Coughlin said he’s not benching Eli, such that he needs to


In one of those statements that no one envisioned needing to be made, Giants coach Tom Coughlin said he would not be benching quarterback Eli Manning.

While that seems a little obvious on its face, and would have gotten you laughed out of the room six weeks ago, Manning’s record pace has made it a question in New York.

That hasn’t crossed my mind at all,” Coughlin said, via Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News. “I’m sure he would tell you that he would like to play better, there’s no doubt about that.

“I have every confidence in the world that he will.”

With 15 interceptions through six games, Manning is on pace to push George Blanda’s single-season record of 42. He’s also sporting a passer rating of 64.0, which ranks ahead of only Blaine Gabbert and Josh Freeman among qualifying quarterbacks.

But while the suggestion of benching him seems odd, Manning himself said he understands where it comes from.

“I think it’s all a case of what have you done for me lately?” he said. “And I have high expectations for myself and expect to bring a contender every year and try to win championships and make the playoffs and play at a high level. I’ve got to make some better plays and make some better decisions when I’m in some bad spots. So I’ll continue to work on that.”

Yanking quarterbacks who are playing the way Manning’s playing right now is a normal idea, so long as you remember the distinction between a good quarterback playing badly and a bad quarterback.

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  1. How about when Eli starts playing well again we remember the difference between a GOOD QB and an ELITE QB. How about we remember that Super Bowl wins don’t make you a great QB. I bet Jim Plunkett knows the difference.

  2. And Eli is an average to below-average Quarterback. Always has been, always will be. Sure he has two rings, but he always had a good run game and an excellent defense. Never had to do it by himself. He could screw up and his defense would pick up the pieces. Poor little Eli, always gonna be the 3rd best Manning.

  3. 15 INT + 2 lost fumbles = 17 turnovers (at least 3 or 4 were pick 6).

    2012 – David Wilson – 1 fumble – Demoted to 3rd string for 15.9 games.
    2013 – David Wilson – 2 fumbles – basically inactive with a street free agent who hadn’t played in a year becoming the #1 ball carrier on the team.

    Eli Manning with 10x the turnover of David Wilson — Forget about it, nothing to see here.

    I know Wilson is hurt now but Coughlin has been using this kid to make an example to everyone else (but Eli) for 2 years and he does less damage to the Giants chances to win combined in 2 years than Eli can do in one game.

    Tiki Barber once fumbled 3x in 1 game under coughlin, no punishment.

    The geezer has lost it and wants the young kids to get off his lawn.

  4. When you have an OC named Gilbride, who is the only one who understands his offensive, hell Peyton would say “WHAT”?
    Eli will finally get his WR’s on the same page, but the blame is with this wannabe OC who has such a complex sustem for young WR’s which they have 4-5 differnet routes they can run, dummy it up Gilbride! Randle will look like a star!

  5. I think this season is proving that Eli is simply not an “elite” QB. He is having a bad year but it’s certainly not all on him. That line is awful and maybe Cruz and Nicks aren’t as good as advertised? Plus, the run game is dreadful. It’s pretty easy to stop the pass when you have a washed up RB that runs the 40 in 6 seconds flat.

  6. He’s basically unbenchable with his consecutive starts streak going. Good thing, too, because I haven’t seen a more entertaining Giants season in a long time.

  7. If David Wilson can be benched for fumbling 3 times, Beaker Manning can be benched for throwing 15 INT’s. Double standard much, Tommy?

  8. Coughlin should be benched…a park bench where he can feed the pigeons like the rest of the old retired men!!

  9. The QB is always going to get the blame for how bad a team is playing. Eli has made some bad throws but what else can the Giants do. The oline has been terrible for three years now. The Giants have ranked in the bottom third in the league in rushing for three years now. This is a team with old broken down vets playing on the oline.

    To quote Bart Scott, “the defense couldn’t stop a nose bleed.” So Eli has to go out there and throw the ball and try to squeeze it into windows that aren’t there. When your offensive line can’t block four guys defenses can drop 7 making it impossible to find open guys. If we leave the TE or RB into help out pass protection that means the defense is dropping 7 to cover 3.

    Also, the Giants have no creativity on offense. I watch the Saints, Broncos, even the Cowboys do things to get guys open. The Giants run the same boring offense every week. Fake an inside draw or run play and try to get some open deep. I can’t figure out why we just don’t go to 4 WRs and go to a quick passing game. Gilbrides offense is predicated off play action which means you need a run threat, something the Giants don’t have.

  10. So long as you remember the distinction between a good quarterback playing badly and a bad quarterback = Wins 0 – Lost 6. Gee that makes alot of cents. Signed Congress

  11. He’s never going to be Brady or his brother and he is playing absolutely terrible; but he was the starting QB for 2 SB championships so I can never knock the guy. Same goes for Snee, Tuck, Webster, Deihl, and Jacobs. Bring in new talent on the O line for Eli and get back at it next year.

  12. Imagine what their careers would be like if they did a Jekyll and Hyde thing where Peyton plays the regular season, and then Eli tags in for the playoffs.

  13. NY fans are so funny. Since Eli is an average to below average QB, how about trading him to my Bucs for their (very high) 3rd round pick this year? We would gladly welcome such a poor QB!!!

  14. If my team won 2 SB’s in the past 5 years, then they get a complete pass from me for the next 5 years. No questions asked. I’d be buying that QB a beer if I saw him, even if he throws 100 INT’s this year.

  15. The Nassib era starts now. I told you all in preseason that Eli was washed up. I told you that Snee, Nicks, Diehl, Bass, Tuck, Kiwanuka, Wilson, both Browns and JPP should retire honorably. I told you the Giants would compete for the first pick in the draft.

    I’m not happy I was right and you all were wrong.

  16. He has the worst backup QB in the NFL. Eli could get run over by a train and they would start his carcus over Curtis Painter.

  17. I have been praying that Kevin “Killdrive” would take a coaching position on another team for years now, he still runs his 1960s offense, me and my dad watch the games and we can tell what they are going to do, way too predictable. Long season for us Giant fans…

  18. Now you know what it’s like to have no OL, no running game, and a defense that can’t stop anybody. I didn’t throw 15 interceptions in the first 6 games though.

    — Tony Romo

  19. It is entertaining to read that Josh Freeman is mentioned in this article. Most of us our happy that the Bucs got rid of Freeman, who played himself out of his starting QB job for the Bucs; no matter what the Radio Hosts continue to repeat daily on their shows, still trying to persuade anyone who will listen. Freeman is gone. His stats shows the reason why; so just get over it. Their is a new Buc QB in town who throws better passes (except for the long balls), but he will get better. He has only played 2 games, and better than Freeman did this year in his 4 games!

  20. billco6192013 says: Oct 17, 2013 9:46 AM

    yep, the eli days are over and we need some who will get better and work with these young guys.Get jonny football this year and push eli out .

    Not the brightest comment, Johnny Football is an overrated Tebow.

    Even with all the picks, Eli is STILL the best QB in the NFC East. More than half the picks aren’t his fault, Nicks stops running his route, Randle running the wrong route, balls bouncing off of the receivers hands. The offensive line is terrible, he is running for his life behind the line, no run game, defensive players are just dropping back in coverage. Right now Eli is one man team.

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