Falcons without Roddy White and Steven Jackson this week

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There’s a good reason the Falcons aren’t interested in trading Tony Gonzalez — because Matt Ryan has to have someone to throw the ball to.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, the Falcons will be without both wide receiver Roddy White and running back Steven Jackson this week against the Buccaneers. Coupled with the season-ending foot injury suffered by Julio Jones, it gives the Falcons a severe lack of skill-position options.

That’s going to make a matchup between the 1-4 Falcons and the 0-5 Bucs look like the fourth quarter of a preseason game, and make it hard for the Falcons to score enough points to make up for the points they can’t stop others from scoring.

The team has since confirmed the news, and also ruled out left tackle Sam Baker and Chase Coffman.

11 responses to “Falcons without Roddy White and Steven Jackson this week

  1. Why do i have the strong feeling that Schiano will STILL find a way to lose this (on paper) very winable game?



  2. Why do we keep bringing up the trading of Tony Gonzalez. Has anyone asked Tony his thoughts? I wouldn’t want to be traded to some team for the last few games, for a chance at a ring I did not earn. Sure it’s a Superbowl chance, but an empty one. Tony has more integrity than that. He is a class act, and will go out however HIS team ends up. Enough with this pity trade and pity chance at a championship. Just wouldn’t mean much.

  3. All you Saints fans will be crawling back under rocks soon enough. This mean you cajuntigerman01. You forget all those years your Saints sucked worse than any team in the league? ONE championship in your history doesn’t make up for those decades of being bottom feeders. Learn some class, and humble yourselves. What comes around , goes around.

  4. As opposed to the illustrious history of the Falcons, harrycanyon? That other dude didn’t even say anything about the Saints or Super Bowls… It’s his right to root for the Bucs who have 0 wins to put a nail in the Falcons’ coffin. Sorry that hurts your feelings?

  5. As for “what goes around comes around” – is that why the Falcons are having such a terrible season? Did y’all do something to make karma come around on you? Just wondering.

  6. I’m a Bucs Fan… trust me Falcons win. Talent hasn’t been beating us all year long. We have been beating ourselves. The only way we win is if we scrimmage ourselves at this point. Knowing us though we’d probably end the game in a Tie because both sides would be doing their best to let the other side win.

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