Chiefs have another defensive player of the week

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The NFL has handed out six AFC defensive player of the week awards this season and the scoreboard shows the Chiefs and the other 15 teams in the conference tied with three apiece.

Linebacker Tamba Hali brought the honor home to Kansas City for the third time this season by sacking Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor 3.5 times in last weekend’s 24-7 victory. Hali’s efforts were part of a 10-sack performance by the Chiefs defense that drove them to their sixth straight win to open the season.

Hali is the second Chiefs player to pick up weekly defensive honors this season. Linebacker Justin Houston received the award twice in September on the way to being named the conference’s defensive player of the month as well.

The two linebackers have combined for 17 sacks so far this season, well ahead of the second-place Ravens duo of Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil when it comes to the most sacks by a pair of teammates so far this season.

27 responses to “Chiefs have another defensive player of the week

  1. He should send a check to Pryor for letting him have those sacks by being completely clueless.

  2. Obviously they just look at stats, cause if they saw the game the realize Pryor is the one who did the tackling, I think he still had lingering concussion symptoms that made him think he was suppose to run into the defenders

  3. wearethesteelers says:
    Oct 16, 2013 12:19 PM
    Play a real team.

    Lol a real team? The Steelers should be thanking the schedule makers they didn’t put your 1-5 Steelers on KC’s schedule. KC might set a record for sacks against that Swiss cheese O-line and Big Ben would probably be on a IR. The Steelers are a joke and so are you.

  4. @wearethesteelers @joetoronto……Go troll another board. Tamba is a monster and has been since he came into the leauge and the “play a real team” comment (especially from a Steelers fan)….come on guy, you’re better than that. Every week in the NFL is a battle. Lets talk about how the Broncos only beat JAX by 16 when they “should have” won by 27. 6-0 is 6-0 and we’ll be 9-0 by the break. Quit being a hater. GO CHIEFS!!!!

  5. Long way to go, but that D is for real. Wish my team’s D was that good. They may not avg below 7 pts/gm going fwd., but they will keep the Chiefs in the hunt.

  6. @wearethesteelers

    By that logic every team that has beaten the Steelers isn’t a real team either.

  7. Kansas City needs to change its team name. Chief really is a derogatory nickname for Native Americans.

  8. “fancyleague says:
    Oct 16, 2013 1:58 PM
    Kansas City needs to change its team name. Chief really is a derogatory nickname for Native Americans”

    When Lamar Hunt moved the team from Texas to KC they had a contest to decide the name. The people voted for the name “Chiefs” to honor their mayor, Harold Roe Bartle, whose nickname was Chief. Please, in your obvious infinite knowledge, explain to me how that is racist. If your going to run your mouth, at least have a little knowledge behind what your saying instead of just spouting off to hear yourself speak.

  9. cursedvikings1998 says: Oct 16, 2013 1:25 PM

    Is anyone willing to say now that Terrelle Pryor is horrible? He just is. He has abused weak defense but against a strong defense like KC, he just looked lost.
    I think his 3rd string center had a little trouble making line calls. He got his brains beat in, and he was rattled. He had a terrible game. That doesn’t make him horrible.

  10. That performance against the Raiders was one of the most dominant defensive displays I’ve ever seen. It was like a pro team playing against high schoolers. Pryor is going to have nightmares about that game for the rest of his life.

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