Russell Wilson throws 3 TDs in victory over Cardinals

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In just 23 starts as the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson has led the team to a mark never before achieved in franchise history.

Wilson led the Seahawks to a 34-22 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday night to improve to 6-1 for the first time in franchise history. Wilson threw for 235 yards and three touchdowns and the Seahawks’ defense held Arizona to just 234 yards of offense in earning the victory.

The Seahawks harassed Carson Palmer all night, sacking him seven times and forcing two interceptions and Arizona managed to run for just 30 yards on 18 carries.

Seattle jumped out quickly to a 14-0 lead as Wilson connected on touchdown passes to Sidney Rice and Zach Miller. However, Seattle allowed the Cardinals to hang around due to some critical errors.

Calais Campbell, playing just four days after being stretchered off the field in San Francisco on Sunday, blew up a quarterback sneak attempt by Wilson on a 4th and 1 at the Cardinals’ 43-yard line. It took the Cardinals everything they could muster offensively to get those points. It took an 11-play, 26-yard drive before a Jay Feely 49-yard field goal got Arizona on the board.

Wilson was then sacked by Matt Shaughnessy and fumbled deep in their own territory and Arizona recovered on the 3-yard line. Rashard Mendenhall walked in on the next play to bring the score to 14-10.

Steven Hauschka added a 51-yard field goal at the end of the half for Seattle to extend the lead to 17-10.

Wilson threw his third touchdown, a 1-yard score, to Kellen Davis to extend the lead to 24-13. Brandon Browner intercepted Palmer before falling down a the 1-yard line and Marshawn Lynch added a 2-yard touchdown to take control of the game in the third quarter. Lynch carried 21 times for 91 yards for Seattle on the night.

Arizona just couldn’t keep up against a stifling Seahawks’ defense. Palmer completed 30 of 45 passes for 258 yards and a touchdown pass to Jaron Brown with two interceptions.

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  1. But…but…but….Seattle can’t win on the road!

    Outside of a few mistakes that let the Cards keep it close, this was textbook. Get the lead, force the other team to be one dimensional, release the hounds of the pass rush, and make QBs hurry throws into that evil secondary.

    Okung and Giacomini still waiting to come back.

    Oh, and Percy Harvin.

    Best of luck to the rest of the NFC. You’re going to need it.

  2. Cardinals defense is no joke but this game was far more lopsided than the score showed. Bruce Arians talked brash about not seeing dominance, that game was controlled on offense and defense by 1 team. Peterson got beat by Tate man to man for those 80 yards.

    I know people will ride Palmer for those picks but he was under even more pass rush pressure than Wilson faced at times. Their LT is worse than our back up who struggled out there today. Hawks d-line looked great, LOB even better and Wilson made some big passes today. Percy Harvin comes back next week and we are 6-1 plus probably Bobby Wagner. Go Hawks!

  3. I was one of those that defended Palmer in Oakland always thinking that is was the lack of quality receivers that made Palmer so underwhelming, but after listening to him run his mouth off in the off season and then failing to prove any worth so far this season, I think it’s pretty clear Palmers best days are years and years past him. No doubt the Raiders are still trying to escape the shambles they are in and Prior may or may not turn out to be the answer, but certainly I’m glad Palmer decided to pack his bags and rip off some other team.

  4. Say what you want to say. I was sold on this kid as soon as i saw the first td pass to rice.

    This man was running backwards, flicked his wrist and threw 50 yards off of his back foot into the corner of the end zone for a PERFECT td pass to Rice on a broken play.

    He’s the truth man. and those db’s are HAWKS!

  5. Defense was very tough for both teams. However, the Seahawks were clearly the better team and if Russell Wilson had gotten rid of the ball quicker, instead of getting hit causing the two fumbles, we could say the offense was doing very well. Even given those two fumbles, it was good and they look tough to beat.

    Get the O-line issues fixed in the next few weeks and with the return of WR Harvin the Seahawks’ future looks bright. The fact that the next few teams all have a combined win total less than the Hawks have now doesn’t hurt either.

  6. Beating the Cardinals by 12 on the road… and it shoulda been 28. The Seahawks will be even more dangerous when Harvin, their starting OTs and starting MLB get back in the starting lineup. Be afraid… be very afraid.

  7. If they can clean up the offensive mistakes and play better on a defense that’s already pretty good Seattle is going to go far this team is for real this year I think not just a team getting lucky

  8. Steelers, Vikings, Giants, Jaguars, most high school teams, skins. In that order. Period. #skinsendup1and15

  9. I heard Patrick Peterson’s name called quite a few times tonight… and it wasn’t because he was playing well. He got exposed by Seattle’s “average” WR corps.

    What’s the excuse? He hurt his finger?

  10. People who watch college football saw Wilson do this over and over at NC State and Wisconsin. When he fell to the 3rd round I thought the NFL was crazy. When the Seahawks picked him I threw things.

  11. This season was going to be different. Carson Palmer is light years ahead of Kevin Kolb as a QB! This is Arizona’s year.

    ROFL .. Until you fix the oline and running game, it won’t matter who you brought in. and Kevin Kolb? He played well for you last year when he was upright.

  12. You really have to hand it to Palmer. In effect the guy has had one decent season. Since having his knee blown out against Pittsburgh in the playoff game he’s been anything but special or even mediocre. Yet in spite of consistent poor play season after season he finds ways to get $$$. Pretty incredible.

    On the flip side Wilson really made some nice plays out there especially that toss to Rice where it looked like he just flicked his wrist practically. As a 49ers fan I like Wilson. Good guy. Good quarterback. ‘hawks keep marching on.

  13. Ray Lewis the other night was the only commentator that said he would take Russell Wilson over Andrew Luck. At first, I thought Ray was nuts, but after watching him the past couple weeks, I may have to agree with Ray.

  14. Seahawks are legit. I puked saying that but they are the best team in the NFC right now. There’s a lot of football left to be played but they’ve proven they’re tops in the division through 7 weeks

  15. His first td pass made me gasp. I think there will be multiple Seahawks/Colts Super Bowls in the future.

  16. RGIII are you taking notes??? Oh, I forgot. You don’t need a QB coach because you already know how to be a successful QB and no one knows more about playing the position than you. NOT.

    – not a Seattle or prima donna fan

  17. The Seahawks are great, but they need to settle down the penalties because that really is their only Achilles’ heel.

  18. Seattle looked dominant in all three phases. Russell Wilson is a born playmaker. He reminded me a little of Steve Young out there the way he was slinging the ball and refusing to give up on a any play.

    The only weakness the Seahawks have is their offensive line.

  19. wearethesteelers, methinks thou dost protest too much. Why else would you go and troll on a Seahawks thread? Because you know the Super Bowl against them was handed to you by the refs no doubt…

  20. Great game for the Hawks, it’s sad to see how their fans are turning into Steeler fans though.

    I also love how ridiculous the media is.

    The Broncos win by 16 against the hapless Jaguars and they crap all over it.

    The Seahawks win by 12 against the sad Cardinals and they hail the win as elite.

  21. @broncobeta

    So you show up in a Seahawks post to trash their fans

    then you compare the Jags…. 0 – 6, rated last in the league in everything to the Cards…. Were 3 – 3, unbeaten at home, top 10 defense?

    it’s sad to see a broncos fan so insecure about his own team

  22. Road game? only marginally, the commentators actually said in the first quarter that the fans were being loud when the cardinals offense was on the field.
    There were likely 15000 seahawk fans in that stadium lol

    To win the game easily while coughing it up twice on your own 10 shows the real relationship of the capability of these teams.

  23. Not a Wilson nor a Seahawks fan but I do find it interesting that he’s been able to fly under the radar, so far, this season and put together a seemingly good first 7 games of the season. No disrespect to his talent and athleticism, I just think it is funny how the other QB (in his draft class, actually picked way before him) commanding all the media attention and saying all the right things about his team and HIMSELF hasn’t produced half what Wilson has so far this season. Yeah, yeah, the skins QB did suffer an injury last season but see, I’m still waiting for that superman, whom his loyal fans has referred to come out of the gates and take it all this year.

    Yes, it is a long season, but barring any unforseeable mishap, Wilson seems to be handling his second season quite comfortably and leading his team to success. Skin fans, take note, this is an Well-Rounded QB. Not no run-first-pass-second special QB.

    Congratulations Seattle, you seem to have found your franchise QB.

  24. Russell Wilson finished the game 18 of 29, which is a respectable completion percentage. Having said that, I would bet that 6-7 of his incomplete passes were him throwing the ball away to avoid the sack. If you look at real passes, he was probably 18 of 23. He was on target and the receivers were catching everything that came their way. If they start playing games with their first string offensive line…

  25. steverolley says:
    Oct 18, 2013 11:59 AM

    So you show up in a Seahawks post to trash their fans

    then you compare the Jags…. 0 – 6, rated last in the league in everything to the Cards…. Were 3 – 3, unbeaten at home, top 10 defense?

    it’s sad to see a broncos fan so insecure about his own team
    Steve, don’t expect a lot… Broncos haven’t played anybody of consequence and they have a QB that can’t win in the post-season.
    I think the word is delusional.

  26. I’ve been a Hawker since they were introduced into the NFL. The Hawks have had many a bad season and I’ve thrown more stuff at the boob-tube than all our QB’s have thrown the football put together . That being said, I have always been a proud SeaHawk Fan and I am especially proud now. We are getting the job done and it should only get better.

    Love my SeaHawks for life!!!!!!


  27. wearethesteelers says:
    Oct 18, 2013 6:05 AM
    Yeah, but how many Super Bowls have they won?

    4 72 i

    Rate This
    wearethesteelers says:
    Oct 18, 2013 6:18 AM
    Last time we checked Seattle had an empty trophy case.
    Your 1-5, LOL

  28. Last time I checked the NFL didn’t stop playing games. So until that happens, saying how many SB that they’ve won is moot! There will be many more SB games to be played and the Seahawks have as much chance to get the big win as any other team!

    As for trophies, the Seahawks have won many Divisional titles as well as one Conference title. So take that for how many trophies they have!!!

    Hawker since 76′

  29. I just think its sad when a fair share of Seahawks fans sound like logicalvoice. What’s even more sad is that logicalvoice does it as a joke.

  30. Come on, broncobeta, they’re good. Their fans should be happy about it. Get a life and quit acting like the Seahawks fans are worse than any other teams’ fans’.

  31. assuredmutualdestruction says: Oct 18, 2013 2:07 AM

    PP was getting beat all game long. Sherm did get trucked by Fitz tho. That would have been a much harder hit a few years ago.

    Everyone talks trash about Sherm. Did you see what he did after that hit?

    Congratulated Fitz.

  32. broncobeta says: Oct 18, 2013 2:42 PM

    I just think its sad when a fair share of Seahawks fans sound like logicalvoice. What’s even more sad is that logicalvoice does it as a joke.

    Little worried huh?

    Don’t blame you.

    This is an all weather team – unlike the Broncos – and the SB is in NY.


  33. @realitycheckbaby,

    I’m not even talking about football. I’m talking about the annoying fans, such as yourself.

    Why would I be scared? It would be a great game. I’m sad they don’t play in the regular season.

    This is what I’m talking about, @sweetnlow44. My comments had nothing to do with the Seahawks as a team, but all I keep getting is “U SCARED BRO? ITS SAD THAT YOURE SO SCARED!”

    You can be happy, just don’t be that guy.

  34. wearethesteelers says:
    Oct 18, 2013 6:18 AM
    Last time we checked Seattle had an empty trophy case.

    Yep! You’ve had your seasons and you have a great legacy Steelers, but perhaps you could let us enjoy our exciting season without showing such a lack of class!

    I was at the game, (fan since 76) and the 12th man represented well! So proud of our team, from Coach Carroll down to the equipment staff! Right now we ARE a winning organization. Go Hawks!!

  35. The Seahawks may not have any super bowl trophies yet but they have a really good very young team with a good young quarterback and they will have chances to compete for and win super bowls for many years to come.

  36. Live and breathe Seahawks football and also have been a loyal fan since 1976 and am very excited about this season the fact that they are winning with all the problems and injuries on their offensive line and that Percy Harbin hasn’t played yet and that they haven’t even started playing their best football yet gets me very excited about their possibilities of making it to and winning their first Superbowl .

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