Jared Allen wants his teammates to “embrace the suck”


As the Vikings ping-pong between bad seasons and good ones, defensive end Jared Allen believes the currently bad season can still become a good one.

“I try to keep a positive mindset and not let my circumstances determine my joy and my happiness so that’s kind of the approach I take,” Allen told Erik Kuselias on Thursday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.  “I’ve kind of been telling guys all week, you got to we got two ways to look at this, we can either go in the tank and say, ‘Hey its going to be an early offseason’ and we can hopefully win a few games here and there and people can start playing for themselves, or we can take this upon the group as a team and we got a chance to do something special.

“You got a chance to come back from a 1-4 start.  It’s not like we don’t have the talent, you know this team won a year ago, so we know how to win, we just got to get it done and I think if guys take that approach and to be honest it doesn’t feel like 1-4, guys this week have been having a good time and if you take that approach and say, ‘We got a chance to do something epic here, let’s embrace the suck, let’s embrace this and move forward’ and it starts with one win and I mean you look at teams throughout the history of the league, I mean the Giants they sneak into the playoffs a few years back and win a Super Bowl.”

The process begins on Monday night, when the Vikings visit the Giants.  It’ll be quarterback Josh Freeman’s debut.  But the offensive performance won’t matter if the defense continues to give up more than 418 yards and 31.6 points per game, on average.

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42 responses to “Jared Allen wants his teammates to “embrace the suck”

  1. Wow he’s officially lost his mind if he thinks this team can pull off what the Giants did a few years ago and win the whole thing. The Vikings won’t win this week – Eli will have a field day against that awful secondary.

  2. Crazy how he and Gonzalez left he Chiefs, basically for greener pastures and now the Chiefs look like a team they thought they were going to. That said, neither won a playoff game in KC but both have won playoff games with their respective teams.

    I wish KC had them both as both are great players.

  3. He can talk about how the Giants got in as a 6th seed and won the Superbowl but remember, they had a QB. They also had a defensive end that was pretty good which is more than you can say for the Vikings.

    I have a feeling that the Vikings players are embracing the suck more than Allen realizes. I think he must have eaten a bad batch of road kill to think his Vikings even have a chance of going 8-8

  4. Is all good… Greg Jennings got no problem “embracing the suck” since he was so tired of being brained washed as being the best in GB.

  5. Everything points to a Viking loss this week. They’ve lost their last 13 night games that were not played on a Tuesday or overseas. They just lost the best defensive player on an already terrible defense. The Giants are not going to go 0-16 and this is the most likely spot for them to get a win. The new quarterback still hasn’t learned the names of the other guys in the huddle.

    Nevertheless, I predict a Viking win. They have a chance to get a franchise quarterback with a top-5 draft pick. You know they’re going to blow that.

  6. Huh ? That don’t sound right. If they lose to the Giants they should embrace the suck and tank the season like the Colts did to get Luck!

  7. Gotta like his positivity but really, it’s expected because he’s one of the leaders of the team. Anyone who watches this team knows that the defense has been atrocious this year and losing Harrison Smith for a significant chunk of time will only make things worse (so they’ll go from 29th ranked pass-D to 32nd).

    Too many factors working against this defense having success. Aging veterans who aren’t as effective as they once were, bad LB group and even worse DB group. Winfield is sorely missed. I mean, fans always knew he was underrated but elite, but this year just proves how valuable he was.

  8. Can we please resign him. Ugh…Spielman will let him go to get ‘younger’ I’m sure…His ‘younger’ guys sure know how to ’embrace the suck’.

  9. Honorable approach however the “divas” on the team, e.g. Receivers, Corners etc., will no doubt, be hard to convince they shouldn’t be selfish and play for their personal glory.

  10. Actually u don’t have the talent. Over achievers last year. Other than AP nothing special on the O. And the D speaks for itself.

  11. Poor choice of words by Allen. Out of context it looks like he’s encouraging his teammates tank. Even with the added context around these words provided in the interview, this didn’t spin positive for me.

  12. If the Viking defense had done its job, this team would have posted wins against Chicago and Cleveland, and would be in the thick of the NFC North race right now.

    However, that home flop against the Panthers last week was inexcusable. The problem in Minnesota isn’t just the players, but the coaching staff as well. Why the Wilfs don’t just fire Speilman and hire Bill Polian is beyond me. Polian knows how to build a winner, which is more than Speilman has proven over time.

  13. beerbratscheese says:
    Oct 17, 2013 9:59 PM
    Embrace the suck? Vikings fans have been doing that for decades now!
    Funny coming from a fan of a team that had losing seasons for about 2 straight decades

  14. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Oct 18, 2013 9:13 AM
    Viking fans have been embracing the suck for over 50 years now.
    Another idiotic comment from you. Will it ever stop? Do you think you can actually post something intelligent once in a while? As a Packer fan,. you should know what it’s like to suck for decades. 70s, 80s and beginning of the 90s weren’t exactly stellar years for your Packers now where they?

    If the Vikes have sucked for over 50 years why is it they have made the playoffs many times more than the Packers over that period of time? Not winning superbowls does not constitute sucking. Unless of course you go by the name of filthymcnasty1 that does nothing in his life other than troll Viking threads with idiotic comments.

  15. Hey Jared it starts with you.

    Try sacking the QB on third down.

    Try not giving up the outside with your swim move as you go for and miss the QB again.

    Try not getting pushed pass the QB again as you try to come from the outside.

    Even in his great year he did not have many 3rd down sacks.

    Jared is good, but he is and has always been way overrated. He is always good at giving interviewers something they can write about. That is why they rarely write anything bad about him.

    — OK Jared give me 5 sacks 3 on third down, one strip sack and don’t give up the edge to a running play once and you will have somewhat earned your salary and your rah rah rant.

    I really would love to see it, because the only way the Vikes win this is with constant pressure on Eli, cause the D backfield STINKS, thanks to the great drafts of RS and coaching.

  16. filthymcnasty1 says: Oct 17, 2013 9:15 PM

    Winning has never been a priority in MN.
    Yeah, I guess that’s why the Vikes have the 6th best winning percentage, been to the playoffs more times than any team outside of Texas, won more division titles than any other team, been, won four NFL/NFC titles, and been to five other NFC championship games. Spot on sir.

  17. filthymcnasty1 says: Oct 17, 2013 9:15 PM

    Winning has never been a priority in MN.

    What an appropriate moniker.

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