Aqib Talib practices for Patriots on Friday

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The Patriots got the news they were waiting for on tight end Rob Gronkowski’s health and they also got another player back at practice after he missed the rest of the week.

Cornerback Aqib Talib is at practice with the rest of the Pats after being sidelined on Wednesday and Thursday as a result of the hip flexor injury that knocked him out of the Week Six victory over the Saints. Mike Reiss of reports that Talib did not look “ready for action” during the portion of practice that was open to the media.

PFT reported Thursday that Talib was unlikely to play against the Jets this weekend and it’s unclear whether his return to the practice field changes that outlook at all. The Patriots will release their final injury report of the week on Friday afternoon, which could give more of a clue to his status although it seems at least as likely that he’ll be listed as questionable with the ultimate decision still to come this weekend.

Reiss also reports that defensive tackle Tommy Kelly, wide receiver Danny Amendola and running back Leon Washington remained out of practice for the third straight game, making it unlikely than any of the three will play on Sunday.

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  1. Fortunately for the Patrios, no one in the Jets’ side is a immediate threat in the air.
    Talib should rest this weekend

  2. Best CB in football THIS YEAR. Has been flat out ballin’, shutting down V-Jack, Jones, Green, and Graham.

    More importantly, he brings back a swagger to the Patriots defense that has been lacking since the days of Rodney Harrison, Willie McGinest, and Richard Seymour. Losing Mayo and Wilfork are massive blows, but the Pats D was bad the past 2 years WITH those 2 guys. Talib is what changes them and his presence gives them a shot in the playoffs.

  3. Who will step onto the field this week and hold the line for the Patriots? Can Hightower replace the tackling machine known as Mayo. Will the D-line hold steady without Kelly and Wilfork? Dennard and Arrington should be able to replace the play of Talib. This week but the Jets have one of their best shots at beating the Pats due to the situation. Pats win.

  4. It’s amusing reading comments from some Patriot fans criticizing the Jets receiving corps, when in fact the Patriots receivers rank first in dropped passes.

  5. Azarkan: I don’t think you would hear any pats fan argue your point. Pats fans pointing out the jets receivers are a weak unit with lots of injuries doesn’t translate into us bragging that ours are better…even if they are

  6. Talib is the most important Patriots defender this year. And honestly as of now I feel like he’ should be the DPOY. I love Wilfork and Mayo as much as the next Patriots fan but as patriotinvasion pointed out the Patriots defense has been awful for years with those two guys. They can still be an upper echelon unit with Talib erasing number one receivers and tight ends all year.

    Rest Talib this week. Dennard and Mccourty can handle Hill, Kerley, and Cumberland. The Patriots need Talib more next week against Miami who actually has a number one receiver.

  7. I’m not sold on the Jets passing game not being a threat. The Patriots have a bad habit of making rookie quarterbacks look like Joe Montana.

  8. We definitely should pump the brakes on bashing the Jets for a moment because if I do recall correctly, it was a pretty close game last time they played, in Foxborough. To say the Pats won’t need Talib is a stretch, but when you have Tom Brady (and I’m saying this as a Panthers fan), why worry?

  9. Rest him…best to get him to 100% to focus on the games down the road than worry about one meaningless game against the Jets when you have a two game cushion on them…Wilfork and Mayo were two tough losses, but Talib adds an entirely different dimension to this defense and will absolutely be needed for any kind of playoff run, so best not to take any chances with his health

  10. Thank you @gotdressedinabooth
    The first pats fan on here who admits the team has faults. It was a 3 point game I wouldn’t be so confident that you don’t need your best corner. Especially since you will be missing your best DL and LBer for the rest of the year.
    Also it’s insane how many down votes you get if you write anything negative about the pats on here. I’m sure this comment will be the same thing.

  11. 6ball says: Oct 18, 2013 1:37 PM


    Road games vs divisional opponents seldom end in blowouts favoring the away squad.


    See Pats Jets Thanksgiving game last year aka the butt fumble game.

  12. “We definitely should pump the brakes on bashing the Jets for a moment because if I do recall correctly, it was a pretty close game last time they played, in Foxborough.”

    New York scored ten points. I never said it wouldn’t be close I’m just saying that if Talib was going to miss any game all year this is the week where his abscence would hurt the least. Not having Santonio Holmes who has traditionally burned the Patriots also makes not having Talib easier.

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