Now Griffin says he doesn’t try to draw penalties

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Well, at least Colts owner Jim Irsay isn’t the only guy whose words have been unfairly manipulated this week by the inherently awful and corrupt sports media.

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III believes that his comments about trying to bait defenders into penalties for sideline hits were misconstrued.

“Some people think I’m aiming to draw penalties and that’s not what I said,” Griffin told, which sort of makes it a press release.  “I was asked about the hits on the sideline and the guys not being afraid to take the 15 yards for unnecessary roughness.

“I told them that against the Cowboys, I was just trying to run out of bounds and some guy hit me.  Some guys will take that, some guys don’t really care.  It’s just up in the air.

“Some guys will take the penalty and some won’t take the penalty.  You’ve got to use the sideline as your friend.  I’m not using the sideline to try and get penalties.”

But here’s what Griffin said on Wednesday, with emphasis added:  “I think I was trying to draw the penalty on [Lions defensive back] Rashean [Mathis] there and he’s a smart player.  He didn’t hit me. Good for him, move on from that. . . .  With Rashean, I kind of stopped well inside inbounds to try to get him to hit me and he didn’t.  He said, ‘I’m not taking that penalty, Griff,’ and I said, ‘I got you, man.'”

Those words were recorded and transcribed by the Redskins.

So how were Griffin’s comments misconstrued?  He said what he said.  (The next argument from some in the media likely will be that his comments were “taken out of context.”)

Why can’t people own their statements?  Though it’s not bright to trade an extra hit (which could cause an injury for 15 yards) and it’s clearly unwise to alert game officials to the practice, he said what he said.  Saying something different now doesn’t change that.

Maybe he misspoke, and that’s fine if he did.  But claiming that he misspoke would require an admission that he said he tried to bait Mathis into a penalty.  Blaming the media for “misconstruing” something that wasn’t misconstrued permits the team and the player to sell with straight faces the notion that he never even said it.

94 responses to “Now Griffin says he doesn’t try to draw penalties

  1. Amazingly, I have less respect for him now than the zero respect I had for him before this. How’s that work?

  2. Griffin needs to step away from the media, and practice a little more. He seems to have bought into his own hype, and isn’t really trying as hard as he could IN games. Really tired of listening to him. He doesn’t help himself with some of the things said.

  3. Nobody does as many verbal gymnastics as Griffin. Eventually he will learn, “Less is more.”

  4. The poor guy has a press conference every five minutes. Mistakes happen to even the biggest of egomaniacs.

  5. It’s smart to play using the penalties to your advantage, but don’t come out crying about how you didn’t say it when you clearly did.. Be a man and own up to your comments

  6. He did not bite his tongue on that (and I love the guy, and as a division rival fan, I still love watching him play ball). He’s a soft, coddled and profitable money pit who happens to be in the new regime of media-friendly quarterbacks. I’ve seen him walk the tight rope while smart, educated, veteran defenders pull back their horns and protect their paychecks way too many times this year. Fact, not opinion.

  7. Way to early to call this guy a bust, but the majority of non skins fans are saying he’s a fraud.

  8. Why don’t we make Logicalvoice stop a few feet inbounds and see if the readers of PFT would be willing to take the penalty?

  9. Anyone watching RG3 last year already knew that baiting teams into taking the penalty as he skirted the sidelines was apart of his game plan. Its also stupid and exposed him to unnecessary hits; in particular the hit that gave him the initial knee injury.

  10. I first noticed that RG3 was a few union soldiers short of a teepee burning when he vaguely ranted this summer about “the tyranny of political correctness”. Just gotta remember that he’s a 23 year old jock and not a rocket surgeon.

  11. He changed his tune because like you mentioned in the article, his coaches probably told him how stupid it was for him to make those comments because now officials will be alert to him baiting and tempting a defensive player as he runs along the sideline and won’t be giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    What I don’t like about the rule is RG3 said that sometimes if he thinks the guy won’t hit him, he will try to turn it up field and try to gain some extra yards. So that puts defensive players in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario.

    Either you lay up on a QB as he’s running towards the sideline, and risk the possibility that he turns it upfield on you as you are pulling up. Or you go for the hit right at the sideline to eliminate the possibility of him turning up the field on you, while you get a 15 yrd flag thrown on you.

    I think if it’s a really close call where the QB is hit right as he’s stepping out there should be no flag. But if he clearly has like 2 feet out of bounds and gets hit, then that should be a penalty…

  12. On snap, that richndc is CRAZY y’all, dropping hard truth like the Germans on Holland in WWII!!! Bam!!

  13. Don’t disrespect Robert Griffin III.

    How dare you question RG3; if he tries to draw penalties or if he doesn’t try to draw penalties it doesn’t matter because what Robert Griffin III says is the truth and it is good.


  14. Not that I care for the Cowboys either way, but really wish they would’ve beaten the Redskins in week 17 last year so that Griffin didn’t get the overhype that he’s gotten for taking an average team to the playoffs only to get blown out.

    Shanahan must be loving this, with Griffin taking the criticism usually reserved for him and his son.

  15. This is what the league has come to now, thanks to Sherriff Goodell. It’s getting so ridiculous. What a shame.

  16. Doesn’t matter how he spins it now…He knows he’s facing the Bears this Sunday. If they contain him in the pocket and force him to, you know, actually throw the ball, the ‘Skins will be 1-6 come Monday.

  17. RG3 is a player that’s really starting to annoy me. I can know see why Luck was chosen ahead of him.

  18. Shame he is going to have such a short career. Too bad we can’t say the same of Shanny and Shanny Jr., two of the must insufferable a++joles in the NFL coaching community.

  19. “…have been unfairly manipulated this week by the inherently awful and corrupt sports media.”

    I know you’re being sarcastic here but there are plenty of instances where that is exactly what happened.

    Although in this case I agree with you…dammit.

  20. I knew that at least one of the rookie QBs from last year would come back to Earth soon. If Robert (no more rgIII until he returns to form) was getting married this offseason instead of last offseason I wonder how many free gifts the fans would be giving him now

  21. They build you up, just to knock you down. In his case, he’s helped them every step of the way, by buying into his own hype.

    This kid is too stupid to realize he doesn’t know jack. Too smart to shut up. Too smart to take friendly advice from those offering help, like McNabb. Too damn smart for his own good.

    Now I laugh every time I see him about to speak because I know it’s gonna be entertainingly funny. RG3 is now a punchline.

  22. Too bad for Bob this wasn’t on Twitter or Facebook, then he could use ye olde excuse that his account “was hacked”.

  23. Man I can not stand the media if I was a football player I would never talk to the media back in the 70s and 80s nobody cared what players said now the media likes to year players apart and make them look bad

  24. Trading a 15-yd penalty for another possible blown ACL hardly seems worth the risk.

  25. Reading comprehension isn’t what it used to be. This article says that Griffin said he didn’t attempt to draw a penalty against the cowboys, but was against the Lions. It’s really as simple as that. There are a multitude of things to slam Robert about this year, but I don’t think this is one of them. That being said, if he’s gonna high step out of bounds, I really have no problem with the DB smashing him. Glad Robert is feeling better, but that crap will only lead to injuries.

  26. Not that I care for the Cowboys either way, but really wish they would’ve beaten the Redskins in week 17 last year so that Griffin didn’t get the overhype that he’s gotten for taking an average team to the playoffs only to get blown out.

    Shanahan must be loving this, with Griffin taking the criticism usually reserved for him and his son.
    __________________________________________________Well make your mind up fool, if they were average then he absolutely deserved the hype, you make no sense at all, the guy is coming off major surgery, he’ll Derrick rose missed a whole season in basketball and now RGIII is overhyped? You sound foolish, as for the so called blowout the seagulls were losing that game till he got re injured, some blowout. lol


  27. Skins didn’t get blown out in that playoff game.They were leading after 3 quarters 14-13.Seattle scored 11 points in the 4th.

  28. A few games ago, RG3 took off running downfield and he dives headfirst instead of sliding to the ground, fumbles, and wants a penalty on the defense for tackling him. And now refs are going to have to decide whether RG3 baited the defender if hes hit going out of bounds. Referees should give offsetting penalties if he does this. Of course, if he gets slammed going out of bounds, not calling the penalty on the defender would teach him not to purposely try to bait a defender into get a personal foul.

  29. Some people have predicted a career in politics for Griffin after football.

    Maybe he is already practicing for that.

  30. IRG3 is a fraud, and the sad part is, the redskins are still paying for this lemon, lol

  31. Someone needs to get him from behind the microphone, for a smart guy he sure does say a lot of dumb stuff.

  32. He’s a fraud, just like the coach, the owner, everything associated with the joke that are the redskins.

  33. This guy won’t shut up and the media is there at the snap of a finger to to break down his every irrelevant word. The Redskins have been irrelevant for decades now and got overhyped last season. Kinda reminds me of the Tebow/Broncos thing a couple of years ago. Miraculous/lucky season pushed down everyone’s throats while the reality was Tebow can’t throw the ball. Take a lesson from Luck and shut your pie hole and let your at speak for itself, which ain’t much these days

  34. As a fan of another team, but who lives in the area and routinely listens to local sports talk radio stations, it is quite pleasurable to see the fan base attitude towards bob changing.
    last year he was a god around here.
    yesterday lavar Arrington said last year when he said anything negative about bob he got “death threats”now that doesn’t happen anymore.
    people are getting sick of the circus associated with this guy and his continual whining, and drawing attention to himself (see redskins home opener) and it is really f’ing fun to watch.
    no one really says it yet but you know there are a lot of people now thinking that maybe they gave way too much to get this guy.
    hey danny and mike…caveat emptor!

  35. Nobody will even know who Robert is in 3 years!! Another want to be NFL QB! First and foremost, you need something between the ears! To be able to think immediately and re-act! This is the NFL, not the NCAA!

  36. First, if he wasn’t trying to draw a flash for a late hit I would be disappointed in him. He (and every player) should be trying to use every rule to their advantage!

    Second, the media doesn’t deserve of nor should they expect honesty from a player since the media is going to twist every word to reflect the story they want to create (and not report). If I was a player I would tell half truths and misleading statements all of the time just to frak with the media. Since I know they are going to write whatever they want to write anyways, facts be damned.

  37. like i said from day one, IRG3 is overated, and shouldnt have won ROTY, this guy true colors are shining thru this year, sending pics to waitresses while on his honeymoon, leading the league in turnovers, team is only one win, puts up stats thats only cause his team is always behind, the skins sold their souls and all their picks for him and all they get in return is some free subway and gatorade, lol skins fans enjoy your lemon, hes done!!!

  38. It seemed like he was trying to do that before he admitted to it the first time. Why else would you sprint down the sideline a foot or two out of bounds? It would be fitting if he got hurt again doing that.

  39. Where do these comments come from that RG3 sucks, he’s a joke, a bust, a terrible QB and Luck is so much better?! Really?!
    Yes he’s not having as great a year as last year but look at the stats! He’s got a QB rating that’s a shade below Luck’s, but is better than Tom Brady and Alex Smith’s who’s undefeated. RG has more yards than Luck, Kapernick, and Smith too! The difference is wins and last I checked this is the ultimate team game; you have to win 3 phases offense, defense, and special teams. Look at my skins defense, they’ve been terrible, that’s the main reason they’ve lost!
    Don’t hate on RG! Who cares what he said! This is football, not speech contest!

  40. It seems like he’ll do anything to keep his name in print, because he can’t do it with W’s this year. Agree with poster’s above, this guy his really hit the top of the annoying chart.

  41. Griffin has a lot of talent, but it seems like he is in the need of a mentor/coach he can depend on. Washington should look for a coach/mentor who can a) get Griffin to become an elite QB (without sacrificing his health) and b) show Griffin how to handle the media.

  42. I think what Griffin is saying is that he tried to get Mathis to commit a penalty on that particular play, but it isn’t something that he does all the time as a strategy. Notice that the quote by Griffin only mentions one play in which he tried to draw a flag. He’s just saying that it isn’t a tactic that he is going to regularly use.

  43. rayphinkel says: Oct 19, 2013 11:18 AM

    Where exactly in the original interview does RG3 say that he’s trying to intentionally bait defenders into hitting him late?
    “I think I was trying to draw the penalty on [Lions defensive back] Rashean [Mathis] there and he’s a smart player. He didn’t hit me. Good for him, move on from that. . . . With Rashean, I kind of stopped well inside inbounds to try to get him to hit me and he didn’t. He said, ‘I’m not taking that penalty, Griff,’ and I said, ‘I got you, man.’”
    Um……..any other questions?

  44. ydousuk says: Oct 19, 2013 2:31 PM

    Um……..any other questions?


    Let’s assume for the moment he does intentionally bait defenders to hit him late as he’s running out of bounds.

    How is it any different than a quarterbacks using a hard count.

    How is it any different than way Peyton has played his entire career. How many times have we seen him rush his team to the line only to wait until the defense would make a substitution to snap the ball to catch them with too many men on the field?

    What’s ironic about all of this, is that any sportswriter praises Peyton for his knowledge of the game and the way he uses the rules to his advantage. It appears that there is a huge double standard when it comes to anyone else.

    My bold prediction: Peyton Manning wins NFL Dirtiest Player of the Year

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