Chiefs planning bigger workload for Jamaal Charles

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Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles is averaging 24.5 touches per week through the first six weeks of the season, which puts him on pace for 392 on the season.

That’s a hefty number for any back and especially so for a back that’s already dealt with minor injuries to his quad and toes this season. According to Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson, though, Charles’ workload is only going to rise as the season progresses.

“He’s a guy who steadily wants a little more each week, a little more responsibility, and the more he gets comfortable in our system and what we’re asking him to do, we’ll put a little more on his plate,” Pederson said, via the Kansas City Star. “He’s so explosive, and we want to be able to use him in that fashion and create matchups in our favor.”

Charles is leading the NFL in yards from scrimmage and the Chiefs have been winning behind a ground-heavy offensive attack , which makes it easy to understand why the Chiefs would want to keep feeding him the ball as much as possible. Since he’s accounted for 775 of the 1,958 yards they’ve gained on offense this season, the Chiefs will need to be mindful of the risk of Charles wearing down when formulating plans for his workload. Absent an upgrade from Knile Davis at the No. 2 back, the Chiefs wouldn’t be able to thrive should Charles wind up on the sideline.

19 responses to “Chiefs planning bigger workload for Jamaal Charles

  1. kcflake says:
    Oct 17, 2013 5:59 PM
    Jamall Charles is The Man! Go Chiefs!


    Man I hope you’re really not from KC, it’s JAMAAL!!

  2. This is an Andy Reid team?! Seriously though it seems like Reid is intent on getting a completely fresh start. Seemed like he trapped himself with bad decisions from play calling to personnel in Philly, but he is not repeating those mistakes in KC. Good for him

  3. OMG, that has to be the dumdest mindset. I hope that is not true, unless we only want to win now. Charles will be worn out carring to load he is now, let alone increasing it. Get Davis more touches to rest Charles and to give Davis more confidence.

  4. Charles is way too slight, he doesn’t have the frame for a bigger workload.

    The Chiefs need more check down RB’s, because you never have enough when Alex Smith is your QB.

  5. Andy will use him up prior to their tenth game. The Chiefs are getting ready to collapse, typical Andy Reid.

    Oh, I forgot Andy’s teams are always strong in December!

    Look out Kansas City.

  6. get davis more touches?

    he had 1 touch last game, he fumbled

    the last time they put him on a Kickoff return, he fumbled the ball and almost cost the team the game.

    you can’t build his confidence when they have absolutely zero confidence in him to begin with

    and what is it Charles fans? before he wasn’t getting enough touches with 18-20, now at 24 its too much? how many would be just right then? 21 will do it for you?

  7. predicting a chiefs collapse? oh cmon

    just look at the schedule. it doesn’t take a real smart person to see that they could very well be 9-0 heading into Denver, then win maybe 1-2 of their final 7 if the offense doesn’t pick it up.

    at the same time, if they do that, they have 11 wins and a wildcard berth, not quite an “epic collapse”

  8. why does every article have to lead to a bunch of fantasy football comments? Dwayne bowe is not even mentioned in this at all, no one cares about your fantasy team.

  9. @joetoronto

    Keep acting like he’s too small. He’s the toughest player on the team. He bowled through 3-4 Raiders TWICE for touchdowns up the middle on Sunday.

  10. Hey K C we love your team but got to know your coach well over 14 years. I’ll remind you in December.

  11. KC winning w running the ball and a good defense led by a beast D end, good LB corps and safety. Other than Brian Dawkins(drafted prior to Reid). Andy Reid didnt manage to draft one playmaker at those positions.

  12. Knile Davis I think is one of the biggest busts in the chiefs draft class. He can’t pick up a blitz was a fumble machine in Arkansas & still is. Many better more reliable RBs available when they took him. Put him on the practice squad to help defense with fumble drills & bring up somebody anybody would be an improvement..

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