Jake Locker returns to practice


Titans coach Mike Munchak said on Monday that quarterback Jake Locker would start doing more football activities this week.

That came to pass on Wednesday when Locker joined the rest of the Titans at practice for the first time since injuring his right knee and hip in Week Four against the Jets. John Glennon of the Tennessean reports that Locker was wearing a brace on his knee and that he was moving with a noticeable limp while taking snaps and throwing.

Munchak wouldn’t rule Locker out of Sunday’s game against the 49ers when he talked about the increase in football activities. A noticeable limp and the initial timetable of 4-6 weeks for Locker to make a full recovery may be enough to hold off any serious thought about a return to game action until after the team’s bye in Week Eight. The rest of the week will provide more of a picture of how far along Locker is, but a return to practice this week bodes well for a post-bye return if nothing else.

The Titans also got running back Shonn Greene back on the practice field Wednesday. Greene has missed the last five games with a knee injury.

16 responses to “Jake Locker returns to practice

  1. @johnnyjagfan

    1. Before he got injured he had a top 3 QB rating

    2. You are a Jags fan and no one cares what you have to say.

    Soon enough you will have to change your name to LA Jags fan.

  2. Locker 2013 Passer Rating: 99.0
    Bradford 2013 Passer Rating: 90.7

    And we all know Locker’s a better runner, more elusive and commits less turnovers. So you’re right– Locker is not in Bradford’s level after all!

  3. The Titans have been a completely different team without him. His 62 percent completion percentage, zero turnovers, and passer rating of 99 already seem like a distant memory, unfortunately.

    Also, given the knee brace, I’m concerned that his MCL sprain is more serious than his highly touted hip injury.

  4. warnertobruceallday said: “I laugh at the titans actually thinking they have a real qb… what a joke. Act like Jake Locker will ever get on the same level as Sam Bradford!#Bradfordownsyourqb”

    That’s some good standup comedy. Funny stuff. Being Titans fans, we know your coach, Jeff Fisher, quite well and love him quite a lot. It’s no secret around these parts that, while our owner stiffed Fisher with Vince Young, ironically, Jake Locker would’ve been his 2nd dream QB. You see, Steve McNair was his first. And what’s Jake Locker like? Yep, a young Steve McNair.

  5. It would be great if Jake Locker could make it back against the 49ers…
    I have Zero faith in Ryan Fitzpatrick who has turned the ball over 50 times since the beginning of 2011 including 42 interceptions.

    Don’t worry Rams fans…the Titans play the Rams in 3 weeks…
    We will see who is better Locker or Bradford…

  6. The season will not end for the Titans if they lose on Sunday, but it may be over if they rush Locker back and he gets injured again. They are just a game behind and the Colts draw the Broncos this week. Get healthy Locker, we will see you after the bye.

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