Giants teammates go at it on Twitter, sort of


If the main event this week features a reunion of quarterback and his 14-year employer, the undercard possibly includes a pair of guys currently on the same team.

It unfolded Tuesday night between Giants running back David Wilson and receiver Rueben Randle.  Taken a round apart in the 2012 draft, the offensive teammates on one of the league’s most offensive teams went back and forth, firing shots that at the time didn’t seem like good-natured fun.

It started when Randle essentially told Wilson to shut up after Wilson posted one of those goofy, motivational “make sure y’all ride around and get it #allday” tweets.

Wilson responded by telling Randle “u suck ur on the bench of ma fantasy team.”

It escalated from there, as it often does on the Twitter, with Wilson telling Randle to “get off Twitter and get in your play book u bum,” Randle telling Wilson to do the same but adding “u might fumble it,” and Wilson telling Randle that if he drops another pass “I’m DROPPING U from my fantasy team.”

The insults continued until Randle crossed the line by referring to Wilson’s health status, which reportedly consists of a case of career-threatening spinal stenosis.

Ain’t nutn wrong with yo neck. B Jacobs just punk’d u out ur spot,” Randle said.

It continued until Wilson apparently tried to suggest it was all in good fun:  “On a serious note me, [Rueben Randle] and THE GIANTS love the game and winning We make mistakes but know we always play hard for the Team/Fans.”

So while it ended well, it was ugly at times throughout the process.  Which in many ways parallels the Giants’ ugly season.

Except for the fact that it likely won’t end well.

Of course, this one won’t be over until coach Tom Coughlin has a chance to weigh in.  Right after someone explains to him exactly what a Twitter is.

30 responses to “Giants teammates go at it on Twitter, sort of

  1. Who would’ve thought it would be the G-Men of NY who were so dysfunctional this season? It’s incredible how bad the Giants are this season. Need an O-line, D-line, Linebackers, Running backs and if things keep going….a new Quarterback too.

  2. anyone else think the stress of going 0-6 is starting to bubble up, putting cracks the Giants locker room? Got to be ugly in East Rutherford right now….

  3. Do they know this team is a joke in itself and don’t need to tweet any more comedy than what’s seen on Sunday…

  4. You call this going at it? LOL man, where’s your sense of humor? This is CLEARLY all in good fun. Not one of those posts sounds offensive if friends are saying it to each other…this makes me appreciate these guys a little more actually, that they can make light of an obviously bad situation.

  5. Clearly they were joking, I find it hard to imagine Wilson even has a fantasy team considering the remarks he made after week 1 to his fantasy owners. Sounds to me like they were mocking their fans…

  6. This team is on full collapse mode right now. If they only had a running game to take the ball out of Eli’s hands.

  7. More twitter idiots.

    You guys just made complete fools of yourselves and your team.

    Does your daytime daddy (HC) really need to ground both of you from twitter for the remainder of the year?

  8. dazman: You must be a lot of fun at parties.

    First losing year since 2004, and two Super Bowls along the way.

    Stayed with their vets too long.

    And maybe the Vets who had two rings and were playing out their last contract just stopped working hard.

  9. Its all about looking good in front of others,but instead you guys sound stupid.Put more effort into the game and we wont care about twitter.Put wiilson back on kick returns and lets get this division party started.5 division games still left.

  10. Pretty easy to tell they are busting on each other in fun. Maybe a private text next time would be better to cut the blood thirsty media out if the loop.

  11. That’s right coach you see they have these gagets that have this gizmo that they type into in order that everyone knows what they are thinking. I agree coach it is petty stupid, but so are they.

  12. Definitely just all in good fun. But who webcasts themselves while having fun on the computer? Not a wise choice unless you have a plan to secure revolving membership fees for it.

  13. “Ain’t nutn wrong with yo neck.”

    I find it hilarious when wannabe gangster morons go out of their way to not only talk like an idiot but type like it too

  14. They most likely were playing around. What’s concerning is that some of the things they said have a ring of truth to them. For example, Wilson’s poor performance has hurt the team. I mean, they had to bring back Brandon Jacobs and just signed Hillis. Granted, part of it was because of Wilson’s injury. But prior to getting hurt, Wilson was seriously underperforming. Besides, if I were a giants fan, I wouldnt appreciate the players joking on social media when my team is 0-6.

  15. For example, I am a Texans fan. A REAL fan, not the a## hats who have been doing disgusting things lately. I can imagine a Twitter war/joke between JJ Watt and Matt Schaub…
    JJ: hey man, can u please stop throwing TD’s to the other team?
    Matt: Don’t look at me, not my fault other teams have our playbook memorized. Talk to coach.
    JJ: ok but can u at least stop falling down and impersonating an armadillo when u start feeling some pressure?
    Matt: sure, just as soon as the defense starts getting some turnovers.
    JJ: ok, but can your offense quit acting like it’s allergic to the endzone?
    Matt: u better get busy. At this rate u won’t even sniff defensive player of the year. And forget about the pro bowl
    JJ: speaking of pro bowls, u know the only reason u were there is because nobody else wanted to go or was injured. This year u will be at home watching it on TV
    JJ and Matt: ha ha, we were joking. We’re really best friends.

    Not funny when your team sucks.

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