Joe Thomas: Brandon Weeden can lead us to the playoffs this year


When Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said that Brandon Weeden would start at quarterback in Week Seven, he said that Weeden still had the confidence of his teammates.

On Wednesday, those teammates put a voice to their confidence. Running back Willis McGahee said there were “no worries” about Weeden’s ability to lead the team and linebacker Quentin Groves said he loves the way Weeden has handled the scrutiny and criticism that has come his way. Left tackle Joe Thomas threw himself in with Team Weeden as well.

“We definitely think he’s the guy that can lead us this year to the playoffs,” Thomas said, via Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan.

Ultimately, the thing that matters the most is whether or not the Browns have confidence in Weeden. The quick embrace of Brian Hoyer as the starter before Hoyer was lost for the season was one of several signals the team’s sent that their confidence level isn’t all that high. Weeden may not be able to change that heading into a 2014 draft that’s already being heavily hyped for its quarterback class, but making Thomas look like Nostradamus wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

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  1. And Christian Ponder has a “bright future” too.

    The players aren’t involved in the personnel decisions so once the roster is set, all they can do is say they agree with it, whether they do or not.

  2. Flacco’s statistics…..

    7 td — 9 int — 4 fumbles

    …. should give every team with a bad to mediocre quarterback hope.

  3. Sounds like Joe Thomas is delusional, or smoking the wacky tabacky. Browns will finish in the basement of the AFCN tied with the Steelers.


  4. Whoever thinks Joe Thomas actually thinks this needs to get checked. Quit taking everything so seriously. He is just saying this because Weedens confidence is already shot. He’s just supporting his teammate. You guys act like when he gets asked “Are you still confident in your QB?” He’s gonna say “No Weeden sucks”.

    What do you expect him to say? He’s a professional.

    The Browns will win a few more games with Weeden but playoffs ain’t happening. Now I just pray this regime can do the unthinkable in Cleveland and actually draft the right QB!

  5. All the Browns listed in this article are seasoned vets who have been in the league and know what to say publicly and what not to say. As a Browns fan for over 40 years I’d rather see Anderson Cooper under center than Weeden. Guy can’t play, simple as that and the team knows it. Problem is we don’t have anyone else.

  6. riverace19 says:Oct 16, 2013 2:23 PM

    He’s terrible and looks like Dana Carvey from Wayne’s World

    OMG he does.

    Love Joe’s optimism. Maybe Joe’s talking about next year because if Weeden loses enough games; Let me rephrase that… When Weeden loses enough games, we will have a good enough chance to draft a QB to compete with Hoyer for the starting job next year and then the playoffs.

  7. scotrugby says:Oct 16, 2013 2:10 PM

    I think Joe is confused.

    He forgot to add the words “in Madden 25″.
    Only problem is that you can’t recreate the flip pass magic like Weeden did in real life in Madden 25. The videogame will not even allow for that bad of a pass.

  8. Everyone knows Weeden blows. But you have to love Joe Thomas and the other vets for publicly supporting him. Players like these are the opposite of the T.O.’s of the world–they’re not looking to destroy team chemistry, regardless of who’s playing QB.

  9. I’m a Browns fan.

    And I’m pretty sure Joe’s wrong, much’s I like him, but the division’s weak and I like that he’s got heart and confidence. It’s part of what makes him a great that will probably have his jersey retired with us someday.

    But that’s what he’s supposed to say. I just hope we can get him a SB ring before it’s all said and done. He deserves one.

  10. I challenge all of you smarmy little punks to call Joe Thomas a liar to his face.

    If Joe says that Brandon Weeden can lead to Browns to the playoffs, then that’s all you need to know.

  11. Joe Thomas has to say what he said. It’s sort of like asking a diabetic politician if he loves apple pie. He has to say yes … not loving apple pie is unAmerican.

    If the press asks whether you love your starting QB, you have to say yes. Meanwhile, in the conference room with the other coaches, the discussion is what can be done to get the ball out of Weeden’s hands a lot faster.

  12. He isn’t going to get a jump on the playoffs this weekend. The Packers will win this one going away, in spite of not having any healthy players. Go Packers!!!

  13. Josh Gordon = 9th in the NFL in dropped passes

    Davone Bess is 13th in the NFL in dropped passes

  14. His decision making is awful…and I’d say it can only get better but damn, that INT speaks for itself. If it was 4th down, yea toss that football up in the air but it was 1st down and the team was driving.

    There’s a lot of football to be played, and if you asked any Browns fan at the beginning of the year if they’d be pleased with a 3-3 record right now, I think they’d say yes. This is Weeden’s last shot in C-town if not he’s another teams 2nd or 3rd string QB next year.

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