Mike McCoy guarding against a letdown this week


The Chargers have a bye in Week Eight and a look at their schedule might lead some to quip that they have one in Week Seven as well.

The Jaguars are next up for San Diego and there won’t be many people picking Jacksonville to win their first game of the season even after a better than expected showing against the Broncos last weekend. Chargers coach Mike McCoy would prefer that his team not take the Jags lightly and took a page from Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning’s playbook when talking about their upcoming opponent on Tuesday.

“Everyone is a professional at this level,” McCoy said, via Eric Williams of ESPN.com. “And you’ve got to go in and play your best every week. And if you don’t, you’re going to get beat — it’s as plain and simple as that. There’s too much talent in this league for you to think you can just go in and show up, regardless of what the record is. This is going to be a very good football team that we’re playing. Everyone gave someone a lot of flack for saying this is a very good football team. And his comments were correct, I believe, about what type of team it is.”

Had the Broncos won in a romp, it would be a harder sell but McCoy should have an easier time selling his team on taking the Jags seriously after they were competitive for much of the game in Denver. Once you throw in the cross-country trip and San Diego’s 3-3 record off a losing season, there’s plenty of reason for the Chargers to be totally focused on the task at hand.