Munchak claims Titans have no plans to trade Kenny Britt


Despite rumors swirling that the Titans want to trade receiver Kenny Britt, coach Mike Munchak says Britt is very much in the team’s plans.

Munchak said “we have no plans” to trade Britt, although the Titans have fielded calls from other teams about him, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.

“Obviously, anything can happen,” Munchak said. “But he needs to help us win games, and hopefully that will be this weekend.”

Britt isn’t going to help the Titans win games by playing two snaps a game, as he did on Sunday. Munchak said he expects Britt’s playing time to increase.

“He needs to play more. He needs to get 20 snaps,” Munchak said. “I’d like to give him opportunities to make plays. Maybe he’s not starting, and maybe he’s not in the starting groups. But he needs to be in the mix, because the guy still has talent. We still believe in him, and want to give him opportunities even if he has dropped some balls. But we need to play him more, and I think he’ll rise up to the occasion.”

Britt and Munchak may not always see eye to eye, but Munchak sounds like he’s trying to make the best of the situation for the rest of the season.

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  1. some team could very easily over pay for him once he’s a FA next year which could net the Titans a 4th or even a 3rd round comp pick so they’d be crazy to trade him for less than a 3rd. and no one is going to offer that much so odds are he won’t be traded.

  2. Showcase Britt before the Trade deadline Oct 29 so another teams makes an offer for the no character bum! There are tons of stories about guys with lots of talent that didn’t amount to much in the NFL!

    Like the Titans OC said, potential means you haven’t done anything yet….!

  3. Based on his choice of words, the coach has very little confidence in Britt. I think he would be traded at the first reasonable offer from a team outside of the conference or division.

  4. Hold onto him til seasons over let him rot on the bench and laugh at him this offseason when he has no leg to stand on come negotiation time. Cant imagine any team breaking the bank for a guy that last showed flash 3 yrs ago and coming off of knee surgery and not to mention one more brush with the law hes out the league. Tenn will take the compensary pick.

    Kenny, bro. U are the weakest link! Good bye!

  5. Nobody wants him.

    Well… not exactly true…. everybody wants him… but… Kenny Britt is so flawed that even teams (and fans of teams) that are desperately in need of receiving help don’t even want to sign him.

  6. Moronic not to try and trade him…… They aren’t resigning him, and he’s not helping them…… To do nothing but stash him at the bottom of the depth chart and not give younger players an opportunity is what you do if you don’t plan on keeping your job for long.

  7. It seems the Titans are resigned to get a 5th round compensatory pick for him rather than get a 6th rounder or lower from other teams. Waste of a player, though. If he is in the doghouse just let him go. He is in the final year of his deal, anyway. Let him go

  8. Gotdressedinabooth said: “Carolina…?”

    I’m a Titans fan who lives in Charlotte and I’ve been thinking the same exact thing myself. When he applies himself, Kenny Britt is a good receiver. For whatever reason, he seems to have given up on his team. (Some of those drops were beyond inexcusable … the kind of stuff coach’s yell at high school receivers for dropping.) If a needy team like the Panthers gets him and he actually gets focused again, he could very well deliver big.

  9. and that is another reason why you will continue to be a beat squad..

    what has britt brought to the table..

    i think a 6 or 7th is far better than what you will get if you don’t trade him.
    even compensatory pics are based off of playing time.. he is terrible

  10. Keep this kid!
    Randy moss wouldn’t compare this kid to himself if he wasn’t talented!
    He jus needs to break out his funk.
    He will be great one day.. Jus hope its sooner rather than later…

  11. Won’t trade him or can’t trade him? Who’s gonna want him for immense amount of baggage and legal problems this guy brings with him? I wouldn’t want him on my team

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