Vick now says hamstring is worse than he thought it would be


Last week, Eagles quarterback Mike Vick was optimistic about how good his injured hamstring was feeling.  Eight days later, he’s sounding more pessimistic than ever about the situation.

“It’s worse than what I thought it was going to be,” Vick said, via Reuben Frank of  “It’s just slow.  It’s taking longer than I thought it would.”

We initially reported that Vick was likely to miss two games with the injury.  Last week’s optimism (which likely was part of a ploy by the Eagles to prompt the Bucs to prepare for both Vick and Nick Foles) disappeared on Saturday night, when Vick admitted he has a “long road” back to health.

“I want to get back out there, but I can’t,” Vick said Wednesday.  “I try to burst and run, I can’t do it.  Just hoping it’s not a long time.”

Vick has plenty of reasons to hope it’s not a long time.  Apart from $2.5 million tied in part to 2013 playing time, Vick is due to be a free agent next year.  If during his absence the Eagles decide that Foles is the better option, Vick will be on the open market come March.

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  1. Amazing. I cannot even see Howie Roseman’s lips move when Vick speaks. That’s it Mike. Sit and be a good boy as you watch your career end. No on ever accused Vick of being smart.

  2. Let me translate,

    “Nick Foles the new starting QB of the Philadelphia Eagles and instead of admitting he is the better man for the job I will nurse a hamstring injury until Foles gets hurt or really starts to play bad”

  3. i love how everyone has such venom for the Eagles and their fan base..
    the stereotypical idiot statements are used time and time again.. no one every bringing any new funnies to the table…

    but i will tell you one thing;
    I love how the everyone tries to knock on this team. . I think it’s because they are scared..

    they know that this is a rebuilding year for the Eagles,, yet they are in 1st place and poised to take another leap in the standings..

    even with the statisticly WORST DEFENSE IN THE LEAGUE over the past decade, they are still in contention with for the playoffs..
    Looks like the birds are on the verge of another decade of dominance..

    with the #3 selection in the 2014 draft, the NY vaGiants select Taj Boyd QB.
    with the #6 select the washington redskins select. . . .. .
    with the 21st selection the Cowboys select. . . . .

  4. Take your time Mike and get healthy. We need the time to evaluate Foles/Barkley. This team is still 1 or 2 drafts away from relevance. This injury accelerates things so CHIP will know if he needs MARIOTA. In CHIP we TRUST!!

  5. Vick gave no lack of effort, but the fact is his game has fatal flaws which are uncoachable and unfixable. He’s nearing his mid 30’s and as we saw with Mcnabb, those type of quarterbacks usually spiral downwards, not better. Best he can probably hope for is to backup somewhere next year, because he isn’t getting big money to be a starter.

  6. Don’t worry mike, The keys to the car are in good hands. You take ALL the time you need you get better.Just relax and hold that clipboard

  7. Take your time, Vick.
    Take ten or twelve weeks, then hope some other team is dumb enough to sign you next year.

  8. Man, I can’t believe I placed that futures wager on Vick playing all 16 games this season. Who woulda thunk that an oft injured running QB who spent time in prison and has never played a full season wouldn’t make it in a fast, high paced offense that maximizes offensive plays? Huh? Who?! Not me!!!

  9. McNabb = 234 td — 117 int — 29 rush td — 95 fumbles

    Vick = 128 td — 84 int — 36 rush td — 90 fumbles

  10. @myeaglescantwin I think you have the Cowboys too high. Probably like pick #15. No Ware, no problem. Also, keep making the dog jokes, because the person that is really laughing is Vick and his millions of dollars while you are hiding behind a computer and would never say anything like that to his face!

  11. Bet it feels better the first time Foles falters…No way he comes back healthy now and risks being told he’s the back-up to a better option. He’ll feel remarkably better after an Eagles loss and Foles throwing two picks.
    Just a matter of if Foles will do that in the next few weeks….

  12. He’s probably telling the truth. They say “high” hamstring injuries are worse than lower down. And for a player whose game, for better or worse, is built on mobility, it’s a problem.

    Whatever you say about whether or not he is the right guy vs. Foles, Vick has played hard and been a good teammate since getting hurt….as an Eagles fan I appreciate that.

  13. Foles, time’s now!! Let’s do this!
    Nick should’a been the starter from day 1!!
    Prove it to Chip, Nick, make the cowturds pay!!!
    26/33 3 TDs, 1 rush TD, 0 Fumbles
    1 TD to Desean, 1 to Riley and 1 to Avant!

  14. Philly fans are called trash,,,

    yet we never had had
    a murder at our games. #Raiders#Niners
    spit on and abuse women #chargers #giants
    boo injuries to our own team #Texans..
    (i know i am missing some other atrocities throughout the NFL)

    but keep them coming haters.

  15. Hopefully he’s done for his career, the guys a dirtbag who cares about his hamstring. The NFL, “where people are up in arms over a teams name, but a man can mutilate and murder innocent dogs but let’s keep him in the league!” What an embarrassment.

  16. I don’t think there is a hidden agenda. I think Mike is being honest. He needs to get healthy. Who knows if Foles can stay healthy all season? With all due respect to Matt Barkley, if the Birds have any hope of winning their division, they’ll have to do it with Mike or Nick.

  17. It’s just a simple fact of nature that people heal slower as they get older. Vick is just now getting slapped in the face with that.

  18. c1md6,
    I’m a Cowboys fan, so let that sink in before you read any further.

    Vick served his time in jail. He paid the debt soceity said he owed. Since that time, he has walked a pretty straight line, and shown that he is, if not outstanding, at least a contributing member of soceity. Quit flogging the man for past infractions.

    Unless of course you are saying you have never done anything wrong or illegal in your life, you should be worrying about your own indescretions, not the ones Vick has already served time for.

  19. If you want to solve a QB controversy, do it the week you play my Giants.

    1) Picked off Favre’s last pass as a Packer, ushered in the Rodgers’ era.

    2) Beat Alex Smith to the bench, ushered in Kapernick era.

    3) We knocked out Sanchez, now Geno is their franchise savior and Jets don’t have to look back.

    4) Vick pulled a hammy against us, now it looks like its Foles’ team for good.

    5) We play the Vikings and their QB conundrum this week. If I were Ponder or Freeman, I’d might go see a soothsayer before getting on the plane.

  20. Anyone whose had one knows hamsting injuries linger for a long time. Vick wasn’t playing very well in terms of quick decision and red zone play. These things often take 6 weeks or more when you are young. He’s no longer the starter. He’ll be announcing his retirment anytime between now and February.

  21. I must admit I didn’t have high hopes this year for the eagles but I’ll take it. It’s a rebuilding year and we have a shot to put a strangle hold on the division the next 2 weeks…..feels good to be playing with house money, but feels even better to watch the rest of the division stink up the joint…..Go birds!!

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