Browns replace guy with torn ACL with guy with torn ACL


Sometimes we write these things down so they don’t accidentally get placed in the fiction section.

When the Browns put quarterback Brian Hoyer on injured reserve with a torn ACL, they replaced him on the roster by signing wide receiver Charles Johnson off the Packers practice squad.

But because Browns, it couldn’t be that simple.

According to Scott Petrak of the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram, the Browns discovered Johnson had a torn ACL when they gave him a physical, so they’re now placing him on the non-football injury list. He was signed last Saturday, but was inactive for Sunday’s game with the Lions.

And with the Browns are playing the Packers this week, they won’t be able to replace Johnson on the 53-man roster for two more weeks, since there’s a rule in place that requires players signed off practice squads to be there for three weeks.

When Johnson suffered this mysterious ACL tear is unknown, but the one thing is certain is that the Browns can’t catch a break.

40 responses to “Browns replace guy with torn ACL with guy with torn ACL

  1. And that is why they are known throughout the league as the Cleveland Clowns. So glad I don’t live in that sewer Cleveland and be forced to cheer for these fools.


  2. Ummm…doesn’t physical come before signing? If not, than either the Packers are hiding something or the Browns are really dumb.

  3. But they can latch on to someone who caught a tear.
    Don’t expect sympathy from the NFL’s version of “Emergency,” the Green Bay Packers.

  4. Can’t catch a break, or just run by a group of completely incompetent idiots who don’t bother doing research on the medical condition of players they poach from other teams.

  5. Have they admitted to not knowing about it? Maybe they just signed him for info on an upcoming opponent.

  6. I was hoping to see this guy develop and contribute in GB. If the Packers could have kept him somehow by placing him on IR with the ACL, I don’t know why they wouldn’t have. Seems like he could be something with the size/speed freak combination that he is.

  7. Too bad soooo sad brownies. Nice try though, so now take the beating that is coming to you this weekend! And Johnson, tell them what ever you want, won’t make a difference. Go Packers!!!

  8. So was this guy practicing with the Packers on a torn ACL?

    Something just doesn’t sound right here. I agree with the comments above too. Aren’t transactions usually dependent on a physical?

  9. “Rick Spielman is a Magician says:
    Oct 16, 2013 4:17 PM
    What are the Packers trying to pull here? Guy has a torn ACL and you have him on your practice squad? How much practicing was he doing? I demand a full investigation.”

    What exactly does GB have to gain? They didn’t get compensation for trading damaged goods. If the knew and didn’t want him they’d come to an injury settlement and let him go. If they knew and wanted to keep him they’d treat him themselves.

    Most likely he didn’t feel anything bad enough to report it to medical staff.

  10. This wasn’t a trade – so the Packers had/have no reason to disclose an injury. That would be like breaking into someone’s home and stealing something, and then complaining that it’s broken.

  11. The physical consisted of a 40-yard footrace between him and Lombardi, first one to the buffet table wins…signed the deal on a napkin during lunch and he only felt the ACL give during dessert. Could have happened to anyone.

  12. Well lets just blame this on Weeden too. Brown’s fans deserve the ultimate “C’mon man” Remember when Byner fumbled at the goal line? That was all Weeden’s fault.

  13. We retain his rights and he counts against the roster for the next two weeks. When a player is signed off a practice squad you are NOT allowed to give them a physical first.

    Still weird…

  14. Marginal NFL Player is on a team’s practice squad. He hurts his knee but he doesn’t want to get dropped/blow his chance so he says nothing.
    Very plausible.


  15. Go figure that the Packer medical staff couldn’t diagnose a torn ACL.

    It took them over 24 hours to diagnose a broken leg…

  16. “But because Browns, it couldn’t be that simple.”

    Ah yes, because Browns… Anyone else read that with a Chinese accent?

  17. Props to Brown’s fans for their loyalty…

    Keep your heads up, if we could bounce back from the dreadful 70s/80s – you guys will have a team that’ll bounce back from….everything post Marty.

  18. He failed the physical when the Browns brought him in. That could have voided the pick up, but the browns took him anyway. This is not the packers fault. The packers training staff does not have x ray vision where they can see into his knee. If he’s not complaining about pain in a knee, they have no reason to check it out. I was personally disappointed when the Browns took this guy from us and was hoping they’d send him back, but it was their choice to keep him.

  19. Banner & Lombardi are building for tomorrow (next year). Maybe Johnson is good enough to take the hit on the roster, heal the guy, and next year we’ll have another WR to try out.

    The Packers are loaded at WR yet, they still had this guy. Does he have that much potential?

    Wish they could find some hidden talent for our hole at Right Guard.

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