Alex Boone fined $7,875 for retaliating against Alameda Ta’amu


49ers guard Alex Boone was not thrilled when Cardinals defensive tackle Alameda Ta’amu’s foot wound up in his facemask after the two tangled during a play in last Sunday’s 32-20 49ers win.

Boone was seen on camera yelling “he kicked me in the f—ing face” while 49ers players and coaches tried to calm him down on the sideline, but Boone’s reaction on the field was enough to get him fined by the NFL. Boone retaliated against Ta’amu and was flagged for a personal foul as a result, setting the stage for a $7,875 fine.

Boone expressed remorse for his reaction earlier this week because it could have hindered his team’s chances to win. While he regrets the response, he said he plans to appeal the fine.

“Of course. I didn’t do anything wrong,” Boone said.

Ta’amu was not penalized on the play, although that doesn’t mean he won’t also be fined.