Jim Irsay: I meant we should have put a better team around Peyton


Colts owner Jim Irsay probably wishes he hadn’t said anything at all about Peyton Manning’s departure from Indianapolis.

But now that Irsay did say that in moving on from Manning he chose championships over stats, and now that Irsay has been criticized in some quarters as taking a cheap shot at Manning, Irsay is continuing his attempt to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

Hours after Irsay said his comments are being twisted by people with “negative agendas,” Irsay returned to Twitter to say that what he really meant with his initial comments was that he wishes the Colts had been able to put a better team around Manning.

[tweet https://twitter.com/JimIrsay/status/390496832625065984%5D

[tweet https://twitter.com/JimIrsay/status/390499199584063489%5D

Translating from Irsay tweet-speak into English, that basically means, “My comments meant if we gave Peyton better special teams and defense, we would have won more than one Super Bowl, instead of asking Peyton to do too much. It’s hard to see how any individual could understand my comments any other way, but controversy sells, so I understand the games: ‘Let’s get something started.'”

Whatever Irsay meant, his comments have been interpreted as taking a shot at Manning, just as Irsay was widely interpreted as taking shots at Manning in 2011, when Irsay referred to Manning as a “politician” after Manning discussed the Colts’ plans for a future without him. At that time, Irsay said Manning should “keep it in house” and not discuss their relationship publicly. Now Irsay is probably wishing he had taken his own advice.

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  1. And if the Colts win I’m sure we won’t get an “I told you so” quote from Irsay. He can’t lose, no matter what he will have a witty response after the game. There is no turning that sarcastic smile around.

  2. Um… too late Ir-say. You left open a platform for Fox to jump on and create extra motivation for Manning. The bull in the china shop just keeps thrashing around.

    Fox is one of the most conservative personalities with the media– any wonder why he’s jumping all over this like a trampoline? Queue up the Mile High game plan…

  3. Irsay was nearly out of the woods on this one until he described the new Colts: “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza”

  4. In all fairness to Irsay, he did say they retooled the way they do things, and never specifically mentioned the QB change when referencing SBs.

  5. IMO the team was run much better under Polian. Aquiring DHB and giving up next years #1 for Trent Richardson were bad moves.

  6. Too late Jim! The baby donks gonna get the donkey punch! Peyton throws fer the record! 8? 9? Mebe 10TDS! What’s a coach to do when the stupid loudmouth givin the other team billboard material is the owner. Von is back! The caveman is dead meat!

  7. Hahahaha. He goes from insulting one player, to the whole team. I’m sure that Edgerin James, Marvin Harrison, and Peyton are really looking foward to their ceremony this weekend…Irsay must be hitting that bottle again.

  8. I am no Irsay fan but anyone that knows anything
    about the Colts situation back then understands what Irsay is saying. Basically keeping Peyton just killed their salary cap, and they would not be able to field an appropriate team with him. Going with Luck allowed him to put some other pieces on the team. This whole “controversy” is just people fishing for something.

  9. Manning is the greatest regular season qb, Luck will win you more post season games. Peyton turns into a princess when it gets below 40 outside….I bet he’ll be wishing for a dome at home again come late Dec.

  10. Just shut up about this already…screw MegaHead, I hope he get’s what he deserves…which is nothing.

  11. Why would he not just coherently say just that in the interview? He could have easily explained that the Colts couldn’t afford to pay Peyton and put enough talent around him, so they let him go find an opportunity to win while they built around Luck. Boom, conversation over, no one is mad, no one looks stupid.

  12. Why is he backing down? He’s right! Stick to your guns and dont be a chicken heart Irsay!

    Manning will choke in the playoffs, as he almost always does.

    Tebow has a better postseason record than Manning with the Broncos!

    Bring back Timmy! Seriously, who cares about stats, we want wins baby!

  13. I wish people would cut Irsay some slack. NO ONE says everything as eloquently and succinctly as they would like, unless they just STOP TALKING. Sometimes things are said and meant to mean one thing but sound completely different to someone else.

    I’d rather have Irsay talk and communicate than be silent. All the criticism can only drive him to eventually shut up. Which I don’t think we want. Silence is boring.

  14. “Why can’t owners (Irsay, Jerry Jones) just shut up and stay behind the scenes?”

    Well, that’s what makes them owners. They own the team and can do what they want.

  15. Gameover78 so far each one of them is 0-1 in the playoffs on their new team. So I don’t really understand where you’re getting the idea that you get luck if you want to win playoff games

  16. 10 Division Championships
    4 MVP’s
    4 AFC Championship Games
    2 Superbowl appearances
    1 Superbowl title

    All accomplished with a team that had 2-14 level talent around him. Anyone who blames PM for their failures is an idiot. That team would have been a dumpster fire for that decade without him.

    Btw: PM has a better QB rating than Tom Brady in the postseason

    Teams win (and lose) Championships

  17. He could have easily said that initially but he didn’t. Remember all the strife about whether or not Peyton would play that last year in Indy and then the drama about whether they would keep him or release him? That is what this is about. Irsay chose to take Luck and find some other players rather than pay Peyton $28 Million without knowing if he would still be able to play. It is a shift in philosophy but the way Irsay started out this “contro” was most definitely a bit of a dig and lack of appreciation for what Peyton Manning did for Irsay’s Colts.

  18. John Elway carried the Broncos on his back for 15 years 10x playoffs 5x to the SB 2 SB wins. It would be more if he had better defense and special teams on his side.

  19. Peyton Manning is probably the greatest QB of all time. But isn’t the likelihood that the Colts would have won more than 1 SB if Brady is QB and Belichick is the coach? I’ll go with just swapping out Dungy with Belichick. Those Colt teams had the talent to win more than one. A lot of this comes down on the HC on the sideline and the most important player on the field. Fact, not opinion.

  20. Irsay said exactly what he meant to say and anyone with decent reading comprehension (and not needing to stir the pot for motivation or views) knew exactly what he was saying. He never said anything about changing the QB because he only won one SB, he said they are changing the “model” they build the team too. It was a shot at Bill Polian, not Manning. Doesn’t take a genius to understand. But hey, it’s more fun call Irsay and idiot. Even though he is 100% correct.

  21. johnnyjagfan The only thing Fox dials up is Coach Manning’s game phone!
    Other than that, we all know Irsay and his Colts played the draft very well, in that his team lost to win, to win the chance to draft Luck, it’s common knowledge no one will admit it but it’s true. Ok that’s my ramble

  22. “Whatever Irsay meant, we don’t care because this is a story and we know Peyton and Luck won’t give us anything we can construe to be controversy before Sunday night so IRSAY!”

  23. Here’s why I dont believe you Irsay.

    You said “Brady has 3 rings”, comparing his 3 to Mannings 1.

    Backstepping has become an art form for you.

  24. When it comes to stupidity and acting like a moronic ass, it looks like the apple didn’t fall from the tree in the Irsay family.

    It’s too bad. I can’t stand the Broncos and was hoping Indy could upset them but now it looks like P. Manning has all the motivation he needs to give the Colts a beat-down in their own house.

  25. buddysguys says:
    Oct 16, 2013 12:30 PM
    just stop talking already. Twitter should be shut down for allowing this idiot to post his pointless dribble.


    dribble is what you do to a basketball

  26. Mr. Irsay:
    Again?!?! People wonder why coaches or players have extra motivation when playing against or coaching against their former teams; however, people who say the things or do things to disrespect them it’s natural why. Sometimes former teams welcome them back or pretend to do so but everyone knows why. You are pathetic and I pray Peyton puts 100 on you.

  27. Irsay is stupid for saying what he said, but the canard spread by Peyton Manning fans that Peyton never any good players on those Colt teams is a absurd. To mention just a few: Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Edgerrin James, Joseph Addai, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Bob Sanders, Adam Vinatieri. Even as a rookie, Manning had HOF Marshall Faulk to give the ball to.

  28. I would love to see Peyton stick it to this clown by retiring and entering the hall of fame as a member of the Denver Broncos. Will probably not happen since Peyton is too classy for that.

  29. Hmm… Elway figured out how to pay Peyton AND surround him with talent. Stop talking Mr. Irsay or you’ll be in China before you get out of this hole.

  30. Dear Jim, the first step is to admit you are powerless over alcohol, second step is to disconnect your Twitter Account, third step is step away from the cliff you have backtracked towards for the last 48 hours, and please hire a new G.M before Grigson trades away all your draft picks and burns the rest of your cap on the rest of the leagues castoffs… I’ve got Luck in a Dynasty league and you are killing me. Should have re-signed Garcon and you would be killing it…

  31. John Fox is as irrelevant of a coach as Erik Spoelstra of the Heat. They get paid to stand there and then feel like they have the right to stir things up. All that matters is the Post Season. Regular season wins and stats are nice, but Post Season defines the greats from the good. Ask Dan Marino and Donovan McNabb. Irsay is right and just because you think Irsay was drunk you are trying to discredit anything he says.

  32. crubenst says:
    Oct 16, 2013 12:25 PM
    IMO the team was run much better under Polian. Aquiring DHB and giving up next years #1 for Trent Richardson were bad moves.

    Your opinion is not well thought out. They had a rookie RB, WR, 2 TE’s, and QB on the offense last year. Jerrell Freeman was a great find, TY Hilton was a 5th rounder, and the Colts would be screwed right now without Richardson (who is worth a pick in th e end of the 1st round).

  33. this football planet is out of their minds saying manning is not a winner in the playoffs. lets not forget he won a superbowl which if you ask anyone is extremely difficult to accomplish, lets not forget that he rallied the colts from 18 points down to win the AFC championship vs the beloved Tom Brady to get there!!!

    lets not forget the last time Tom Brady won a Superbowl George bush Jr was in his first term as president!!!

  34. I think it’s hilarious that Irsay’s tweets read like he’s some sort of drunken, illiterate half-wit.

    Wait. What?

  35. There are a handful of owners I am SOOOO glad don’t run the team I root for, and Irsay is one of them. (And this comes from someone whose team is owned by Mike Brown.)

  36. Well, it looks like the Colts are off to a good start building a better team for the future. Especially when you trade a future first round draft choice for a bust running back in Trent Richardson.

  37. What he really said is “Ofcourse I didn’t mean THAT. You are stupid to have thought i meant that.”

  38. “sportsbastard says:
    Oct 16, 2013 12:53 PM
    Jim Irsay’s twitter account should have a breathalyzer plug-in.”

    I think this is one of the best comments I have ever read!

  39. Nice try Jim, but we all got the original message loud and clear. If that’s what you believe (idiotic though it may be), at least have the guts to stand by it!

  40. The more Irsay talks the more I wish Peyton would have gone the way of Eli did with A.J. Smith and San Diego.

    Ron Burgundy said it well.

  41. “Uhm, what I meant to say is Bill Polian and Tony Dungy put wussy teams on the field and that’s why Peyton faled to deliver. Yeah, that’s what I meant….”

    Too late! The wrath of “The Sycophants of MegaDome” is upon you! You shall not escape their scrutiny and subjective media manipulation until all have bowed at the feet of….MegaDome!!! !

  42. Irsay is right though…. they could have let Peyton go sooner but instead paid him a huge 30 million dollar option when they knew he was leaving anyway just to soothe his ego, as a kind of “Thank You” card, and then he stepped out the back door and politicked his way out of town.

  43. Wow. Can I join the writing team? People out there don’t seem to see the forest for the trees on some basic issues. If this topic is that newsworthy and confusing, allow me to cut through the chaff and get to the heart of things here for everyone.

    Everyone involved is talking about everything BUT the truth about this topic, which is not complex, but apparently sensitive, relates to one thing: AGE.

    Peyton was/is an older quarterback on the tail end of his career. Due to the impact of his injury absence, the team had a rare shot at a new franchise quarterback who could lead them for a decade-plus, just as Peyton did.

    The promise of further competitiveness for the next ten-to-fifteen years vs. the possible inability of Peyton to return from his illness, and likely shorter remaining years of playing if he dd made the situation a no-brainer in the interests of the franchise.

    There. I said it. Peyton is older. How many years he has left was in doubt but was surely going to be many less than Luck would be able to supply. Not rocket science.

    But I guess we don’t like to admit that our brightest stars can age and that there’s a time, especially in sports, when they will no longer shine. We all know it, we just hate to acknowledge it.

  44. Brad Johnson has as many Super Bowl rings as Peyton. This generations choke artist is Matt Ryan, a common trait among all choke artists is their huge foreheads.

  45. Oh I get it now….he wasn’t taking a shot at Peyton, he was taking a shot at Bill Polian.
    Ok, thanks for clearing that up Jim. Sure glad you don’t own my favorite team…

  46. don2074978 says:
    Oct 16, 2013 12:51 PM
    John Elway carried the Broncos on his back for 15 years 10x playoffs 5x to the SB 2 SB wins. It would be more if he had better defense and special teams on his side.


    Those last 2 years with those 2 SB wins came with a team that was over the salary cap. If those prior years’ teams weren’t good enough, then they paid for what they needed.

  47. There are too many comments on here to read, so this may have already been said, but I am giving my spin on this anyways. I think Jim Isray made the RIGHT decision by letting Manning go! Denver only needed a QB to step into an already potent offense. Indy needed a ton of help to be a contender even with Manning. $ was not there to build around Manning. Plus, when one decision could affect your team for years to come, you almost have to steer in the direction of safety. Of course he wanted to keep Manning, but he understood that could cripple his organization if even one thing went wrong or if Manning failed to meet expectations. It’s hard to logically argue against him when you consider the bigger long term picture. The Colts will only get better and soon enough be a driving force in the AFC, long after Manning retires

  48. “…Peyton was/is an older quarterback on the tail end of his career. Due to the impact of his injury absence, the team had a rare shot at a new franchise quarterback who could lead them for a decade-plus, just as Peyton did….”


    yea, the rare shot to tank the season to get the #1 pick. The Colts players on the field that season gave it their best but no effort was made by Polian to get the best talent out on the field. Manning was kept on the active roster well after it was clear he wasn’t playing that season. There really wasn’t any need to get someone who play on the roster? yea, right

    Just another black mark on the Irsay legacy.

  49. Manning is a great quarterback, but football is not about one player. Especially if that player does not like playing in the cold or getting hit. Little bro has proved more than big bro and that is why he has multi SB rings…

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