ProFootballTalk: Freeman feels comfortable in Minnesota

Josh Freeman is ready to start for the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night against the New York Giants. Hear what he has to say about his first start in purple.


13 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Freeman feels comfortable in Minnesota

  1. If freeman feels comfortable in Minnesota, you should probably check if his mom is also his sister, and if his IQ is around that of a bovine. Also check to see if he likes farm animals a bit too much.


  2. Don’t expect him to say the truth that after experiencing watching the bandwagon fans make an embarrassing mass exodus last Sunday he wonders if he made a terrible mistake wanting to play for the queens. Any right minded player would be wondering that.

  3. Josh Freeman likes farm animals a little bit too much? Hell, if that was the case he would go to some state famous for their dairy farms. I dont know, a state like Wisconsin maybe?

  4. Hey, blaster, I’ve decided you must be a troll plant from pft … maybe you need to change your pseudonym because at this point your just another ignored comment.

  5. @tokyosandblaster

    It must be pretty boring sitting around all day waiting for Vikings posts so you can comment on them. Talk about an IQ of a bovine.

    On to other topics, No matter how comfortable Josh gets, he can’t fix the D. It’s too bad, Minnesota didn’t grab Ray Horton this past off-season.

  6. I hope they are spending 1/3 of the time on offense with Red Zone plays.

    shot gun
    AD with WR Patterson & Webb, Jennings slot and TE Kyle

    sometime handoff to AD
    sometimes fake then hit who has the best match up with a jump ball or if Jennings a bullet

    or if no one covered AD back to AD or QB draw

    You need 7’s not 3’s especially with this D

  7. I don’t know anything about Freeman, but let’s face it Schiano got rid of him for a reason.

    On the other hand Schiano is the coach who thought crashing into the opposing team’s Victory formation was good football/judgement.

  8. Everyone knows this is not the answer Viking fans have been expecting, any more than Favre was the answer. Favre was fun….he brought some life to the party before his familiar tendencies for all-me all-now heroics slammed that door shut. His next season was a joke, but still part of the never ending search. Ponder was a crapshoot from day one, with Viking fans doing their best to lend their support with their fingers crossed. This is more of the same. I wince when I see the non-stop verbal abuse Packer posters are laying on them, but it’s their own fault. Their arrogant superiority complexes and childish personal insults are coming back to haunt them. The person responsible is in their mirrors.

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