Irsay remains quiet, except for a Pearl Jam quote


The man who communicates in either 140-character tweets or five-plus-minute filibusters has been largely quiet since Wednesday.

But when a Thursday night NFL Network halftime report on the controversy Colts owner Jim Irsay sparked this week regarding former Indy quarterback Peyton Manning suggested that Irsay hasn’t said anything of late, I pulled up his Twitter page out of curiosity.

Here’s what Irsay tweeted early Thursday evening: “Nothing’s changed, but the surrounding bullshit…that has grown!”

The line comes from the Pearl Jam song Off He Goes Given the full lyrics, it seems like a fitting reference to the return of Manning to Indianapolis.

Still, the tweet comes off as yet another effort to deflect blame for the mess that was created when Irsay opted to channel Fall Out Boy and say “thanks for the memories . . . even though they weren’t so great.”