If you’re just a casual NFL fan with no interest in Thursday games nothing wrong with that. Just don’t bother us diehard fans who enjoy these extra games or if you are going to complain, find a way to bring Cheers or Seinfeld back on Thursday nights so there’s something decent to watch.

  131. I think ESPN and the NFL are in a competition to see who can provide the crappiest football coverage.

    The Thursday Night bore-casting team is really giving the MNF team a run for their money.

    Stop the Thursday games, except for thanksgiving, and give MNF back to a network that can actually produce it.

    I can’t believe how often I decide not to watch football lately. If I had Football Fever, NFL network and ESPN’s MNF are the cure!

    Now, about those stupid Super Bowl halftime shows…

  132. Hate Thursday night games. Never watch them. The NFL already had a good strategy with Sunday games and Monday night. I hope the NFPLA fights this.

  133. Move Thursday football to Friday. I could care less about high school or college football.

  134. i work during thursday games. i work during monday games. the reason nfl has always been easier to follow than the other sports, is because traditionally their gameshave been on the weekend when I have a little time to enjoy them.

  135. Talk about diluting a good product and trying to repair something that isn’t broken. How about getting rid of the Thursday Night game and having a double header on Monday Night?

  136. I vote an emphatic NO on this one.

    Unlike most comments here, I enjoy Brad Nessler as an announcer. I also enjoy Rich Eisen’s smart mouth. The rest of the TNF broadcast is insufferable. All Mayock does is talk about a guy’s combine performance and remind us 1,000 times that he played in the NFL. I never watch the pre-game scream-off between Irvin and Deion. And oh yeah, the games are awful too.

    It would also do the NFL suits to remember that their product is not watched exclusively by people who work Mon-Fri from 9-6 with a 10-minute commute that. Some people work on other shifts, others work 10-hour days with a 40-minute commute and have to go to bed at halftime of the TNF and MNF games.

    I like the idea presented earlier of starting Sunday games at noon, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00, then 1 Monday night game. Then us 5 AM Eastern risers get to see every game, even if we miss the second half of the 2 night games.

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