J.J. Watt says words don’t win games so he doesn’t spare many of them

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If you want a detailed discussion of what’s going on with the Texans right now, you should ask someone other than defensive end J.J. Watt.

Watt met the media on Wednesday for a question-and-answer session that was short on both questions and answers. Watt opened by complimenting the Chiefs, this week’s opponent, and saying the team was hoping to gain some momentum heading into their bye week before explaining why he wouldn’t be taking any questions from the media.

“For us, from our standpoint, our fans don’t want to hear about how we’re going to fix it. They don’t want to hear me stand up here and tell them anything. They don’t want to hear the words I have to say. They just want us to resolve it and I fully understand that,” Watt said. “So all I can do is go to work. All we can do as a team is go to work and that’s what we’re going to do. Words don’t win games. Work does. I apologize for the concise statement and lack of answering questions. Honestly, I don’t have words for y’all. Just work. I’m just going to work. The fans want results and that’s what I’m going to try to give them.”

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. A win would be worth even more than that for Watt and the Texans, so there’s not much point wasting any when there’s nothing all that new to say after four weeks of the same dismal story.

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  1. I get being frustrated with your coach, ESPECIALLY Kubiak. But FFS these guys are professionals and it says a lot about them that they just quit before the game even starts. Where’s your pride? Are you cool trotting yourself out there every Sunday and getting embarrassed? With the exception of Watt, Cushing, Foster and Andre these guys need to nut up and play like they’re capable of playing.

  2. We need more players like this. Actions speak louder than words. This lesson seems lost on a generation filled with twitter wars, media whining and celebrations for every halfway decent play. I don’t recall Barry Sanders trash talking and doing TD dances, but every other team respected and feared his play.

  3. Its great to see the Texans so desperate. All the talent in the world at every position on the field and they can’t beat the same ol’ sorry acts Rams at home.

  4. I like him, but unless he is hiding an inury he’s plainly overrated.

    The first game of the year I watched the Chargers mediocre line and Jeromey Clary neutralize Watt easily.

    He’s been average all year– and had ZERO tackles last week. Read that again– zero.

  5. He speaks the words every fan wants their players to say, and still only 24, he truly is a player every fan wants on their team. Me, and my team too.

    That said, and despite all the thumbs down his post got, dalcow is right. He has 3.5 sacks this year, 3 passes defensed and just 20 total tackles. Not utterly horrible numbers, but both he and the Texans hoped and expected much better. Dalcow is also right that he had ZERO tackles against the Rams. The first time a players name is mentioned in every post is also a link to their rotoworld page that has all their stats. Go look for yourselves.

    …which only more so suports what he has to say.
    All Texans, including him, have got a work to do.

  6. this guy has one OVER THE TOP season last year, and it now heading back to obscurity this season as just another lineman….

    where are all the sacks and amazing plays…oh that’s right…playing over your head one year, being declared the greatest thing ever…etc…reading your own press clippings….and now, back to normal…

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