Malcolm Jenkins, Brandon Spikes draw fines from league


The Saints and Patriots played right down to the wire last Sunday that featured plenty of excitement on the way to a 30-27 Patriots win.

It also featured a couple of fines for players who violated league edicts. Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins was fined $15,750 for a hit to the head of Patriots wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins. The hit came in the third quarter of the game on a second-and-six pass that Thompkins couldn’t reel in after taking the blow from Jenkins. The ensuing penalty handed the Patriots 15 yards they used to move into position for a field goal that snapped a 17-17 tie.

Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes was also fined by the league, although it was for what he wore on the field as opposed to what he did on it. Spikes was fined $10,500 for wearing red shoes that violated the league’ uniform policy.

That’s two straight weeks with fines for wearing red shoes for Spikes that total $18,375. Given that commitment to wearing red shoes, Elvis Costello might want to dedicate this number to Spikes at his next concert.

13 responses to “Malcolm Jenkins, Brandon Spikes draw fines from league

  1. Thomkins wasn’t hold the ball on top of his head, so either he went for the ball or he went for the head, it can’t be both. Even if it wasn’t your intention you can’t drill a defenseless receiver in the head, thems the rules.

  2. The NFL should fine the Refs for not calling a hold on Junior Gallette on the last play. Saints got bad calls the whole game and the Pats fans even know it.

  3. I didn’t realize Saints fans were such crybabies.

    Yeah well Saint’s fans didn’t cry as hard as Amendola and Talib when they got beat up and had to leave the game. Amendola was in a stupor after he got checked .He was walking on the sideline like a zombie….

  4. Several bad calls at half time defense jumped, holding at the end but we still gave them the game. But we will see who is left standing at the end

  5. I don’t like the Saints, and even I thought that was a horrible call. The receiver caught the ball and turned upfield, then was met by a legal crushing blow by Jenkins. I thought he played the receiver perfectly and am astounded he got a fine. I hope he appeals it, because it was unwarranted. There was no hit to the head. A vicious hit, but exactly what you need to jar the ball loose without stepping over the line. Good hit Jenkins, perfect timing. The league should be ashamed.

  6. I agree with 4thqtrsaint says;
    Pats won fair and square.
    What he/she forgot to add was; the saints threw the game in those last couple of minutes.
    The way they played they might as well have not gone on the field.
    The ref failing to call the hold on Gallette may have saved the day but hopefully it will send a message to Sean Payton not to rely on a slender lead and the referees get everything right.
    Whatever happens, with Vilma on his way back the defence can only get stronger.

  7. That hit wasn’t even planned. He was right there beside him when he caught the ball. He did not even have a chance to plan a hit or move. He turned sideways and Thompkins ran into him. There is nothing he could have done to avoid the contact. It wasn’t even to the head. That penalty should never have been called.

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