Christian Ponder: I have to figure out what’s best for me


The last two weeks haven’t sent too many positive signals about Christian Ponder’s future with the Vikings.

Minnesota signed Josh Freeman and opted to start Matt Cassel over Ponder last week even though Ponder had recovered from the rib injury that kept him out of the Week Four victory over the Steelers. None of that does much to back up General Manager Rick Spielman’s assertion that Ponder has a “bright future” after the team added Freeman and it’s left Ponder pondering what comes next.

“I don’t know. Again, I have to figure out what’s best for me and everything and for this team,” Ponder said, via Brian Murphy of the Pioneer Press. “I don’t know if that’s staying here or going somewhere else.”

Ponder hasn’t demanded a trade and coach Leslie Frazier said he didn’t see a scenario where Ponder isn’t on the team for the rest of the season, so there should be ample time for Ponder to think about what’s best for him before the end of the season. Even then, the Vikings will be making the final decision on where Ponder, who is signed through the 2014 season, heads after this season. Given how much could change in the organization if things don’t improve dramatically after a 1-4 start, we’ve got a long way to go before getting any idea of how that may play out.

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  1. I’d say retire and head to the booth. Networks are always looking for future hall of famers to scoop up! He’s had a long and illustrious career. He won a Vikings Super Bowl (beat the Packers)!


  2. Of course Ponder wants a trade. However, he’s a smart guy and knows he’s in absolutely zero place to ask for a trade. This was his way of venting the fact he wants to be traded without asking for one. He’s had ample opportunity to be the franchise QB and has failed to do so. That alone will deter some teams from attempting to acquire him. Asking for a trade and crying his way out of here like Jay Cutler will not help his case (Jay had talent). If he wants another shot he’s going to have to keep his mouth shut and work hard ala Alex Smith. The offseason is where this would happen. In the NFL, things change fast. He’ll most likely get another shot to start in this league somewhere.

  3. Ponder is done. He’s in his third year and seems to have gotten worse with better talent. He’s a bust and a long term backup. I can’t stand guys who play like crap then act like they did nothing that warranted a QB change. Its your own fault.

  4. The “ponder” puns are old and lame. This guy is wildly inconsistent and at least a few years (if ever) away from being a serviceable starter. Case closed.

  5. His salary is cheap. He isn’t going anywhere. Nobody knows what Freeman will do. Either Cassel or Ponder will be the back-up next year. And, quite frankly, that’s one of the best jobs in the world.

  6. Hahaha. I guess the “next step” ponder was suppose to take this year was the first step out the door. Better for him anyways, this teams a mess. Defense is terrible, rookie wr is nonexistent, Greg Jennings is showing why Green Bay didn’t want to brainwash him into a good receiver anymore. Poor AP, he deserves better. Him and Barry sanders have a lot in common.

  7. Vikings, Brown, Bills, Lions…. I thought it might be the cold weather but the Packers shot down that theory.

  8. The guy has the best running back in the league and faces fronts designed to stop the run and cannot pass? QB’s DREAM of such luck, but most never get it. Facing single covberage on every play because everybody is trying to stop the RB and he is blowing it. Maybe he was put in too soon, but I don’t see him suceeding in Minnesota, but Len Dawson wasn’t successful in Pittsburgh or Cleveland before becoming a HOF’er in KC, so there is a chance.

  9. After this Monday night’s game, it might well be determined that Ponder is the best of the three QBs on the Viking roster.

    Everyone seems to be assuming that Josh Freeman is the Viking QB for the rest of the year. Let’s see the guy play first before annointing him. As for Ponder, if he had better coaching, I really think he’d have a good career ahead of him.

    But Bill Musgrave is killing this team’s offense right now. It is Musgrave who has called plays targeting backup TE John Carlson, while Cordarelle Patterson continues to ride the bench. It is Musgrave who refuses to make use of the weapons available. I don’t see how Josh Freeman’s presence changes that.

  10. 3years?
    Ponder didn’t get a playbook during the CBA debacle. Let alone, having OC change.
    Obviously, he can’t thrive under Musgraves no surprises/conservative playcalls. Who could? ShAaron would throw a hissy fit on the sideline under those conditions.
    Point is, he could go elsewhere & have success. Like A.Smith of KC does now now (you know, the guy drafted way ahead of #12).

  11. Demand a trade? To do so, it will require another NFL team that sees value which isn’t going to happen.

    Only Spielman could waste a high round draft pick on a noodle arm, build an offense based on handing off to Peterson, bubble screens and short play action passes to the flat and declare Ponder the answer at QB. Every other GM wants a weapon at QB with accuracy and velocity and they already know that Ponder doesn’t cut it. It only took the Vikings two years to finally figure that out.

  12. He is what every draft evaluator said he was- a moble, weak armed QB with questionable decision making skills and a third to fifth round grade. Spielman either A. Trusted the wrong talent evaluators on his staff or B. thought he was the smartest guy in the (NFL) room- either way, you swing and miss on the 12th overall pick with a guy nearly everyone had as an off the board pick, you have to be in danger of losing your job…

  13. Career backup.

    If you cannot take significant advantage of defenses stacking the box to stop AP you have proven yourself incapable of becoming a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady much less a Trent Dilfer.

  14. Anyone who follows football knew Ponder was a head scratching reach at 12…that being said he has the tools to develop into a solid QB, he’s smart, mobile and understands the game. He has had zero development under Musgrave, the playcalling is predictable, teams stack the box and blitz a line designed to run block so there is rarely ever a ‘pocket’…Cassell didn’t fare too well, and I suspect Freeman will struggle. meanwhile we will have let Ponder go where he will probably be properly developed and have success elsewhere. or maybe we fire Musgrave and bring in a solid OC and QB coach (Gannon) and polish the gem in the rough. Musgrave needs to go, or at the very least be demoted to QB coach and focus on the fundamentals of Ponders game rather than trying to game plan which he is in way over his head. A few tweaks starting with Frasier taking over the Defense and bringing in a strong Offensive Co. Go vikes

  15. So the guy has to know that he isn’t a starting NFL QB. Why not ride the pine, collect some checks, and retire years from now with his health?

    He will be an early retiree who doesn’t ache every morning. Not a bad gig. Although he should try to latch onto a team further south. No knock on the nice people of Minnesota, but there are better places to live and be a back-up QB.

  16. Wait- what does Greg Jennings (or his sister) have to say about it? I thought he was better tha Aaron Rodgers! what happened.

  17. In a way I miss all the bewildered Ponder apologists, and their naive excitement over that one time that Ponder single-handedly beat the Packers (as Peterson rushed for 200).

    Spieldope sure had them fooled.

  18. His best option is to make sure the house is neat and supper is ready when Sam comes home. He could get replaced there too.

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