Steve Young thinks Jim Irsay is making life tough for Andrew Luck


In San Francisco, Steve Young had the difficult job of filling Joe Montana’s shoes, just as Andrew Luck has has the difficult job of filling Peyton Manning’s shoes in Indianapolis. And Young thinks Luck’s already difficult job got harder this week, thanks to Colts owner Jim Irsay.

Young said on ESPN that he believes Irsay allowed his desire to get the last word on the decision to cut Manning and draft Luck get in the way of the Colts’ preparation for Sunday’s game against the Broncos, and as a result, Luck is under even more pressure this week.

“Jim Irsay decided to tweak Peyton Manning,” Young said. “They’ve had a long relationship, obviously there’s some acrimony there. You’re going to do it in public the week before he comes back? A real problem. My biggest problem, there’s a lot of problems, but one of the big ones is, you’ve got Andrew Luck. He’s done a phenomenal job taking a team that I thought was a team that was essentially a restart, an expansion team, and taking to a place where they’re actually competitive and doing pretty well. His job is already complex, difficult and hard to do. . . . Don’t make it more complex, don’t make it more difficult for the guy you already have there. If you have a problem with Peyton, work it out off camera. Don’t put it on camera.”

Young said Irsay shouldn’t be doing anything that could serve as a distraction for Luck this week, but that’s exactly what Irsay did.

“You’ve made Andrew’s job — as difficult as it will be to be there this week, have all those people around and everything else — you’ve made his job more complex. It makes no sense to me,” Young said.

Young is far from alone in thinking Irsay’s comments make no sense.

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  1. Oh man, how will Luck overcome obnoxious media types twisting words and making a story out of it? I don’t know he will over come blowhards like skip bayless and mike wilbon…impossible.

  2. Oh come on Steve, get that crap out of here. Expansion team? Please. They tanked in 2011 and ended up with the greatest QB prospect to enter the NFL since Peyton in the last 30 years with their first overall pick.

  3. I see where Young is coming from, but I might have agreed if Luck and Manning played on the same team.

    Also, all of the attention has been centered on Peyton and Irsay’s comments. So there really is no pressure for Luck to win this game. At all.

  4. Jim Irsay is making it tough on just about anyone who reads his comments to keep from laughing their _ _ s off.

  5. Jim Irsay continues the family tradition of being a complete horse’s a$$. He virtually admits that he tanked his team on purpose to draft Andrew Luck (unLucky for poor Andrew). He not only doesn’t think that there is anything wrong with this, he is bragging about it and trying to justify it to the media. Of course, he did not offer any redress for the unlucky season ticket holders who had to pay for their year of misery.

    Doesn’t the NFL kind of frown upon tanking for draft position? If they don’t, then watch out paying fans, your team could be next. I thought the Browns were doing just that this year and if that was their plan, they revealed to the world that they are so inept, they couldn’t even lose when they wanted to.

  6. This story is getting out of control. Let’s regain some perspective and go back to talking about RGIII’s knee brace.

  7. Did it occur to anyone that maybe Irsay and Manning are the only ones that really know what happened? Maybe Manning demanded his full contract paid and encouraged Irsay to draft Luck because he wanted out of town after watching a 2-14 team and thinking he wasn’t going to win a Super Bowl in Indy…luck will do just fine Sunday because ALL the pressure is on #18…if he doesn’t perform then it is THE story…and after watching that Denver Defense I don’t think Luck is too nervous…Irsay, despite his stupid mouth, is a good owner who does a lot of good in the community with charity and Indy people appreciate all he has done

  8. blacknole08 says:
    Oct 17, 2013 6:38 PM

    Also, all of the attention has been centered on Peyton and Irsay’s comments. So there really is no pressure for Luck to win this game. At all.
    Uh, what? The game has some pretty serious playoff implications for Indy. Dropping to 4-3 with Tennessee getting Locker back? Could also factor in to strength schedules later in the year giving that Denver will be a playoff team.

    Then of course there is the root fact that nobody in any line of work wants to be punked. How would you feel if the guy who held your job before you blew back in and showed you up-on national TV no less. With PMs age, this is probably a one time thing due to rotating schedules. To say there is no pressure on Luck is kind of like saying the Pope is Muslim.

  9. A former quarterback crying the blues for another quarterback: What a surprise.
    Unless Luck suits up at linebacker this week, the only part of the team Irsay’s inane comments have placed a burden on is the Colts’ defense, which has to figure out a way to prevent Manning from throwing five or six TD passes…

  10. Hey – at least Wrecks Ryan isn’t his coach.

    Talk about making things tough for a young QB, Wrecks would already have guranteed that Luck would win the Super Bowl by now.


    If Sanchez had played for a coach who actually understood the need to let young QBs develop confidence he might still have a shot at playing.

  11. Mr. Young makes sense, AND he is the voice of experience regarding the handling of a like-experience.

  12. I have grown really tired of these so called experts that feel they have to have their say before the weekly games or we fans won’t have enough sense to understand the game. If everyone of them disappeared we would not lose a thing without having their conceded voice blaring voice or printed word.

  13. kd75 says:
    Oct 17, 2013 8:17 PM
    For $5 million a year, Irsay can make my life as miserable as he wants.
    Yep, that is the part many are overlooking here. Irsay/the Colts are getting a bargain on Luck right now. Another few years though and the team will be exactly where they were with PM cap wise-paying 20% only for a QB as that is the going rate these days.

  14. Irsay just needs to stop talking. Everytime he opens his mouth it’s to explain something else he’s said. That should be a sign, but apparently he’s too thick to figure it out.

  15. Young replaced a great QB. That is where the comparison ends. Manning sat out an entire year before Luck came to Indy as a rookie. Young was a veteran that backed up Montana for 6 years. Initially Young had that huge (at the time) contract of $40 million from the LA Express (USFL). Unless they settled, he still gets $1M/year from that contract that was to be paid over 40 years. He then went to the Bucs for a couple years until they traded him and drafted Testeverde in ’87. He took over in ’93. He is right about Irsay making things harder on his young QB. Those comments were best left unsaid.

  16. Payton is the most overrated QB in the history of the league. He has one Super Bowl win, his brother has more. He is nothing but a choker.

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