Report: Harvin to begin practicing next week


It was about a week ago when Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said it wasn’t realistic to expect Percy Harvin to practice in a week.

Maybe someone should have asked if two weeks was a possibility.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Harvin is scheduled to begin practicing next week, with designs on playing sooner rather than later after preseason hip surgery.

The Seahawks have another four weeks of window to let him start practicing, at which time they’ll have 21 days to decide whether or not to activate him from the physically unable to perform list.

Getting him back would add a dimension to an offense that has done enough to be 5-1, but clearly needs the downfield element he provides.

28 responses to “Report: Harvin to begin practicing next week

  1. And the best team in the NFC suddenly becomes even more superior. Somewhere Jim Whinebaugh is crying.

    KC-Seattle Super Bowl

    FortyWhiners, no playoffs for you.

    Alex sends his regards.

  2. It’s going to be fun watching the safeties freak out every time he motions through the backfield. There’s going to be a lot of one on one matchups on the other side of the field too. I’m thinking that Tate, Baldwin, and Rice are about to become wide open down field for Wilson. Not to mention Miller and Willson.

    As far as being an injury risk. Who isn’t these days? If you take away the migraines (which, by all acounts, are no longer a problem for him), he really doesn’t have an injury history besides his ankle last year and the hip labrum tear. His ankle is fine now, and it sounds like the hip is close to 100%. Let’s see how he looks with Russell throwing to him instead of Ponder. All this Minny hate coming his way seems a little over the top. The guy wasn’t happy because he was on a crappy team with a crappy QB. Everything is new for him. Cut the a guy some slack.

  3. Headache fools, he hasn’t had a migraine since 2011. Oh and this team is too good and bad too good of leadership to gave harvin become an “issue”. He’ll get his touches, and the hawks will win most of their games. This is gonna be fun, who are you gonna take away from the hawks?

  4. Please. Percy is a beast but hasn’t caught a pass 5 yards downfield in his career. True, this has to do with Ponder and probably why Harvin forced himself out of Minnesota, but Harvin is no downfield threat. At all.

  5. I have no real love for Harvin after the way he quit on the Vikes. He however is far from fragile. His real ailment was the migraines. That dude plays like a 6′ 225lb tailback with crazy breakaway speed that also has an ability to make spectacular catches.

  6. Percy can do all he wants but it still won’t stop the uprise of the NFC west by the rams. We have been patiently waiting to take this division and now it’s our time. With the amazing Sam Bradford at the helm and Zac Stacy and Darryl Richardson as our running backs we r unstoppable!


  7. Harvin is an incredible talent and the ‘Hawks will be even better for having him there. But it doesn’t matter how good Harvin is, if this offensive line can’t give Wilson some time, he may not be able to find Harvin. Now having said that, let’s not forget that we are tied for the best record in the NFC, we beat up on the 49ers, and we’ve only lost one game. This team does find a way, but we really need to get that offensive line healthier and better.

  8. The reason he didn’t practice was it was a short week. Seattle had four days to prepare for the Thursday Night game. Percy Harvin is going to be a game changer in this offense.

    People following the team have all looked at the Rams game as the one he gets his first action. Like I said before they don’t rush anybody back from injury. Zach Miller should have been good to go for Titans game but they let rookie Willson and Kellen Davis get time. 2 or 3 years ago we didn’t have that kind of amazing depth.

  9. I was sad to see harvin leave Minnesota. He’s a game changer and although Seattle gave up a lot to get him he’s going to make them even better. Forget the injury he’s tough as anyone playing.

    He’s not truly a vertical threat but when farve was his qb in 2009 he caught a few deep tosses. But he can take a 5 yard slant or wr screen from any qb and go to the house.

    And don’t forget 2009 was when Rice had a big year down the field partly because harvin was keeping coverage from rolling to him.

    As a Vikings fan it would be great to have Rice and harvin in Minnesota. Enjoy Seattle.

  10. I remember when some Viking fans were saying thanks for the draft picks!

    We say; no, thank you

  11. Good for Seattle, but will the addition of Harvin enable them to no longer transform from a top 3 team at home to barely a top 10 team on the road?

    Me thinks not. Still not sold on this team, at all. Seahawks fans will viciously hit the dislike button, but until your team proves me wrong, no way am I changing my tune.

  12. Broncos and Seahawks. No one else competes this year. It’s tough to sit through a 5-11 season, but if there’s any silver-lining? It would have been a pointless run that will have ended on a disappointing afternoon in Seattle anyway.

  13. chillyball says: Oct 17, 2013 12:16 PM

    Vikes don’t win another game.


    That’s 4 less than the Packers are going to win the rest of the year. So..? Yay to be you?

  14. Hey rational, they have won 6 of last 8 road games, including one in the playoffs. What do they have to do, win by more points? Also, what teams are consistently racking up impressive road victories?

  15. Rationalthinker82 That comment just proves your not a self thinking rational thinker at all, but instead spewing the garbage you hear from the other people who hsve no clue what they’re talking about.

    The Seahawks are 2-1 on the road this year and the 1 loss came was a down to the wire game against Andrew Luck who was horrible in the first half and absolutely dominant in the 2nd half.

    Going back to last year we’re 6-2 on the road in our last 8 games, with the other loss coming on a last second field goal in ATL.

    Please explain you “rational thinking” as to why the Seahawks haven’t proven anyyhing on the road?

  16. rationalthinker82 says: Oct 17, 2013 1:45 PM

    Good for Seattle, but will the addition of Harvin enable them to no longer transform from a top 3 team at home to barely a top 10 team on the road?

    Me thinks not. Still not sold on this team, at all. Seahawks fans will viciously hit the dislike button, but until your team proves me wrong, no way am I changing my tune.

    Yes, terrible only being a top 3 team at home (not sure being undefeated with the longest home winning streak makes them top 3) and top 10 on the road (despite winning 6 of 8) makes Seattle terrible.

    #1 in NFC


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