Lions’ Raiola calls scrutiny on Suh “ridiculous”


Lions center Dominic Raiola came under some scrutiny recently, but what really has Raiola angry is the scrutiny on his teammate, Ndamukong Suh.

Raiola sounded off on the NFL’s decision to review Suh’s hit on Cleveland’s Brandon Weeden, saying Suh did nothing wrong on the play and he doesn’t know why the NFL would crack down so hard.

It’s ridiculous,’’ Raiola said. “The guy is violent, football is a violent game. I don’t think you can ever make hitting somebody soft. It’s ridiculous. I’ve got nothing more to say about it. I saw the play on the sideline, it’s not on purpose, it’s ridiculous.’’

Raiola’s comments came after the NFL confirmed it would review Suh’s hit, but before the NFL fined Suh.

According to the NFL, Suh was fined for lowering his helmet into Weeden’s body after Weeden threw a pass. But Suh seemed to be aiming for Weeden’s midsection — which is where defensive players are told to aim — and the referee was in good position to see the hit and didn’t throw a flag. It’s not surprising that Suh’s teammates don’t agree with the NFL ‘s scrutiny on Suh for this one.

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  1. I didn’t see the hit until after he was fined. When I heard he was fined my initial thoughts were that he’s being a dirty birdy again. But when I saw the hit, I couldn’t believe he was fined. That has to be the worst fine I’ve seen in a while.

  2. Next they’ll be fining Suh for an “equipment violation” for wearing is uniform.

    The NFL won’t be happy until Suh sends polite notes to the opposition requesting them to stop their forward progress and take a knee.

    Suh has had his moments of bad judgement and poor sportsmanship. But fining him for hitting a player exactly where he’s supposed to? Absurd.

    How about the defense wears paint on their shoulder pads and the offense where’s tear-away white sections on their jerseys. The refs can then judge if the player was hit in the ‘safe zone’. We can wait a minute or three between plays for each guy on the defense to get his shoulder pads touched up.

  3. The flag didn’t even draw a flag. That should tell you how ridiculous it is that Suh got fined. It’s sad that the NFL continues their witch hunt against him.

  4. The play didn’t even draw a flag. That should tell you how ridiculous it is that Suh got fined. It’s sad that the NFL continues their witch hunt against him.

  5. Glad you finally got on-board, MDS! Now run like the wind with this! Draw the comparison between this hit being fined and Groves not being fined. Show the masses the ridiculousness of the earlier fines for tackling somebody by the hair and that hit on Cutler. It’s time all the fans get to see this crap for what it is.

  6. Since when is using someone’s reputation an ok reason for discipline? Sure Suh has deserved fines in the last, but that doesn’t mean every hit he makes in the future fineable. Fines should be considered on the play in question and have nothing to do with past actions.

  7. Hes right..its a weak fine and his “reputation” should not warrant this, that being said glad hes a lion and hes having another pro bowl year so eat it haters.

  8. Suh’s reputation, which is three personals at max, isn’t why at all. A suit is attempting to justify his job because if “Suh’s reputation is why” it sure as hell doesn’t explain the other players being fined on non penalized, non rule breaking hits.

  9. Generally speaking, Dominic shouldn’t be. He usually doesn’t mix thinking and talking and usually speaks Neanderthal. HOWEVER, there doesn’t seem to be a rule violation here. In fast or slow mo, it doesn’t look like Suh did anything wrong and this seems to be the rare instance where both Suh and Raiola are in the right.

  10. I actually shocked because it almost seems like you are defending Suh on this. It’s the opposite of what I normally read.

    I actually think its the NFL’s fine police that has a problem with No 90 as they call him.

  11. I get that Suh has created his own microcosmic situation… not undeserved at all…

    But this one… is IS CRAP… C’Mon Man!


  12. He said that about the nfl reviewing it, prior to a decision on a fine….but hey, dont let facts get in the way…

  13. Yet another ticky-tack fine for Suh. If you look back thru some of his older fines, you’ll see even more. Ex: Matt Ryan fine where Suh’s gloves stuck to the side of Matt’s helmet, pulling his head. Suh didn’t actually grab anything.

  14. It’s because he is BLACK!!!! Take a close look at the way white people play and no fines, but every black guy gets fined. That said I am white.

    Suh needs to sue the league for discrimination!!!

  15. Is Suh’s reputation justly earned or created however. The NFL itself called him “Evil” vs “Good”(Tebbow).

    Every good movie needs a villain. I look forward to Suh playing that role for sometime. I’m a fan.

    Detroit. First place. Come take it.

  16. He is right…….Watch the play. It was a football play, plain and simple. Nothing illegal about it.

  17. um, didn’t the nfl pass a rule you couldn’t lead with helmet in tackling qb anywhere? dumb rule, but I believe it was made a rule a couple years ago. Ngata of the Ravens got a flag for hitting a qb in the midsection leading with his helmet 2 years ago

  18. Suh must have banged Goodel’s wife or something. This league is a joke. It’s football, the point of the game is to tackle the guy with the ball, except you’re not allowed to tackle them anymore.

  19. Raiola, an OL, would be singing a different tune if he were playing for a team that required him to face Suh twice a year. And he’d probably be singing it from the IR.

  20. so the lions and their fans expect people to feel sorry for this dirtbag? he has spent his entire career how ever brief breaking the rules and being the dirtiest player he can be, you reap what you sow and he has earned every penalty and fine he has gotten or will get. he does not deserve nor should he get the benefit of any doubt.

  21. The NFL is getting out of hand. I think they do it to play into their story line of Suh being a big bad menace so people will watch to see what he “does next.” Call me cynical.

  22. I hate Suh and he takes has given a fair share of cheap shots but my god, Shame on you NFL. You have successfully fined a player based on reputation rather than the play itself. If the player making a legal football play didn’t have SUh on his jersey is it still a fine?

  23. Reputation understood but with no flag and you need to take into understanding that they’re being told to stay away from head so he lowered his head. This is just gonna be a reoccurring thing for Suh because of the microscope he put himself under on that Thanksgiving afternoon!

  24. Everyone knows this Suh fine is ridiculous. It’s clearly targeting which is unacceptable and irresponsible for a professional sports league. Something like this has absolutely no business in the NFL or any other pro sports league.

  25. Suh has had some mis-steps (pun intended – see foot stomp versus Green Bay) — and I’m all for Suh being forced to accept responsibility for the after-the-whistle, dirty and/or cheap stuff – but the Weeden hit should not have been fined a dime. That was clean.

    If they’re judging on the merits, I also don’t think Suh should have been fined for the Cutler play either.

    Reputation does not turn a clean play – into a dirty hit. Either it broke the rules or it didn’t – and the Weeden play was clean.

  26. Fair point. Too bad he lost all his credibility when he started to yell at some collegekids almost half his age…

  27. tokyosandblaster says:
    Oct 18, 2013 9:28 PM
    This from a fat guy who calls other people fat.

    Come to think of it… Is he from Minnesota?

    I’m confused. Lets dig deeper… Minneapolis, which Playboy has voted has the hottest women in America, one of the healthiest cities in the country, chalk full of Fortune 500 companies vs. Milwaukee. One of the highest crime rates in America, a cesspool of obese humanity, and chalk full of trolls like you.

    I know that the education system of the drunken hooligans is terrible (see full body armor police protection on the street corners after dark at Madison to try to hamper the rape/violent crime capital of college campuses), but non stop defenseless criticisms of your superiors to the North is getting old. As they say, “get a job grouch.”

  28. Suh is the dirtiest, most violent, dangerous player in the NFL, why doesn’t the Commissioner ban him?

  29. I’m a Browns fan and seen the play and I’m surprised he got fined. Should not have been fined…

  30. Mr. Merton Hanks to Suh”hey big fella,did I get your attention yet?you will soon enough and thanks for your donation to my favorite charity”

  31. Raiola should be fined for speaking. Oh wait that’s right he was fined in Green Bay for insulting the band. Real big man this guy seems to be, picking on band members. Detroit should be soooo proud of the team they have assembled.

  32. You know what is ridiculous? The”leader” of the offensive line, a day after getting angry in the media for having the”undisciplined”label attached to his team getting into a fight with the opposing players coming out of the tunnel before the game even starts.


  33. Does the NFL even watch the tape before in decides on fines? It seem like Stephen Peterman was fined for a couple of phantom chop blocks about 3 years back. After the league watched the tape because of an appeal and saw that it was just another couple of bad calls, they rescinded the fine. However, it was telling that the fine even took place at all for something that didn’t happen.

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