Keenum the right call for Texans and Kubiak


The notoriously conservative Texans have taken a page out of the playbook crafted by their flashier Lone Star neighbors.

When in doubt, go with the sizzle.

In choosing Case Keenum over T.J. Yates to start in place of the injured Matt Schaub, coach Gary Kubiak has made an out-of-character decision.  Typically, the Texans play it safe.  And Yates, who led the Texans to their first playoff win in franchise history, definitely presents the safer alternative to the undrafted Keenum.

But playing if safe has put Kubiak in danger, especially after the Texans turned up their noses in 2012 at Peyton Manning.

To put some spark back into the franchise, Kubiak has picked Keenum, the NCAA’s all-time career leader in passing yardage, touchdowns, and completions.  His skills and swagger nearly pushed him in front of Yates before the season, and his abilities need to be explored before the Texans can make good decisions about the quarterback beyond 2013.

It likely won’t be Schaub.  It probably won’t be Yates.  It still could be Keenum.

And if it’s Keenum, Kubiak could save his job for at least another year.  Even if the Texans don’t make it to the postseason, the possibility of starting from 0-0 with Keenum under center could persuade Bob McNair to do that which has gotten Kubiak into his current predicament — stay the course.