Carson Palmer: We have a stretch of winnable games coming up

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The Cardinals dropped their second game in five days to the Seahawks on Thursday night, but their quarterback sees brighter days ahead for the 3-4 Cardinals.

Arizona hosts the injury-riddled Falcons next weekend and then host the disappointing Texans after a bye in Week Nine before traveling to Jacksonville for a date with the winless Jaguars. It’s a string of games that Carson Palmer thinks offers the Cardinals a chance to get some momentum going into the second half of the season.

“We have a stretch of very winnable games coming up,” Palmer said, via the Associated Press. “We just had two very difficult division games, two games in four, five days. We have to bounce back. … Sometimes it just takes one. It takes one game to get that roll and confidence and get moving.”

While no one could argue that the schedule shapes up nicely for the Cardinals, but it would be overlooking the obvious to point out that the Cardinals have lost three winnable games already this season. They were up 11 on the Rams heading into the fourth quarter in Week One before losing by three and had plenty of chances against the 49ers and Seahawks in the last two games before things got away from them.

Cutting down on penalties, mental mistakes, offensive line blunders and turnovers (Palmer, who has 13 interceptions after throwing two on Thursday, might want to keep that one in mind) is going to be necessary for the Cardinals to beat those teams and put themselves into any kind of position to challenge for a playoff spot down the stretch.

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  1. Palmer is garbage and he has been for several years. For some reason, teams keep thinking he’s going to magically turn into the 2005 Carson Palmer again before his knee was destroyed. That’s not going to happen. He’s not a winner, he chokes in key situations, and he throws backbreaking interceptions. The Cards would honestly be better off seeing what they have in Drew Stanton.

  2. I agree with Carson. Thought the same thing when looking at the schedule in July and August. Anyone can throw those short passes to Ellington, and Carson did have a few good throws yesterday. However, his long bombs have consistently been falling about 1-5 yards short, and he is not leading the receivers. Have been wondering why this is – he’s obviously got the arm strength and he’s not being hit on many of those bombs, so maybe it’s a timing issue?

  3. And now Card fans can finally understand why Raider fans hated Mr. Pick…now do you understand?

  4. It wouldn’t matter if they had Peyton manning back there. The O-line is a joke and doesn’t give Palmer even 2 seconds to see whats going to develop. Cards should get mike Vick. He can escape the pocket and make plays… When he’s healthy..

  5. I’m sure in real life this guy is a nice guy (he seems really good with his kids), but something about him as an NFL QB just seems a tad disingenuous. How can you trust this guy to QB your team? It seems like a dandelion quill will blow by his face and he’ll just declare that he’s done with your team.

  6. Whoa! Carson just went there !. I havent heard an NFL qb belittle opponents that he hasn’t even played yet. He has balls , I will say that. He ll have more losses to , especially after that bulletin board gift.

  7. I thought the saying was any given sunday? Is Carson admitting that for his team, it’s only certain Sundays that they have a chance to win?

  8. Sure, Palmer. Those games are winnable, but only if your offensive line grows some brains to handle those elementary stunts the Seahawks used to blow by your linemen, or if your linemen learn how to perform elementary pass blocking, or if your receivers can suddenly start running the correct routes or read when they become the “Hot” receiver, or even catch the ball when you throw to them.

    Oh, and how about not passing too soon as you did last night when you tried to force a pass into the endzone to the running back before Housler broke free and uncovered when running the correct route?

    These next games are winnable, but only if you can pass to the correct target, your linemen learn how to block, your receivers learn how to run their routes and catch, and your head coach learns how to call offensive plays without being too predictable, as he has proven himself to be.

  9. Since the knee injury Carson hasn’t been the Same however he’s a lot better than some of these other qbs out there not named manning, flacco, brees, etc and I agree if the QB has a good offensive line he can do more. Hope cards improve

  10. Sometimes it’s better just to say nothing. Actually, Palmer has been very durable as a scapegoat for all the boneheaded playcalling by Arians and for that he should get some credit! This team was put together with a bunch of standins and to be 3-4 is actually pretty amazing! Indianapolis “Sucked for Luck” and it’s possible that’s what the braintrust is planning in Arizona.

  11. The “idea” of Carson Palmer has always been better than the “reality”. That’s why teams buy into this pick-six magnet, the “idea” and hope. He has always been good at deflecting blame and improving his self worth, kinda reminds of a very former USC coach.

  12. It bears noting, if some loser didn’t valdalize Palmer’s yard (or whatever happened there a few years ago) Palmer might likely not have gotten so disgruntled in Cincy and would potentially still be slinging Pick-6’s for Cincinnati today… Scary thought!

    Nothing against Palmer as a human being, I’m just glad he’s not our QB anymore for whatever the reason may be.

  13. Down by 18 in the 4th quarter against the Seahawks, the Cards faced a 4th-and-goal from the Seahawks 4-yard line.

    They kicked a field goal.

    Apparently Bruce Arians felt the team had a better chance of scoring touchdowns with the Cards defense on the field.

  14. The best way to win some games is to get a QB that can throw a catchable pass. Palmer isn’t the one.

  15. Hogwash…Arizona was thoroughly beaten up by Seattle. Arizona didn’t stand a chance unless wilson fumbled two more times inside Arizona’s red zone. Give me a break! 30 yards rushing won’t win you any games and neither will under 200 yards passing until garbage defense time. Seattle would have to beat themselves, not Arizona beating Seattle. What game did you watch?

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