What’s next for the Redskins name?


The battle lines have been drawn, sort of.  The NFL and the Redskins both defend the team’s name but express willingness to listen to those who oppose it.

So they’re listening.  What comes after the listening?  More listening?

Erik Kuselias (who favors keeping the name) and yours truly (who doesn’t) considered the status of the situation on Tuesday’s PFT Live.  More importantly, we discussed what could happen now that the issue potentially has reached critical mass.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Roger Goodell recently dropped a possible hint regarding what he’d like to see happen.

“I’m confident that he’s listening,” Goodell said during a question-and-answer session with Cowboys season-ticket holders.  “I’m confident he feels strongly about that name, but he also wants to do the right thing.”

The use of “but” arguably implies that doing the right thing means changing the name.

The next known tangible step will be a meeting between the NFL and representatives of the Oneida Indian Nation.  Set for November 22, the timetable could be accelerated.  In the interim, other events could transpire.

And here’s the part where I ask you to click the box below, watch a 15-second or 30-second commercial, and then enjoy more than 16 minutes of my discussion with Kuselias about the team name and other topics.

66 responses to “What’s next for the Redskins name?

  1. Nothing will happen in the short term. He is not going to give in and change the name. Until a ransom is offered, there is no budging. He doesn’t want to make the first move and have everybody start talking about how much he wants to bank off of this transition moment. Goodell is just buying time knowing he has no leverage and must support Snyder or Snyder can cause headaches for him and Goodell knows that there’s a snowball’s chance that the partners will agree to submitting a ransom reconcilliation bid at this time.

  2. Just change the name already. Honestly, I feel bad for those in favor of keeping it because they will lose this battle. The borderline psycho opposition to the name has time on their side. They will keep writing, keep bringing it up, and make it their one mission in life to bring the Redskin name down. They will win this test of endurance. Meanwhile making you look like the bigger dink for keeping the name the more you fight it. I was behind the name, but I’m already worn out. I just want to stop reading these articles.

  3. The only people that seem to care are people in the media trying to make a name for themselves, push their agenda, or fall on the ‘right’ side of the story after being conspicuously silent for decades.

  4. Am I wrong that red referred to the paint they used? If that’s true, then I’m even more in Snyder’s corner. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  5. What do you mean “what’s next”? That implies Snyder has any interest in doing anything about it. People can moan about it all they want, but I commend Snyder for not budging.

  6. Someone has suggested that they keep the name Redskins but ditch the Indian head logo and replace it with a red potato. I’m ok with that.

  7. See, the problem with todays society is its not the majority that rules anymore. It’s who can make the most noise and I think that is the bigger issue. In the future we will see this as the age when PC police took over our lives refardless of how big or small the issue.

  8. Honestly I want it changed so I don’t have to listen to the native groups whine about it any more. I’ve never heard a group of people whine so much about so many things…

  9. It’s coming out that the spokesman Ray Halbritter isn’t a legitimate member of the Oneida tribe and barely has any Oneida blood in him, if at all. His position isn’t recognized by the Grand Council of Chiefs governing the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy.

    The name will “NEVER” change.

  10. Change the name! Can you hear me now?

    It’s time to recognize that if this were the Washington Brownskins, Blackskins, or Whiteskins…there would be a huge controversy.

    Since the federal government wiped out most of the Native-American population, it seems in bad taste to say….we’d change the name Washington Redskins, if more Native-Americans complained.

    How about Washington cheetahs? There’s a name 🙂

  11. Thank you Erik Kuselias, for being a “reasonable mind.” I appreciate finally hearing a viewpoint other than the slanted view we’ve been force-fed over the past few weeks, by the liberal media. I think he hits the nail right on the head. I hear you, I hear you, I hear you……you forget about it, it goes away. Rinse, repeat.

  12. I keep going back and forth on this.
    The name strikes me as a little f’d up, but I’m not a skins fan. I’m also not an American Indian.
    It seems the reason this issue is so polarizing is that nobody knows who gets to define racism.
    I know we have our methods and our definitions but they’re not sufficing here.
    Its a legit statement that white guys shouldn’t tell others what should offend them in a paternal way, but we, as a society, definitely have a say.
    Like ‘The Onion’ says: Washington changes team name to the D.C. Redskins.
    Not sure…

  13. Why don’t they have the meeting on 11/28 instead? Maybe then we can get rid of the dried out turkey we’re all obligated to eat as well as the stuffing no one can agree on and the only time anyone ever has enough cranberry to offset their beer intake. Let’s do away with all of it – that way we can focus on what’s important – the Cowboys winning on Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for Dan Snyder!

  14. Change “Washington” if anything…. that’s the name I’d be embarrassed about those idiots in DC helped create this non story anyways. Drop it already… all you people wanting to make the world a better place need to walk out the door and go find a kid who needs a jacket or food. Do some real good and shut your mouths!

  15. Although I like names that explain the local customs, industry, etc (Senators, Whalers, Boilermakers, Packers, to name a few), it has gotten to the point
    to where you have to stay away from anything that could offend anyone. Someones father or mother might have toiled many years in one of those industries, causing stress to the family. Best to stick to an inanimate object or concept, like Jazz, Heat, Thunder, Sparx, etc. I’ve even heard the argument that some paths of spirituality believe all living things possess a soul, and therefore it could be offensive to their followers to use animals as a mascot or team name.

  16. The name is just fine. Indians don’t care what the Redskins call themselves why should you brain dead PC people care. You have the power to change the channel to another game, boycott the NFL altogether, or cancel your utilities and sit at home in the dark. Why don’t you all stop driving too, it will literally clear the air and make driving more relaxing for those of use dealing with real issues. Keep working the grassy knoll angle.

  17. Snyder and Goodell are both two strong-minded and strong willed people who don’t back down and give in, or compromise. Goodell is an arrogant control freak who doesn’t care about anything but what he wants. Snyder is of the same mind-set. My money is on the name staying the same.

  18. How about the Washington Warriors.

    Actually, Deadskins seems more appropriate, since that the name they have earned over the years

  19. The moral chest puffing of protecting those who are apparently slighted is nauseating. Snyder may be curbing his words – but the issue is going nowhere – mainly because outside of you and Costas – nobody really cares…I love what Colin C said about the issue…”I don’t talk about it because nobody cares about it”…other than some elite liberals on the east coast I guess.

  20. Where will it end? Then the Chiefs, Braves, Indians, Blackhawks, Seminoles, etc. will have to change their names next. Then people will find other nicknames that offend them too. Get a life people. Amazing how now too that all of a sudden the name Redskins seems to offend people like Bob Costas yet it never did before. Stick to your guns Snyder, this coming from a Giants fan!

  21. I agree that a name change is in order.

    D.C. Redskins is more appropriate.

    The current name is disrespectful of the people in the great state of Washington!

  22. One of this week’s more popular internet jokes is that given the state of the gov’t the name “Washington” is just as embarrassing as the R-word. So I say we go the Harry Potter route to fix everything: move the team to the UK and call them the “Griffin-dors”.

  23. Nothing is next for the Redskins name because it isn’t going to change no matter how much you write about it. If anything, Dan will open a chain of Casinos and call them Dan Snyder’s Redskins Casino and partner up with Native Americans just to make them happy and get what the ultimately wanted all along… MONEY! It’s a win/win… Dan makes lots of money and so do the tribes and everyone is rich and happy. It will happen, mark my words.

  24. I thought for just a minute we could go one day without talking about this. Nope. Isn’t there some football we could talk about?

  25. On the one hand, there’s the history of the franchise. On the other hand, doing a complete re-brand of the franchise, new name, logo’s, and uniforms would be a mega cash cow for Snyder..

  26. There is only ONE thing that might change Snider’s mind, and the NFL can’t offer it till the middle of February.
    Snider wants to be in the Super Bowl rotation. The NFL can’t offer that until they see how this years game goes.

  27. I’m more offended by the Houston Texans name and logo. C’mon guys, Houston may be the fattest city and the U.S but that doesn’t mean everyone looks like cows…

  28. It’s obvious the solution is to take the Indian off of the logo and replace it with a sunburned Ocean City tourist…

  29. My take is pencil necked geeks will continue to whine over the name REDSKINS while the man who paid for the team does as he damn well pleases.

  30. Critical Mass??? Really? 99.9 % of people don’t really care. Yeah, critical mass alright

  31. Florio mentioned that the Indians didnt pick the name for themselves as one of the key point in his argument.

    thats incorrect. Smithsonian Institution senior linguist Ives Goddard spent seven months researching its history and concluded that “redskin” was first used by Native Americans in the 18th century to distinguish themselves from the white “other” encroaching on their lands and culture.

    Again most Indians or Native Americans are not offended.

    There was also a discussion about Fighting Irish. Pick any other ethnicity and a stereotype and use that for an expansion team. “The Lazy ….” “The Cheap …” Can’t have it both ways. If Redskins go so do a lot of other names.

  32. That is making alot out of the word but. But we are going to sit down come to a settlement where Native programs get wads of cash so the REDSKINS keep there rightful name. Also if name is changed GOODELL can be the bad cop and take fall for SNYDER. Just never show your face at FecEx Roger. REDSKINS fans hate you.

  33. I just can’t figure out why someone wasn’t offended 80 years ago???? If I were The Redskins owner I’d want to know what the majority thinks. Whoops, he already did that…its 90 to 10 to keep the name. Had enough of these leftist, liberal commie smackos yet?????

  34. It’s not a racial slur.

    Efforts in keeping the name are about one thing: not allowing the hysterical to gain any social control in the country. The hysterical never stop.

    Remember, per this site, “shehawks” is also a slur now, because they said so and somewhere some group, if you look hard enough, will agree. They hysterical never stop.

    If you agree it’s a slur then you are required to ask yourself what is next because at some point, you who are too uncomfortable to do anything but agree it’s a slur, the hysterical will come after something that actually affects you and will be outside of sports. The hysterical don’t stop, and it starts benign but these are the people who say kids can’t play tag at recess, then it goes further with cops in communication in apprehending a suspect shouldn’t use basic race in description, then onto things like the hysteria with anything with sugar in it must be taxed, these are the people who in the 70s said we have to heat up the Earth because it’s cooling and now say the Earth is heating and we must cool it, and eventually it affects you personally in your kids can’t get into a great school because of “demographics”. It’s all the same thing. When the hysterical affect you personally, then you finally pay attention. And of course then you’ll be surprised when you were warned do not give the hysterical the social high through feeling power they need which is all this is. The hysterical. don’t. ever. stop.

    And to insist the name is suddenly a slur, is, hysterical. This whole argument isn’t even about the name. You don’t let the hysterical get their claws in society.

  35. Wasn’t racist when I started watching football over 40 years ago and still isn’t. Only an issue because people with a platform make it an issue. Go Redskins.

  36. So they’re listening. What comes after the listening? More listening?


    No, you had your say. They listened. And they don’t agree and don’t wish to change. They’re under no obligation to capitulate to you or this Halbritter clown. Accept it.

  37. It’s tiresome enough reading about your crusade on this website. No way am I going to waste over 16 mins. of my life watching you on your soap box.

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