Jerry Jones says Thursday doubleheaders being discussed


The owners of the NFL’s 32 teams just got together last week to talk a little business (and probably cackle behind closed doors at all the money they’re making).

You’d think that given the short time since then, it would be easier to have a unified message.

Shortly after the league denied a report that it was considering a doubleheader of Thursday games, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Journal that the league is thinking about a Thursday night doubleheader.

The league’s PR office repeated its denial of the initial report to Kaplan, but it’s hard to imagine Jones is just making things up, given the detail he was willing to discuss (including the fact it can be done within existing TV contracts, along with suggesting the NFLPA can’t fight the switch).

We anxiously await the inevitable wave of clarifications, after Jones and the corporation he exists within get together for a chat.

76 responses to “Jerry Jones says Thursday doubleheaders being discussed

  1. I’d prefer they got rid of Thursday Night Football. Seems like they want to go the other way and add games. Bad idea in my mind.

  2. At every turn the nfl is taking steps to make more money. But yet they want us to believe that they would never try to control the outcome of games, through officiating, in order to increase profits? Yeah, right.

  3. Maybe this will make the east coast games earlier so I can watch the second half. 8:30 is a little late to start a football game on a week night. Were already expected to stay up Monday night’s. I need sleep doggonit.

  4. This guy is worse then the Glazer Family kids! We don’t want games on Thursday. We don’t want a longer season. We don’t want to pay full price for pre-season. We don’t want a team in London. We want our games on Sunday and in USA!

  5. Wow! Polls show that the majority don’t really care much about the Thurs games, or about games or a team in London.
    So what does the NFL want to do? More Thurs games and more games or a team in London!
    Nice management model. I suppose this is the Wash DC model – give people exactly the opposite of what they want.

  6. Thursday games suck, it leaves you very little time to research fantasy players and get the on your roster!!! Not to mention sunday morning injury reports throw your thursday players off

  7. Afternoon rush hour will really be enjoyable with the added 80,000 football fans! Sunday games are enough for me! The Thursday NFL Network games have to be low on ratings compared to Sunday.

  8. Don’t like the idea being I am “assuming” the second game will come on around 11:30 and us fan’s on the east coast will not be able to stay up to watch it

  9. It is amazing how these guys live in their own little world, completely oblivious to what the fans and players think about this issue. These guys have done a great job of generating revenue over the years but they are at a saturation point and these ideas for making a few more dollars are hurting the game itself. It is still great but not as great as it used to be and the decline is visible on the on-field product. Just stop the gimmicks please.

  10. funny how the NFL preaches safety yet they want more games on Thursday gives teams who already played Sunday very little rest and recovery time and then wants to add 2 more regular season games.I guess the 20 billion they already make isn’t nearly enough.Im waiting for them to add a 5th quarter and to allow QBS to play in a bubble shield.

  11. oh man, i can’t wait to not watch those games that start after midnight on the east coast when i gotta work in the morning

  12. I fail to see why this is so complicated: Why not just have every team play the Thursday after their bye-week. Put the regional coverage on NFL Network and sell the rights to broadcast the out of market games (all games at the same time) to NBC or Fox or whoever.

    That way, every team plays one Thursday game – it comes after their bye week so players get the extra rest on both sides (the bye week, then from thurs-the following Sunday). No over-saturation since everyone wants to see their team after a bye week…seems pretty straightforward.

  13. Jerry has traditionally been pretty aggressive in looking for additional money streams. This may be his way of pushing an issue that he feels is not getting the traction he would like.

  14. Thursday night football sucks, the games are almost always sloppy and boring, as the teams have not had enough time to recover and prepare. They should be getting rid of it, not expanding it.

  15. I read online that there was an online poll about this (possibly at asking fans opinions about Thursday night, expand to 2, keep at 1, or get rid of them, and the results were overwhelmingly in favor of nixing them all together. I say they have a niche. Opening night, Thanksgiving, other holdiays/special occasions. Like 3 or 4 weeks per season.

  16. Haven’t you figured out by now that Jerry could not care any less about what the league thinks about what Jerry says?

  17. greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

    these billionaires clearly don’t understand supply and demand

  18. I love football, but last thing I need are 2 games on a Thursday. I already dedicate all of Sunday, Part of Monday and Thursday to it. Need some free time to do other things too.

  19. Of course they’re thinking about doubleheaders on Thursday nights. It’s all part of the plan to eventually force fans to pay $50 or more to watch each game on the schedule in their man cave. The days of free football on TV are slowly but surely coming to an end.

  20. If the NFL could pull it off, they would even have the same teams play twice on Thursday. They would say that it is safer because only two teams would have to travel, which can be dangerous. They also would point to the fact that it cuts down on pollution due to transportation reduction.

  21. Bazillions of $ plus a phenomenal product for the fans vs
    Bazillions of $ plus every remaining last nickel from a loyal, economically depressed fan base and to heck with the product

    Yup, I trust these guys.

  22. The answer to Thursday night crappy football is giving every team an extra bye week that takes place before their Thursday nighter. That would give every team a week and a half before their Thursday night game and a week and a half after their Thursday night game, eliminating the sluggishness and injury risk that comes with playing 2 games in 5 days.

  23. “Wait- what if we do two Thursday night games… and the winners face each other on FRIDAY night… in LONDON!!! I’m a GENIUS!”

  24. The worst part about TNF is how NFL Network has a countdown ticker at the top of the screen. You get all excited that the game is about to start and then BAM! A “pre-kick” show starts for another half hour. Just start the darn games at 8!

  25. Even more of reason NFL ticket on DirecTv isn’t worth it unless you get it at a discount.

  26. why don’t they do friday night or saturday night? I never get why they chose thurs night football in the first place.

  27. While we’re on the subject of stupidity……how about???


  28. So sick of the people talking about thursday football sucks…No It doesnt its the Network Commentating that makes it suck other than some of the games they choose to play suck like cleveland vs jags on a thursday sucks if they had more games being played that they were good games people wouldnt be complaining, and i agree with TigerPork why not friday or saturday to give the teams a extra day to prepare if its about giving us more football then i say give the teams lil more time as well so the best option to play mores games would be saturday games!!!!

  29. This wouldn’t be the first time Jerry has used this tactic to forward his own agenda. This is the guy who routinely calls out Mike Brown for not selling the naming rights to to Paul Brown Stadium.

    So, it’s not a stretch to imagine they discussed it, there was a split in the room and SHOCK AND SURPRISE, Jerry Jones comes down on the side of squeezing the goose to see if it’ll lay a few more golden eggs. So, what does Jerry do to force the issue on other owners who oppose the idea?

    He blabs about it. This is standard operating procedure for this guy. The next move is a clarification interview. He’ll say he didn’t express himself well and will “clarify” his position.

    And within a few years, we’ll have double-header Thursdays.

    Bottom line, Jerry doesn’t care about the hardcore fan. If you had any doubt, remember this is a guy who sold Superbowl tickets to seats that didn’t exist. All Jerry cares about is squeezing every cent out he can. And then once his tactics drive fans away, he’ll unload his investment and look for the next business to exploit.

  30. @darconessmonsta:

    Not sure which Thursday night broadcast you are watching, but mike Mayock is one of the best and most insightful color commentators in sports, and Brad Nessler while no Al Michaels, isn’t half bad either. The problem IS with the day of the week on which it is played.

  31. TNF does NOT work now and to double-down on something that is failing is dumb. This can be easily fixed and it NEES fixing.

    Start TNF the first Thursday after bye weeks begin. Only teams coming off of the buy can play on TNF. This will ensure that the teams playing are rested and ready to go and not drained and ready to under perform. You can argue that the teams playing on the Thursday after the bye get an advantage the next week but you have to find a way to get this competitive and entertaining. This will work. You can begin week 4 thru 14. If the NFL wants TNF every week than all they want is $$$$.

    In CHIP we TRUST!!!

  32. Hey Roger. maybe you should make it a true doubleheader and make both teams play two gameseach game day, then you can charge the fans double and have 32 game seasons!!!!!

  33. Horrible, simply horrible, idea. The fact that TNF runs the whole season is bad enough when it should go back to being played beginning in the latter half of the season. But it’s clear the overall quality of play is just horrible. Going from a single to doubleheader TNF venue with the threat of a 18 game season is just too much. I see a NFL strike coming soon if that’s the case.

  34. 700levelvet says:
    Oct 18, 2013 9:32 AM
    As long as its not his mediocre franchise playing…

    Mediocre on the field – no argument whatsoever, especially since Jimmy’s talent retired…

    Mediocre in value and profitability – not true as Jerruh owns arguably the most valuable and profitable NFL franchise. Check Forbe’s Web site.

    He cares more about the money than he does the wins because he continues to get the former in the absence of the latter.

  35. Couple things. If the NFL does this then that lessens the change I will keep my NFL Direct Ticket. I am against the NFL doing this. I think they need to have a new approach to Thursday Night games that includes teams coming off bye’s. That way you get teams who are refreshed. I am even open to the idea of a Friday Night game. Saturday already belongs to College Football but perhaps the NFL can intrude on that availability when the college season ends by including more Saturday Night games. There are many ways for the NFL to get paid without jeopardizing player health.

  36. I was going to say, why not 60 million americans are on the dole now just sitting home playing X box and living the good life, welfare, EBT cards, free lunches for da kids, free winter coats, toys for tots and now free health insurance.

    Hell, get them some beer they can stay up all night watching football, no Friday work for them.

  37. What they need to do is a double header on Saturdays after the 1st weekend in December once the SEC, ACC, Big Ten, etc. championships are played. Start one at 4pm est and the other at 8pm just like Wild Card Weekend Saturday games. This would be huge.

  38. Can’t figure out how a league that’s so big on player safety is now constantly forcing teams to play on a short week..

    Oh yeah.. Greed..

  39. I like the idea of TNF, but here are the reasons why I never watch it:

    1) It is on the NFL Network, which I have tried to add piecemeal to my cable plan, but I can’t do that. They want to charge me $30 extra a month as part of a package with channels that I will never watch (The Biography Channel 2 shows biographies on people like Amerigo Vespucci (who is obviously cool and important… but come on.) Hmmm… I think that’s pretty much it.

    Here’s an idea, owners: use your muscle to convince the cable companies to allow subscribers to add NFL Network piecemeal for a few bucks a month. Or, just show the TNF game(s) on broadcast so people don’t need to pay $300+ dollars a year to watch 16 extra games of football.

    NFL owners’ response: “We understand your concerns, but when it comes to logistics *short circuiting noise* MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY TAXPAYER STADIUM FUNDS $75 PARKING $12 BEER $300 SEATS MONEY MONEY MONEY

  40. Wow! Polls show that the majority don’t really care much about the Thurs games, or about games or a team in London.
    So what does the NFL want to do? More Thurs games and more games or a team in London!
    Nice management model. I suppose this is the Wash DC model – give people exactly the opposite of what they want.

    It’s actually called the “TV Revenue” model.
    Every time RG1 speaks add the words “because if we do this we will get more TV and more money” after it.
    We want a team in London_____
    We want 18 week season_______
    We want 2 games for Thursday night_____

  41. howiefeltersnatch says: Oct 18, 2013 9:28 AM

    That’s lame if you want to add a game make it Saturday night

    NFL games cannot be played on Fri or Sat, until late in the season…. b/c they have a deal that they won’t put on games when college and high school football is on… hence why they went to Thursday night games.

  42. So, what times do they plan on having these games? If they do it too late, East Coast viewers can’t watch it due to needing to go to work on Friday. If they do it too early, most of the West Coast is still at work and will miss the game. Ridiculous.

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