Josh Freeman is your new starter in Minnesota


Vikings coach Leslie Frazier just made official what seemed apparent from the day they signed Josh Freeman.

The former first-rounder will start for the Vikings Monday against the Giants, allowing him to make his debut with his new team against an 0-6 opponent.

“He has adapted to our system,” Frazier said. “I like his work ethic. He has done enough for us to say that he is ready.”

Frazier also said Christian Ponder would be the backup and Matt Cassel the third.

This is nothing but a test drive, as Freeman has the chance to supplant Ponder as the guy they want to move forward with. While that might ruffle some feathers, it’s also worth a shot, as Freeman has played at a higher level than Ponder has reached.

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  1. Past history shows Freeman can toss 25 TD’s in a season. Recent history shows not. The talent is somewhere inside him. Can anyone with the Vikings bring it out of him? Seems unlikely to me. I’m no Vikings fan, but I do wish Freeman success. Sometimes a person just needs a fresh start.

  2. Josh Freeman has a unique opportunity here: If he continues his spectacular 2013 play of 46% completion, he might become the first QB ever to get benched by two different teams, both of whom fired their coaches at the end of the season.

  3. Hopefully he doesn’t celebrate his new job too much. I’d hate to see him miss the team bus to the stadium, again.

  4. This is musical quarterbacks at its finest. After Monday night when Josh has a bad outing, then Ponder will assume the controls, until he sucks it up against Green Bay, then Cassel will get another chance against Dallas until he blows it, then……..

  5. As a Vikings fan if Freeman can move the ball down field which he has the arm strength to do so I think we will be ok. We should be able to open up the offense and take some shots down field. I mean real shots 40yd – 50yd bombs.

  6. Ponder is done, Cassel should be the backup and they both should be gone next year. Keep Freeman as the starter if he’s good enough or the backup if he isn’t.

  7. At their best, Donovan McNabb and Brett Favre played at a higher level than what Ponder has reached as well. Perhaps you should give them a test drive too…

    Oh wait, you already did, didn’t you…

  8. Vikings just became a tougher matchup. You have to respect the pass now with a guy like Freeman back there. With the way Schiano handled him he has the writing on the wall to have a superstar turnaround.

  9. I like this move. Ponder was definitely not cutting it for the Vikings and Cassel is not a starting QB. The Vikings gave a 1 yr conract for $2 mil, chump change in the NFL. If he doesnt work out, they don’t resign him and look to the draft. Change in the QB position needed to happen and they went for it with a guy who has an arm and has had shown signs of great talent. Skol Vikings!

  10. Hahahaha, now y’all can’t troll us about Ponder. You’ll just have to wait to see if Freeman fails like the multitude of Viking QBs before him.

  11. larjones64 says: Oct 16, 2013 1:29 PM

    Finally a ray of hope? Skol Vikings!

    I don’t know why you would feel that way, even IF the Vikings play better. They still have a really tough schedule going out.

    I can’t think of a team that would turn it around to get to .500 after this deep in the season.

    Tebow was as close as you could get, but he had known the system.

    The Vikings also aren’t good and developing QB talent.

    They might be able to find someone in the top 10 of next seasons class though.

  12. As a vikings fan I have to ask a couple questions:

    1. Why are we the bone yard for quarterbacks that are past their prime in the league?

    2. You gave ponder a while to develop and fail, Matt C. gets two weeks? His first interception can be written off to getting nailed on the blitz, he saw it coming and got excited. Then the whole team was off from that point on.

    Seriously if our defense cant get a team off the field the offense sits for 9 minutes of game clock (more like 15-30 minutes of real time) where they are not doing anything. Is it really that hard to see that affects the team.

    We arent running well, we have troubles with the offensive line, defense is just killing time on the clock (didnt stop much of anything against the panthers), and at that point its up to the quarterback to take chances and bring us back. At this point if i was our QB i would feel like from the get go you have to score 30 + pts to win a game with our defense.

  13. Realistically, I wouldn’t expect too much from Freeman for a while. It is going to take time for him to learn a new offense and I hope that the coaching staff in MN can get the most out of him.

    On the other hand, it doesn’t take much to beat the Giants these days, so as long as he doesn’t turn the ball over, that may be enough to win this thing.

  14. Can you imagine if Freeman leads the Vikes to a win while passing for 300 plus and a couple of TD’s?

    Tampa Bay might sell out of pitchforks and torches in minutes..

  15. Now they may score more points on offense. The issue is can they stop a team, any team on defense? Giving up 31 points a game isn’t exactly helping this team much.

    Maybe Ricky boy has a plan to bolster the defense. I heard Joe Lefeged is working out. Maybe they’ll sign him and with the low odds of him staying out of jail they’ll better both sides of the ball.

    Yes I am a frustrated Viking fan. Does it show?

  16. And we thought the NY Jets were the circus.

    Frazier will try anything at this point but the fault for this hot mess lies mostly at the GM level. Who really thought Ponder was a first rounder? Hell, the Vikings could have drafted a defensive stud at #12 and picked up Ponder in a later round. Who thought it was a good idea to sign Cassel as a back up after he was just horrible in KC last year? What, Tim Tebow wasn’t available?

    In my preseason pool, I had the Vikings at 6 wins, who knew I was so wrong.

  17. Whatjusthapped is literally obsessed with the Vikings…

    Every single post whether it’s about the Vikes or not he brings them up, get a freaking life dude

  18. The Minnesota Vikings offense might finally start to look the way that they wanted it to look when they signed Donavon McNabb. Josh Freeman has potential, but he’s always had potential. Are the Vikings better at developing quarterbacks than the buccaneers? I guess we’ll see.

  19. Look…let’s see what the kid can do. He has never had a good running back like Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, or Doug Martin.

    After all…running games make QBs better; look at Green Bay. Rodgers hasn’t had a good running back for a while, and he has zero Super Bowl rings.

    Also, freeman hasn’t had the luxury of top tier wideouts like Greg Jennings or Vincent Jackson.

    He has been given the keys to a high octane offense. And if he can manage it, the fact that The Vikings’ defense couldn’t stop my Division 2 alma mater high school will be irrelevant.

    Did I cover everything?

    Oh. Um. Musgrave is a fantastic playcaller.

  20. yizudien says:Oct 16, 2013 2:16 PM

    As a vikings fan I have to ask a couple questions:

    1. Why are we the bone yard for quarterbacks that are past their prime in the league?

    2. You gave ponder a while to develop and fail, Matt C. gets two weeks?

    He’s 25. Matt C. is past his prime, if he ever had one.

  21. Shaggytoodle- this from Paul Charchian at Josh Freeman takes over in Minny and has the fifth easiest schedule against the pass remaining. 1) Washington 2) Phily 3) Chicago 4) Dallas.
    So there is that… I’m actually more concerned about our defense and their inability to get off the field on 3rd down. 49% 3 rd down conversion rate for teams facing the Vikes D

  22. tokyosandblaster says:
    …look at Green Bay. Rodgers hasn’t had a good running back for a while, and he has zero Super Bowl rings.

    Huh ? ? ?

  23. I don’t know enough about Freeman to have an opinion of him, but I do know its too early to throw him to the wolves behind the Vikings OL. Freeman has no chemistry with the receivers yet, he only knows a fraction of the playbook and all Frazier is asking him to do is save the season and his job in front of a national audience.

    It likely won’t matter which QB is behind center, the only question is where within the top 5 do we pick. Lets hope they don’t go out and win one late in the season and drop to like 8th.

    Pretty sad when 5 games into the season Vikings fans are already thinking of the draft.

  24. There are some funny comments on this thread. Josh Freeman is potentially a vast upgrade of the QB position if the fresh new start was exactly what he needed. Prediction; if the Vikings beat the Giants with Freeman at QB, Ponder will be traded before the deadline. And Matt Cassel is already the number 2 & 3 QB right now.

    If the young, talented Freeman plays up to his potential and performance, prior to the Schiano debacle in Minneapolis, people will be calling the Vikings geniuses. I suspect Viking receivers are ecstatic about this move. Especially Gregg Jennings. They finally have someone who can get the ball to them.

  25. Wait until the Minnesota media gets their hooks into Sensitive Josh. The sportswriters and KFAN (other than PA) are absolutely brutal.

    They mirror the people of Minnesota. Take Jim Souhan. Smiled, nodded, shook Jerry Kill’s hand…and then wrote a column about how they should fire him because he has more seizures than Big Ten wins.

    Despicable. Gutless cowards.

  26. Hopefully he can throw a deep pass to Patterson, OH wait, we are not sure whats going on there!!!. Third QB that will suffer do to the inability of our coaching staff. We have the best RB in the league hands down and MUSCRAT cant figure out how to get them out of a 11man front.

  27. Regardless of how well Freeman does, this will be the last Vikings game I watch this year.

    I can’t stand one more week of watching Leslie Frazier stand on the sidelines with that stupid-ass look on his face.

    Done for the season, Purple. See you next year.

  28. Best of luck Freeman, you have a future in the NFL as a starting QB.

    Schiano on the other hand will be coaching South-West New Mexico State this time next year.

  29. Freeman is nothing more than Fraziers hope to save face/secure job. I don’t blame him in this win now league. No one is safe of a team has an unfortunate season start.

  30. I dont see what all of the hoopla is about. It is such a low risk move. So what if Josh bombs? The other 2 clearly can’t get the job done. The 2 clubs ( Vikings and Bucs) are very similar in the fact that we had to lose a superstar in Harvin to realize that he was right and that Ponder couldn’t make the basic plays required of a QB and the BUCs lost a Superstar because the coach could make the basic plays of a head coach…Net Zero but….if the Vikings have found a true Franchise QB then look out…

  31. Not sure what the big deal is. Bill Musgrave is still the offensive coordinator.

    What that means is that we’ll see passes in the flat to Kyle Rudolph and John Carlson, check downs to the running backs, and Cordarelle Patterson on the bench.

    This really comes across as a desperate move on the Vikings part. Besides that, the defense can’t stop anyone, and I expect Eli Manning to shred the secondary. Giants will get their first win Monday night.

  32. Lets hope they found the QB of the present and future and go on a win streak for the ages.

  33. Hand off for 2 plays and pass and then go to bench I could operate that type of offense

  34. Not one Tebow fan to claim that Ponder is being treated unfairly because of his first name?

  35. Freeman plays bigger than his 6’5″. Ponder played smaller than his 6’2″. Should be a noticeable improvement. Too soon to say if it is enough, but we’ll see. Freeman gave the Packers fits previously. He may help the Vikings win just enough games to gain nothing useful in the draft next year.

  36. Freeman might play better than Ponder and Cassel but look for Eli to have his best game of the season just like every other QB that faces the Viking’s secondary.

  37. Adding Freeman takes the pressure off Adrian and really opens up the game for Vikings. As for defense Vikings are no worse than Denver, GB, Atlanta, Saints, Dallas, etc. They may put up 50 points but the opposing team puts up 42 points means none of those teams have a defense.

  38. Ponder can’t throw accurately.
    Cassel is not the future.

    Josh was available, didn’t cost any picks.

    Seattle kept hunting until they found their QB.

    Now the Vikes are starting that process after sticking with Ponder way too long. If a guy can’t throw he can’t throw. Just like a few years ago their replacement for Moss could not catch.

    The crime was not drafting him, but not having him compete and staying with him too long. Been often reported that the passes he misses in games he also misses in practices too. It just is not there.

    Also a crime in spending 3 draft choices on 1 player when there are so many defensive holes to fill. Patterson may may may in a few years be great but you spend a 3rd or 4th or 5th round on that not a first. If he is not available then, well that is OK.

  39. Josh Freeman starting doesn’t matter because the our defense is going to make Eli Manning look like Brian Hoyer!!!

  40. As if he didn’t already have a low enough standing in the NFL, poor Josh Freeman is now going to be tainted by the Taintkings’ ongoing circus. Very sad for him.

  41. I’m a die hard Packer fan, and I love seeing all the haters here. Look Freeman may not be the best QB in the league, but he makes the Vikings a much more dangerous team. Yes they’ll feature AP all day, but believe me, when you have a guy that can kill you deep it makes the offense much harder to stop. Minnesota has fast offensive weapons that Freeman will love, and he has the big go to TE in Rudolph. Mark my words, the Vikings will put up a lot of points this week and Freeman will show you that he is once again dedicated to football. NYG 0-7 start here you come! follow me on twitter mBULLETo

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