Texans changes include no changes


With the 2013 Texans hitting rock bottom, the apparent plan is to keep digging.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle explains that the Texans won’t be making any major changes after losing four straight games, capped by an embarrassing loss to former Oilers coach Jeff Fisher and his otherwise underachieving Rams team.

The biggest change, if any, would come at quarterback.  Matt Schaub is injured, and coach Gary Kubiak said Monday that his availability will be determined late in the week.  If Schaub can’t go, it could be a toss up between T.J. Yates and Case Keenum.

McClain believes Keenum should get a chance, and so do we.  (McClain’s opinion carries slightly more weight, given his proximity to the franchise.)  Keenum nearly leapfrogged Yates in camp (which based on Yates’ performance against the Rams probably shouldn’t be a surprise), and Keenum has a swagger that could help turn a sluggish and slumping team around.

Regardless, the quarterback won’t be hometown hero Vince Young, who has offered his services via Twitter.  McClain says the Texans aren’t interested.

The Texans also likely aren’t interested in trying to break out of their slump by playing at Arrowhead Stadium against a Chiefs team possessing the record that many thought the Texans would have through six weeks of the season.

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  1. what they dont show on kubiaks big play card, is the post it note in the middle with that games 3 plays on it.

  2. What quick fall from grace that was for Vince Young….begging for work via twitter…just insance. Feels like we were watching him throw/run all over the field against USC in that title game like a year ago. Just goes to show you that talent can only bring you so far in the NFL, you certainly need brains too…especially at the Quarterback position.

  3. When you get blown out by San Francisco and Baltimore and you get beat at home by Seattle – these are causes for concern since the Texans clearly have the talent to beat those teams.

    But when you get destroyed at home by an average to below-average Rams team, there HAS to be some sort of change made – whether it’s firing a coordinator, benching players, etc. – you can’t just keep going as if nothing’s wrong.

    Kubiak keeps saying “It’s on me” for penalties and turnovers, but this has been happening for a month now, so either he doesn’t know how to fix it, is not capable of fixing it, or he has lost the team.

  4. TJ was impressive in preseason after lack-luster appearances last year. He responded to a hard push by Keenum. His performance against the 49ers and Rams however wiped out the positive. He had two picks against the Rams and it could have easily have been three in one half of play. I think he had an interception against the 49ers as well.

    If TJ starts, it tells you either something about Kubiak’s inability to make a decision that goes against a person’s feelings or “fairness” or Case is performing very poorly in practice.

  5. The only thing worse than Gator fans/ evangelical Bible thumpers still pining for the day when their messiah Tebow takes the field again are Longhorn fans wishing for Vince Young.

  6. I would probably wait a week before giving Keenum his first start. Sacrifice Yates to the Chiefs ridiculous defense and then give Keenum the bye week to get ready to start against the Colts.

  7. This shows just how incompetent Kubiak really is. His team collapsed towards the end of last season. They had home field advantage sewn up then gave it away. This season is worse. The Texans could easily be 0-6, as they nearly lost to the chargers and titans. But losing 4 in a row (3 of them blowouts and 1 where they had Seattle down big and let them come back) is ridiculous. Especially when you have Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, JJ Watt, Brian Cushing; etc on the roster. Opposing defensive players say they know what play will be called before the ball is snapped. Commentators all say the same thing, that Kubiak needs to change the playbook because it’s too predictable. But he stubbornly refuses to do so and continues to carry that huge playbook (or possibly a restaurant menu) but only calls the same 10-15 plays. Our special teams sucked last season and are worse this year. I am tired of watching them bring the ball out of the endzone and get tackled at the 10 yard line. Our kicker stinks and is only reliable from 30 yards or less. This is a problem since our offense is allergic to scoring TD’s in the red zone. Our offense can’t convert 3rd downs and seems compelled to turn the ball over. Stupid penalties are another issue. They had a 100 yards worth vs the rams. When penalties are a ongoing problem, it is a matter of being sloppy and undisciplined. Because of the incompetence of our offense and special teams, it places a burden on our defense. But there are issues on this side of the ball as well. 3 turnovers in 6 games isnt going to cut it. Cornerback, Kareem Jackson, needs to be told that interference is not an acceptable way to defend passes. GM Rick Smith should be smacked in the head for signing Ed Reed. He looks old and slow out there. He was signed to produce, not take up a spot on the roster just to be a cheerleader. But go ahead… don’t change a thing Kubiak, because what you’re doing is working so well. Want proof? Just look at your W-L record. Oh wait you are 2-4 and your team is finding creative ways to lose in humiliating fashion each week. “You keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting.” We are in for a LONG season, fellow Texans fans.

  8. VY you will never be a Texans!!! Shaub after this year you want be a Texans. We need a quarterback. Team has to much talent but is so weak in the most important position on a football team QUARTERBACK

  9. Well it was a good two-year run, eh? No actually it was pathetic. Last year you couldn’t say BOO without making a dozen Texans fans jump. Now you can’t even lure them out of hiding with purple drank. Houston has no real fans, real talk.

  10. I think those calling for VY and Tebow realize that either would be an upgrade over ham-n-egger #1 and ham-n-egger #2.

  11. How come when the Rams win they get no credit for it. It is always “Oh the other team didn’t play well. It was a bad team, caught them in a trap game.”
    I guess after the Seattle game on Monday night when the Rams win maybe then?

  12. “(McClain’s opinion carries slightly more weight, given his proximity to the franchise.)”

    and it should also carry more, given that he’s forgotten more about football than you’ve ever known…

  13. Good grief. McClain’s head is so far up Bob McNair’s rear end. He is the worst homer of all time.

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