Calais Campbell expected to play against Seahawks


When Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell was removed from the field on a stretcher last Sunday, there probably weren’t too many people wondering whether he would play against the Seahawks just a few days later.

Injuries that look like that make you fear for the worst and a quick turnaround didn’t seem to be in the cards. Campbell checked out well when he went to the hospital, practiced this week and was listed as questionable by the team on Wednesday to leave the door open for a return.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Campbell is walking through it. Campbell is expected to play against Seattle on Thursday night.

There’s no word on whether Campbell’s playing time will be affected by the neck injury, but he’ll be out there as part of the group trying to exploit the missing tackles on the Seahawks line. Campbell has three sacks and a forced fumble for the Cardinals so far this season.

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  1. Same thing happened to Michael Bennett of Seattle a few weeks ago. Carried off on a stretcher in Houston to the hospital, it looked very bad, but he was back on the sidelines by the end of the game, and played the following week.

    The fact this is a Thursday game makes it all the more remarkable for Campbell’s recovery, though.

  2. Nice that he isn’t hurt bad…….Hope they take care to make sure he won’t be reinjured by getting into game to quickly…….That goes for all injured players in the NFL. Thursday games are nice for the spotlight provided, but hard on the players needing a few days to recover from the Sunday’s game.

  3. I saw an interesting stat yesterday. EVERY team Seattle has played this season has lost the following week. The reason you ask? When a team has to get up emotionally to withstand the physicality of the Seahawks, they have an inevitable fall off the following week. This team is tough to play. Not explosive right now (Harvin will help remedy that soon), but just overpowering in all aspects of the game.

    I think after a tough loss to San Fran, the Cards don’t have enough in the tank for this game. I see it somewhat close at the half…13-10 or the like, but I see it getting ugly in the second half. Seattle cruises late in the game.

    Sea wins 27-13

  4. Good for him because that was a scary looking scene. Campbell always looked to quiet d-lineman who destroys the inside of a line in and run and pass game and goes about his business like a true pro. Glad he is ok and look forward to seeing Seattle match up with them full strength for a tough division game.

    We lost last in AZ in Russ’s first game. We were a better team to finish the year and that’s how they will have to play tonight.

  5. I am a Cards fan. We really need this game. Even so, I would rather have him sit this one out. It is a miracle that he wasn’t injured worse and there is no reason to tempt fate 4 days later.

  6. Good! The more elite football players on the field, the better the quality of football played will be. Coming from a 49ers fan who was sorry to see him hurt, this man is a beast and the Cardinals are much improved with him in the lineup.

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