Tommie Harris thinks Irsay views Peyton like an ex-girlfriend

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Tommie Harris spent training camp in 2011 with the Colts, and although he may not have lasted long enough in Indianapolis to get a real good feel for the personalities of Peyton Manning and Jim Irsay, Harris did offer what may be the most interesting comments yet about the relationship between the two of them.

Harris said on NFL Network that Irsay’s comments come across like those of a boyfriend who regrets breaking up with his ex-girlfriend.

“I had a chance to be under Jim Irsay when I was with the Colts, and I’ve got to say he was quite different, a different owner,” Harris said. “You know how that ugly girlfriend, she kind of goes away, and then she ends up getting pretty and losing weight and then she ends up getting back healthy? This is the thing, Peyton Manning has become that girlfriend. They got rid of him, thought he was used up, thought his neck was messed up, and went back and became so beautiful.”

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a player described as being like the owner’s ex-girlfriend before, but there may be some truth to Harris’s analysis of the situation. Irsay is the one who decided it was time for the Colts to break it off with Manning, and he may be experiencing some regret as he sees Manning look better than ever with the Broncos.

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  1. Can’t we all just agree that Irsay says whatever the hell he wants and none of it deserves speculation or analysis?

  2. I look at Tommie Harris football career like an ex-girlfriend….. a relationship that ENDED YEARS AGO.

  3. Sellers remorse. You sell all your stock in a company when it looks like it’s going down in value, then it suddenly skyrockets up. So you tell your buddies, who are laughing at you, that you have better plans for that money, anyway. But they keep laughing at you.

  4. Isn’t funny that Irsay and the Colts were the ONLY ones that thought Peyton’s career was over, I know I know you guys in the media and all the other teams and their fans sure knew better.

  5. Per usual, the majority of people are thinking short term here. The Colts did the right thing, and Irsay is 100% correct. Luck it’s the future, and Peyton is not. Hrs he’s still great, but you have to cut an old guy loose at some point, especially for the next great one.

  6. Honestly, it was the best scenario for the Colts. They got a lot of great years from Peyton with a SB win and lots playoffs.

    To have that off year for the number one pick, say buh-bye to Peyton and draft another once in a lifetime QB is just luck beyond belief.

    How many teams would leap at the chance to have the stars lineup for them like that???

  7. I guess I was the only person who thought he was talking about Peyton eating up most of their cap every year so there was limited chances to stack the team around him. His words were chosen poorly when he went to the great regular season stats and then one championship line because it made it sound like he blamed Peyton for that, not the fact that you have to pay a talent like Peyton astronomically at his age and performance level and are thus limited to getting more top talent to surround him. The ability to draft another great young QB made it an easy choice when you think of it that way, especially with the rookie salary cap provisions in place now.

  8. Maybe, just maybe, Irsay was thinking of Manning demanding every last he could.

    Money that would just go into his money vault, money that could have been used for that one or two players that could of put the team over the hump.

  9. Irsay made the right call, he’s just got to let it go.

    Oh and the ex analogy – I thought the same thing during the Favre imbroglio. Hell hath no fury…

  10. its similar to the Joe Montana/Steve Young thing. they let go of a HoF’er, who could still play a couple of years, for an up-and-coming HoF’er.

    time to move on .. what’s with the high school drama?

  11. Everyone giving kudos to colts for making the right decision. To me, it seemed like a good decision back then. In hindsight its probably a poor decision. Payton has got 5 good years(6+ at the time of decision) left in him. You could have got 3 or may be 4 first round picks for that no. 1 pick. Thats a really good platform to build upon with the best QB in the league still on your side. use those extra 3 picks and build a defense.

    People have anointed luck as super bowl winner already. Its never that easy. Marino, Farve, Payton were all pretty darn good and how many total SB between them. And patriots didnt win 3 with brady as focus. They won with defense and good balance on offense. They really haven’t one 1 since brady had been chucking it like superman.

    Some food for thought!

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