Patriots finally admit Amendola has a concussion


It was obvious when it happened in the second half of Sunday’s game between the Patriots and the Saints: receiver Danny Amendola suffered a concussion.

The Patriots refused to acknowledge that until they had to. On Wednesday, they had to. In the first injury report of the week, the Patriots disclosed that Amendola missed practice, both with a concussion and a groin injury.

Under league rules, Amendola won’t be able to practice until he receives clearance from an independent neurologist. He’ll need separate clearance to return to game action.

Also missing from practice were guard Dan Connolly (concussion), defensive tackle Tommy Kelly (knee), cornerback Aqib Talib (hip), and running back Leon Washington (ankle).

Limited in practice were running back Brandon Bolden (knee), receiver Julian Edelman (thigh), tight end Rob Gronkowski (back, forearm), tight end Michael Hoomanawanui (knee), safety Devin McCourty (shoulder), receiver Matt Slater (wrist), and safety Tavon Wilson (hamstring).

24 responses to “Patriots finally admit Amendola has a concussion

  1. I feel bad for Amendola for two reasons: first, for being so injury prone, and, secondly, for being in the position of having to try to make fans forget how great Welker was with Brady.

  2. I guess that would explain why Amendola left Brady hanging for that hi-five. He must’ve thought Tom Brady was the Gatorade cooler.

  3. If Welker took that head shot he’s have a concussion too. That was just the Saints doing what the Saints do….it’s the bounty program…..kill the head and the body dies….isn’t that what they were saying in New Orleans? They still do… There are no Saints in New Orleans….

    It was another amazing non-call against the Saints in that game. The refs tried to hand them the game by looking the other way or making phantom pass interference calls on the offense (Dobson) but they couldn’t take it. All we hear about is a illegal procedure call in the first half. Yeah, that’s why the Saints lost. It has nothing to do with falling behind and then getting scored on with 10 seconds left.

  4. Clearly so far it looks like Belichek made a mistake letting Welker go but we’ll know more at the end of the year. Especially if the Pats play Denver in the playoffs.

  5. Everyone is ignoring Edelman’s numbers this year, he has more catches and more yards than Welker does.

    The Pats don’t need Amendola to stay healthy, they just need Gronk back, and Dobson and Thompkins to get their crap together and stop dropping easy passes.

    Oh yeah, and Welker was offered $8M a year in 2012 and turned it down. He got $6M from the Broncos. Tell me how that’s lowballing him.

  6. So Welker has less catches than Edelman. Big deal. The Broncos are loaded with receiving options and don’t need him the way Brady does. Still hoping this is finally the beginning of the end for the Patriots.

  7. Amendola should maybe sit the whole season out and get completely healthy and come back next year? Maybe he should have been a baseball player instead. Bellichick and Kraft are probably arguing about whose idea it was to let Welker go….

  8. Everyone is ignoring Edelman’s numbers this year, he has more catches and more yards than Welker does

    Pretty convenient. Doesn’t fit the agenda.

    Edelman has to feel bad this week too, he took some big shots in that game. I think he’s determined to hang in there and be the guy this year.

  9. Everybody seems to assume that Welker wanted to stay in NE. If he wanted to stay, he would be here. I honestly feel he wanted to leave and having a chance to play with Manning was just gravy.

  10. Some players are not forgotten yet we have in front of us a team that is fighting and working to win games. Work in practice and play on the field have placed them in a position to compete for the playoffs. What more could a fan ask for. The injuries keep coming and players continue to step onto the field and play at the NFL level.

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