Richard Sherman: Patrick Peterson is a way better athlete than me


Two of the best cornerbacks in the NFL will be on the field tonight when the Cardinals take on the Seahawks, but Seattle’s Richard Sherman says that as a pure athlete, he doesn’t even compare to Arizona’s Patrick Peterson.

He’s a way better athlete than I am,” Sherman said. “He moves better and he’s faster. He has so much speed that it allows him to play a little differently than I do. I have to play straight technical football. He gets to play a little looser because he can recover in a flash and get back in a play.”

There may be a bit of boastfulness in Sherman’s contrasting himself with Peterson. Sherman seems to be implying that if Peterson is a way better athlete than Sherman, then Sherman’s “straight technical football” must be much better than Peterson’s.

But whatever their differences as players, they play the position as well as anyone. And because they’re in the same division, the 23-year-old Peterson and the 25-year-old Sherman are going to be on the same field many times for many years to come.

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  1. Thursday nite games are usually low scoring. Add in that both these teams have good defenses too..this should be a hard hitting, low scoring game.


  2. 50% of the corners in the league would look as good as this guy if they could grab and hold the way the refs let him…And had the PEDs he had. Feel bad that Russell Wilson has to be associated with this clown.

  3. There was no “seems to be implying” and anyone who can read understands what he said. He was very clear in his statement and accurate.

    Because Peterson is such a gifted athlete, he can afford to be less technically sound at the position. That’s no slap at Peterson. It’ simply fact. If Sherman was less technically sound and less intelligent at playing the position, he’d be just another guy who talks and can’t back it up.

    As it stands, he may be the best CB in the game – top 3 easily.

  4. I think he’s absolutely right. Peterson is a good technical player but having that athletic ability allows him some freedoms that Sherman can’t take. It’s not a knock at all. It’s the reason Deion Sanders was so good too. It’s also why Peterson & Sanders return kicks & Sherman doesn’t.

  5. Special teams plays aside, is PP REALLY that good of a cover man?

    Whenever I see his highlights, it’s usually special teams plays.

  6. I personally don’t like Sherman at all because of his mouth, but he’s showing week in and week out that he’s the best CB and one of the best overall defensive players in the NFL. If any GM had to pick between the 2 I’m pretty sure every one would take Sherman including the 49ers.

  7. People who talk about themselves the way Sherman does lose favor pretty quickly when they stop producing. Hopefully the guy ages gracefully; it’s all well and good to talk it up when you’re playing like he is now, but he won’t play like this forever.

  8. I think Sherman just tells it like it is and gets ripped for it. Sure it’s annoying sometimes, but at least he’s willing to speak his mind without caring what others think. That’s what a true leader does. I wish my Vikings had a vocal leader on defense.

  9. Sherman didn’t say Peterson wasn’t able to play as technically sound, he said he doesn’t have to. Give the man a break; he’s actually showing some humility for once.

  10. Meanwhile, Aquib Talib has quietely and completely shut down A.J. Green, Jimmy Graham, Julio Jones, and Vincent Jackson. All without having a weekly press conference to announce to the world how great he is.

    Listening, Sherman?

  11. As a receiver up until his second year at Stanford, Sherman knows how receivers work. On many of his picks, he’s simply running the same route in a better position.

    You gotta use the gifts you’re given, whether it’s the athletic ability to get recruited into a top SEC football mill like LSU, or the brain to get into Stanford.

  12. What ever happened to all that hype that Patrick Peterson was going to be a huge offensive weapon for the Cardinals this season?
    Bruce Arians was raving about this guy’s ability at wide receiver in training camp and he has a whopping 2 catches on the year.

  13. Who has more INT’s? Richard Sherman.

    More pass deflections? Richard Sherman.

    Fewer touchdowns allowed? Richard Sherman.

    Whose played more games? Patrick Peterson.

    Peterson consistently gets scored on by the bigger receivers (Megatron got him not just once but twice in their game earlier this year) and how many times did Michael Crabtree just abuse him last year?

    Yea, Sherm gets beat deep occasionally, and by occasionally I mean 3 times a season. I’d rather have the guy who gets more game altering plays (Sherman) than the guy who is living off his draft status and 4 punt return TD’s (Peterson).

  14. He was giving respect. Even when he says the right stuff in the right way, he is slammed by media and fans………enough already.

  15. I didn’t realize talib was so good till this year if revis heals and talib keep playing this good I dont know if Sherman or Peterson are better

  16. Peterson was athletically brilliant fumbling twice last year in the game the Hawks won 58-0. Oh. And Sherm had a pick six in that game too.

    Sherm is being nice here. But keep pinging him for it. It fuels him.

  17. Good to know Sherman didn’t gave away all of his humble pie, saved a piece for himself. Big fan of his skill set though. The Tim Duncan of corners..

    Top 5 (no particular order):

    Sherman, Peterson, Flowers, Revis, Talib

  18. Sherman should look up the word athlete in the dictionary because his definition has nothing to do with the real answer.

  19. If people actually listened to Sherman talk rather than the outside image that is there they would realize he is an intelligent guy and football player with drive to be the best.

    Everything Richard said is true, he gave Peterson his props because the dude is top tier athlete among professionals. Earl Thomas who is in that same category says there isn’t anyone with better technique than Sherm. Throw on top the ball skills from playing WR and that size you get a top 3 CB in NFL.

  20. Hate to say it being a die hard niner fan, the only thing that ticked me off about harbaugh is not drafting sherman. HUGE MISTAKE you coached the man for four years!! its crazy to think of our defense with sherman back there..

  21. Humorous to see names like DeAngelo & Nnamdi in people’s top 5. Clearly, these people are living in the past. I don’t even know if Peterson is quite top 5 yet. He’s still more of a ball hawk than anything else; he’ll get there, but still developing. I’d say Sherman’s #1, followed by Haden. Both guys are shut down corners who can also tackle well.

  22. He’s right. Without press technique and redirecting guys’ routes, using inside and outside technique on routes allows him to shut guys down. Patrick Peterson doesn’t play as tightly, nor does he have to, because of his closing speed. He can bait QBs more. It is what Deion did before QBs eventually stopped throwing to his side even in zone.

  23. Last season against the 49ers, Sherman defensed and controlled Crabtree most of the time in both games. As for Peterson, Crabtree had career days in both games against the Cards.

    Both corners played man coverage against Crabtree when they covered him.

    That clearly tells us that Peterson was NOT the better corner when playing man coverage.

    Not much has changed with regards to talent level between Sherman and Peterson this season.

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