C.J. Spiller: My ankle is definitely healing

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The Bills have played without the likes of E.J. Manuel, Jairus Byrd and Stevie Johnson at points this season, but running back C.J. Spiller has been in the lineup for all six games.

There have been moments in the last few weeks when it was fair to wonder whether or not that was a good thing. Spiller has played a limited number of snaps and lacked explosiveness because of an ankle injury. Spiller did not practice on Wednesday to rest the ankle and said that he didn’t think it would be long before the ankle was back to full strength.

“I think it’ll be something that’ll be healed up before the bye week,” Spiller said, via the team’s website. “I don’t think it’s going to be something that’s going to linger into November. It’s getting better and better each week and as long as it continues to do that I’ll be fine. There are a couple of more hurdles that I have to get over, but I can definitely see the finish line of me getting back to 100 percent quickly.”

Fred Jackson has been playing an expanded role with Spiller limited and has done a solid job, but he lacks the ability to hit a home run on any touch that Spiller possesses and the Bills offense has missed it. If Spiller’s right, it shouldn’t be too much longer before they get it back.

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  1. Heres the thing with CJ though.

    Yeah hes good if he can get outside but the NFL is too fast and more often than not will set the edge leaving a dancing spiller and a 4 yard loss.

    Now ‘if’ he gets outside look out, but it doesnt happen very often. This guy also cant push the pile.

    Freddy is the feature back, Spiller is just change of pace. I hope when the contract squabble comes up we dont pay Spiller a truckload of money because hes just not worth it.

  2. This growing bills offense takes a HUGE step back if we don’t retain Spiller. That is an absolute must. It’s easy to be low on CJ when he is injured but not many people have the ability he does out of the back field. Freddy is the change of pace. Not CJ anymore. We need both guys equally. I mean did you see the Cleveland game? The man broke a 52 yarder on one ankle. There is about 2-3 backs in football that can do that. He must get healthy and then you will see why everyone expected him to be unstoppable. His whole game relies on mobility so an ankle injury is a killer for a guy like CJ.

  3. I’ll take all the first downs Freddy gets over the odd “home run” here or there that CJ gets when he’s not losing 2 yards a carry.

    CJ first downs: 9
    Freddy first downs: 24

    CJ: 1 TD
    Freddy: 4 TD’s

    CJ’s longest run this year: 54 yards.
    Freddy’s longest run this year: 59 yards.

    Keep icing that ankle kid. We got you covered.

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