Pats kick tires on pass catchers

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The Patriots have yet to say anything about the status of receiver Danny Amendola, who appeared to have suffered a potentially significant concussion (yes, they all are) on Sunday against the Saints.

The team’s actions on Tuesday spoke volumes; per a league source, the team brought in receivers Jordan Shipley, LaQuan Williams, and Devon Wylie for tryouts.

Also getting a look-see was tight end Brandon Barden.

Amendola has appeared in only three games this year, with 16 catches for 159 yards and no touchdowns.

Curiously, the Pats didn’t bring in any other players for tryouts on Tuesday, despite reports that linebacker Jerod Mayo could be done for the year with a torn pectoral muscle.

19 responses to “Pats kick tires on pass catchers

  1. they didn’t bring in an LB because they have Jamie Collins and Dane Fletcher

    really, Mike…….maybe you should start paying attention to the football end of football

  2. Wow… 11 Starters… Foxboro needs a MASH unit.

    1) Hernandez (jail)
    2) Gronkowski
    3) Vereen
    4) Connolly
    5) Mayo (Done)
    6) Wolfork
    7) Kelly
    8) Amendola (Could be all done)
    9) Ridley
    10) Mayo (Done)
    11) Talib

  3. steelcity333 says: Oct 16, 2013 9:38 AM

    The fact that they haven’t considered bringing Brandon Lloyd back says all you need to know about that guy.
    They tried. Other teams tried. He didn’t want to play. I’m not a Pats fan but even know that.

  4. Ok. Give me Mallet and a 2nd rounder and you can have Gordon. Gives my Brownies a solid QB, and we can then use all our draft picks to finish building our team instead of using them all to move up in the draft for a QB. Gives you a STUD WR to stretch the field. Imagine how ridiculous his numbers would be with an NFL QB throwing to him!!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  5. Collie looked good last week but he’s another fragile receiver 1 hit to the head away from being done for the season

  6. Shipley and Wylie are both very interesting prospects………Shipley had one concussion, but missed one week in 2010…..he could contribute immediately……and then Wylie on the practice squad if he is eligible…he is damned fast

  7. coonsqualler…….I have a better idea……how about Gordon and a 2nd for Mallett……the browns are going nowhere until they find a real QB regardless of who they have at WR

  8. The arrogance of giving up Wes Welker. Unbelievable. You can bet that Wes will play spoiler to the Pats’ playoff season and it’ll be Kraft’s fault.

  9. nyjetsfan08 says:
    Oct 16, 2013 10:43 AM
    The arrogance of giving up Wes Welker. Unbelievable. You can bet that Wes will play spoiler to the Pats’ playoff season and it’ll be Kraft’s fault.


    Your name says it all. Not even sure why I am wasting my finger energy on the keyboard but here goes…Hernandez was a Patriot when Welker left, and Amendola has a concussion. If you think he is fragile because he got hit in the head, go back to preschool. I guess every other concussion related injury in the NFL means the player is fragile.

    How is Rex doing? Still going to the bulletin board material I guess, huh?

  10. .

    Re Welker : Belichick is the GM of the team. Like all GM’s he has hits and misses. However, most pats fans do not dwell over the moves he makes because they know he always has the best long term interest of the franchise in mind.

    Belichick : ” he is what he is ”


  11. The Welker move was never about football. Wes refused to kiss BB’s butt and it became personal. The Pats may still win the division, but its one home game and done. Can’t beat a playoff team on the road with this lineup.
    Jets have a good chance for an upset this week.

  12. He’s promising, but Josh Gordon isn’t worth a 2nd rounder…yet.

    He’s flashed, but more importantly he’s also one failed drug test away from a 1 year suspension.

    JUST having come off a suspension.

    Readjust your thinking to a 3-5th round.

    Joe Banner should be on the phone with Atlanta.

    If ATL doesn’t trade for a decent WR they have officially thrown in the towel for the season.

  13. Maybe a certain unemployed QB would still have a job and still be a Patriot if he wasn’t so stubborn about changing positions… Just sayin….

  14. When Jordan Shipley was drafted from UT, I was hoping he would end up playing for the Patriots! He is an amazing WR and has ended up on teams that were not very good and he wasn’t getting a chance to show his true potential. I sure hope the Pats liked what they saw and sign him! I always felt he was better than Welker, even though I like Welker, he isn’t Shipley.

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