Quentin Groves not fined for roughing Matthew Stafford


Late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game, with the Lions leading 24-17, Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford threw a third-down incompletion. But the Browns’ celebration was short-lived because Cleveland linebacker Quentin Groves was flagged for roughing the passer. The Lions benefited from the automatic first down and scored a touchdown three plays later, putting the game away.

The Browns complained that it was a bad call, and now the NFL has tacitly confirmed that they were right by declining to fine Groves for roughing the passer. The league office apparently didn’t think Groves did anything wrong on the play.

This is the second time that the league office has disagreed with the officials on the field regarding a roughing the passer call from that game: Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was fined for a hit on Brandon Weeden that was not flagged. The Browns are left to wonder what would have happened if both of those calls had gone the other way.

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  1. Yeah, but I’m still wondering how they feel about the first pass interfere penalty that led to the Lions first TD.

  2. Just because the NFL did not deem Groves roughing the passer penalty deserved supplemental punishment does not mean they said it wasn’t a penalty. 99% of roughing the passer calls do not get supplemental punishment.

    The Suh fine is just plain stupid. He did not violate any rule with the hit, but the league has dinged him at least 3 times now for non-violations.

  3. Honestly, I don’t think Suh’s hit or Groves’ hit should have been penalties, and especially not fine-able offenses. I am upset, however, at Suh being fined $30k for his hit, while Groves got no fine for also hitting a QB (Stafford) with his helmet in the chest. That shows a lack of consistency by the NFL and gives an appearance of unfairly targeting a player (Suh) with fines, which is completely unacceptable in a professional sports league.

  4. What’s it going to take for this to stop? This is all the proof you need that the league is singling out Suh, still! Has the league no self respect? This is just ridiculous. How is this not criminal???Do some research people, you’ll understand the issue.

    Suh knows!

  5. Cmon people should Suh of been fined? No. But the flag on Goves was an awful call. Stafford threw the ball and was immediately hit and it was a late flag. He wasn’t fined because he didn’t do anything.

  6. They did the same thing with Harrison when he played for the Steelers. The problem is most fans like the idea of players on other teams being fined. This makes Goodell feel safe in any action that he takes.

  7. Isnt it time they review the plays in real time, not freeze framing it till they find a “gotcha” moment. The players act instantly and it should be reviewed the same way. Stop the Suh witch hunt

  8. HUGE Browns fan here…the replay of Groves hit shows him launching BEFORE the ball is released in a bang bang play. Not only no fine, it shouldn’t have been a PENALTY. Groves actually opens his arm up and plants the heels of his hands on the ground on either side of Stafford, keeping his weight off of him as opposed to driving him to the turf.

    The Lions outplayed us in the 2nd half and deserved to win…BUT the zebras shouldn’t decide the game on a chicken-sh-t call like that.

    And I am NO supporter of some of the stuff Suh has done… but the hit on Weeden? WHERE ELSE is he SUPPOSED to put his head? He hits him in the knees its a fine….in the head its a fine…his head is ATTACHED to him body, if he tackles Weeds his head gonna hit him SOMEWHERE.

    What does the commish want? NBA scoring and NO HITS? ITS FOOTBALL for gods sake.

  9. Suh is not being singled out. If you take a look at the collective bargaining agreement, it’s written right there, and it’s actually in bold type. “Repeated and/or egregious violations may entail higher fines, ejection, and/or suspension”

    Suh is the living embodiment of a repeat offender.

  10. I can tell you what would have happened if the calls went the other way. Weeden would have thrown a couple more pics and the lions would have still won the game

  11. Why would he get fined? He should have never been flagged in the first place. Also, who cares who gets fined for what? Last time I checked I’m a fan of the Browns, not Groves’ bank account. Who cares if Suh is playing for free at this point? As long as he’s out there stomping, groin kicking, head tackling, and Suh-plexing players, that’s all I care about.

  12. I’m not a fan of Suh and I like witch hunts.

    Glad to see this guy being held accountable for what he brought upon himself.

  13. This sounds crazy. But some multi billions need to start a new football league and sign away all the top players from the nfl, this league is a joke, suh should hire a lawyer and fight this fine in court just to set a legal precedent…..

  14. Suh needs to get a lawyer and fight this fine in court in order to set a legal pecedent. Otherwise the NFL will keep pushing the envelope and see how much like hitler they can become….

  15. The penalty on Haden and the penalty on Groves were garbage and likely cost us the game, yet we continue to blame Weeden

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