Willis McGahee pops up on injury report with knee


Browns running back Willis McGahee, who went from his couch to the top of the depth chart not long after Trent Richardson was traded to Indianapolis, has become one of the few bright spots in the post-Hoyer offense.

McGahee’s availability for Sunday at Lambeau Field against the Packers suddenly is in some doubt.

The veteran tailback, who didn’t appear on the Wednesday injury report, missed practice on Thursday with a knee injury.

McGahee has 164 yards rushing in four games with the Browns, but his per-carry average is at a mere 2.8 yards.

The good news for the Browns is that linebacker Jabaal Sheard, out since Week Three with a knee injury, fully participated in practice each of the last two days.  He has 1.5 sacks in three 2013 appearances.

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  1. I saw him get hurt last year and thought he’d come back as strong as before…but he looks completely different now. sucks…

  2. Isn’t it more important to plant more stories about how bad Brandon Weeden is while ignoring that Cleveland’s #1 and #2 wide receivers are #9 and #13 in the NFL in dropped passes and the O-Line is ranked 30th?!?

  3. O-Line is ranked that poorly cuz ole Rusty holds the ball for 10 seconds. Hard to block that long.

    2.8 ypc………hmm that’s only .2 less than T-Rich.

  4. i feel bad for the browns fans, i hope you all get your qb soon. hoyer looked good in the 2 games he was playing. i hear some packer fans saying rodgers is having a bad year??? what a bad year!!! then i tell then to talk to browns fans they have been suffering for way to long. good luck this week, hopefully we have a good game and both teams hopefully come out without anymore injuries.

  5. You have to hold onto the ball when you have undependable #1 and #2 wr and the others and the running game are sh t.

    TE Jordan Cameron is the only complete bright spot in the receiving corps (450 yards – 5 td – 0 drops).

    That O-Line is sh t.

  6. I hate to say it because I’ve always like McGahee, but there’s a reason this guy was on the street. Eventually the goods just aren’t there anymore.

  7. Yeah… as a Bengals fan… I’m upset the steelers are worse than Cleveland.

    If you don’t want to hear the truth about your team fine.

    Keep cheering for notre dame’s akili quinn and brian hoyer (who played against 30th ranked defense in points, the 23th raked defense in points, and a Cincinnati team that was missing their starting All-Pro corner Leon Hall/starting free safety, and two other second string cornerbacks) while attacking quarterbacks like Tim Couch who never had a chance due to terrible receivers and poor offensive lines but still completed 60% of his passes to crappy to mediocre jokers like kevin johnson, northcutt, chiaverini, patton, shepherd, and quincy morgan).

    Congrats on your win against Cincinnati… but… don’t act like Weeden is the reason for the team’s problems and brian hoyer is the answer.

    The sooner you accept this fact and get angry at management … the sooner the team rebounds…. but as long as the team’s front office has a fan selected fall guy… the team will DO NOTHING to improve the depth and quality of the individual pieces.

    Not to say Weeden is great… but… joe flacco won a Super Bowl (with ray rice and good receiving depth).

    Weeden = 5 td — 6 int — 3 fumbles (3.5 games)

    Flacco = 7 td — 8 int — 4 fumbles (6 games – w/ rice and torrey)

  8. doctorrustbelt says: Oct 17, 2013 6:36 PM

    Yeah… as a Bengals fan… I’m upset the steelers are worse than Cleveland.

    If you don’t want to hear the truth about your team fine.
    The truth is Cleveland still beat you with a 3rd string QB against your 1st string QB. Sure, you had injuries, but so did the Browns…part of the game. Shut up.

  9. Like I said above…. Congratulations on beating the Bengals.

    Only 17 points by the “all powerful” brian hoyer led Cleveland Offense against an embarrassingly thin Bengals secondary.

    A healthy Cleveland Defense > A DECIMATED Cincinnati secondary/anemic offense

    The only reason rankings and injuries were brought up is to educate you on who hoyer faced.

    Brian Hoyer in his CAREER has 7 td and 6 int and only averages 205 yards per game IN THIS MODERN PASS HAPPY NFL.

    If you think 205 yard Brian Hoyer is the answer… you are DELUSIONAL.

    Weeden was averaging 258 yards without Josh Gordon.

    Weeden would have beat “us” worse.

  10. @doctorrustbelt

    How many times has Flacco been sacked compared to Weeden? Weeden has played in 4 out of 6 games and been sacked 16 times. Weeden is the reason why the Browns are losing and Hoyer is why they were winning.

  11. So…. having Torrey Smith and All-Pro Ray Rice doesn’t help Flacco get the ball out earlier?!?

    REMIND ME: What current Cleveland running back has ever had two receiving season totals over 700 yards like All-Pro Ray Rice (RECEIVING)???

    Old ass Dallas Clark has more receiving yards than Cleveland’s #2 wide receiver Davone Bess.

    So… Minnesota and their 26th ranked TEAM Defense is a quality opponent… or… Buffalo and their 25th ranked PASS Defense???

    …. but …. CONGRATS against the depleted, decimated Bengals secondary/anemic offense.

  12. REMIND ME: Is Brandon Weeden the reason the 2013 Cleveland Browns only have 1 rushing touchdown and they ranked 21st in the NFL in RUSH Offense???

    FACT: 30th ranked Offensive Line in the NFL

    1st in NFL in QB hits
    2nd in NFL in QB sacks

  13. I am a life long Browns fan and “doctorrustbelt” is right.

    Weeden needs to run the team. There is NO college QB that will be available next May that is worth a first round draft pick. The O-line is weak and needs depth and we need a RB that averages more than 2.8ypc.

    Cleveland has brutalized QBs since 1999. Let’s have one for more than one season.

  14. With all of the O-line help available this last off-season, especially Guards, Banner & Lombardi decided that the Browns didn’t need any help there.

    Reminds me of Heckert thinking the Browns didn’t need any WR’s, after leading the NFL in dropped passes.

    Genius, I tell you, sheer Genius!

    Meanwhile, I’m stuck watching the results of their genius on Sundays. God must hate us.

  15. Mr. Rustbelt, before Hoyer got hurt he was holding onto the ball for 2.8 seconds, weeden 4.3 seconds. Probably has nothing to do with how many sacks weeden has, oh and Jordan Cameron has gone from a pro bowl tight end to non existent with weeden under center. I’m sure he just ran faster cleaner routes before and has forgotten how to do so…

  16. I could see him wanting to sit out for the Steeler game in a few weeks, seeing how Ryan Clark is still roaming the field, but for the Packers?

  17. dduda….. Hoyer had #1 wr Josh Gordon in all his games…. Weeden had #1 wr Josh Gordon in one of his 1.5 games.

    Not having your #1 wr means you must rely on the other low quality Cleveland receivers who DO NOT GET SEPARATION.

    That (and quality of opponents) increases time for plays to develop.

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