Seahawks got benefit from holding penalty on Thursday night

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Late in the first half of Thursday night’s game between the Seahawks and the Cardinals, after Seattle raced out to a 14-0 lead and the Cardinals cut the margin to four, the Seahawks were driving.

On third and 15 from the Arizona 23 with 19 seconds left before intermission, quarterback Russell Wilson scrambled to the eight yard line.  He was tackled with 10 seconds left.

But a holding penalty wiped out the play, and it stopped the clock.  The infraction gave the Seahawks a shot at a 51-yard field goal, which Steven Hauschka converted.

So why, many of you have asked, didn’t the officials apply a 10-second runoff after the holding penalty?  We’ve looked at the rule book, and there’s no provision in it for a 10-second runoff after a holding penalty.  Also, the league office has confirmed that, under those circumstances, there’s no runoff.

The question became particularly relevant because the issue of a 10-second runoff came up earlier in the drive.  A catch made inbounds by Sidney Rice initially was deemed to be incomplete.  Automatic review of play (since it happened with less than two minutes in the half) resulted in a reversal.

This created a situation in which the clock would have been running, forcing the Seahawks to choose between taking a timeout or applying a 10-second runoff.  The Seahawks chose the timeout, which left 36 seconds on the clock.

Both rulings were accurate, even though the end result may seem unfair, especially if you’re a Cardinals fan.

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  1. I think the Shehawks got away with a lot of holding on Cardinals receivers. But when you consistently cover as tight as the seahawks do you tend to get away with it more.

  2. Bad rule, but fortunately it didn’t really have an effect on the outcome of the game. Outside of the 2 yard TD caused by a turnover, the Arizona offense had nothing all night.

  3. I still don’t understand why the clock should have been running after the Ruce catch review. It was shown like 200 times that he was not touched (guy jumped over him) and his feet were out of bounds. That should have stopped that clock after a legal catch.

    So why the runoff or clock running when a coach can’t challenge the call?

  4. For a national Thursday night game, the officials were more than lousy.

    They missed call after call, most in favor of the Seahawks. Now can the NFL keep trying to sell their product as elite when the officials are always showing favoritism?

    The national broadcast showed multiple facemask grabbing on Palmer that were ignored, holding by the Seahawk linemen on every offensive play, holding by the Seahawk linebackers, DBs, and safeties on every pass play, and multiple false starts by Seahawk linemen that were simply ignored.

    The sad fact is the Cards are a lousy team and were in no danger of actually winning the game given their horrible offensive line, non-existent running game, receivers running the wrong routes, and Palmer passing too short-too soon- and too long because of his awful offensive line. The Seahawks never needed the blatant favoritism given them by the officials to win.

    Nevertheless, the NFL is working hard to protect its designated upper echelon teams to keep their stellar records for the playoffs and marketing hype. It never is in good form for its upper echelon teams to lose to a bottom dweller like the Cards. Of course the officials will work harder at being impartial when the top teams (as designated by the NFL) play one another.

    Hey NFL, you need to re-focus on running clean games, even when your top teams play the bottom feeders. Your fans are not that dumb where we do not see the blatant official favoritism that is shown to your designated ‘top’ teams.

  5. 1) A 10 second runoff would not be applied if the offense commits a holding penalty within the final 2 minutes of a half. However, if the defense declines the penalty, the clock should continue to run (Under the Wilson scenario last night though 99.99% of the time the penalty would be accepted).

    Now if someone wasn’t set before the snap or a false start occured, then yea the 10 second rule applies.

    2) That Rice ruling was correct also. If the game is inside a minute left in either half, and you have a challenge overturned in the offense’s favor, the 10 second rule applies.

    This rule should be re-examined though; the offense shouldn’t be penalized for the ref getting the call wrong.

  6. Thanks Mike, I’ve been asking around about this today.

    I still can’t get around the fact that a penalty on the offensive team stopped the clock and gave them more time to kick a FG (yes, a longer FG but not a rushed FG).

    IF Arizona had declined the penalty would the clock have been started again? In this case it wouldn’t have helped much, but what if there’d only been 1 second left when the clock was stopped?

  7. In this case, it was correct interpretation of the rules.

    But in the event of bad officiating, it’s best to think of it as the you-know-what that hits the fan: When the you-know-what finally lands, it will rarely be evenly distributed.

  8. Mental note: If in the same situation again, run a screen or short pass. If it looks like the ball carrier will not make it out of bounds or into the endzone, then just tackle any defensive player you see to get a penalty and kick your field goal. Good to know.

  9. I was terrified we were going to have another classic Pete Carroll miscue and miss points at the end of the half. Had we not picked up a first down and had no penalty; we would have had to run out the kicking team for a quick kick because it would have been 4th down and no way to spike the ball. The FG should have been kicked with 19 seconds left on 3rd and 15 IMO. I’m happy with the job Carroll has done, but the late game/half play calling has some issues and they don’t seem resolved.

  10. Spilled milk, no point crying over it.

    The “Monday morning Quarterbacking” is as fruitless a venture and trying to put the crap back into the horse.

    Once a game is complete, there is no going back. If there were, the fail mary seattle pulled off last year would have resulted in a reversal of the outcome.

  11. ^ You and me both @elgranderojo79^

    It’s so hard to watch the way Carroll mismanages the clock sometimes.

  12. So they couldn’t have clocked it in 10 seconds? I don’t get why they benefited from having to kick a FG about 20 yards further out than it would have been if there was no holding call…

    Just more of this site making up news and being wrong. How’s Terry Bradshaw doing? What about the mob outside Matt Schaub’s house? What a joke. Sell-out.

  13. I think the Shehawks got away with a lot of holding on Cardinals receivers.


    Carson Palmer

  14. I was at the game last night and couldn’t believe how many Seattle fans were there. All you could hear was, “SEA!…..HAWWWKSSS!” And there was a fight between the biggest Cards fan on the planet (had to be 350 lbs. easy) and the skinniest Hawks fan about 15 seats away from where I was at. Cards fan “hockey-jerseyed” him and held him there until it got broke up. At Candlestick that would have been a Pelican Bay rec-pen style shanking.

  15. For a team that regular undoes its own progress with stupid penalties, these claims of the Seahawks somehow getting preferential treatment by the refs is one of the most ridiculous I’ve ever heard.

    If that was the case, Rice would’ve gotten that defensive PI call he likely should’ve gotten earlier in the game.

  16. brimab says: Oct 18, 2013 3:38 PM

    ^ You and me both @elgranderojo79^

    It’s so hard to watch the way Carroll mismanages the clock sometimes.

    Nowhere near the fashion that Holmgren used to mismanage the clock, especially towards the ends of halves.

  17. If you are going to describe a situation, don’t leave out relevant facts.

    Was this offensive holding on a lineman or perhaps defensive holding on an LB or DB? This fact is stangely missing from the narrative.

  18. Truths4all, it’s hard to believe we were watching the same game. Most of the holds I saw were actually called against the Seahawks. They also had a terrible pass interference call against Sherman. I will grant you the facemask on Palmer was not called, but I don’t think the ref was in the position to see it. He was behind Palmer. That was pretty much the only one I saw that was missed…other than maybe one questionable hold on a receiver.

  19. Didn’t Sidney Rice roll out of bounds after making the catch? The clock should have stopped with that.

  20. Cards had a good pass rush all night, but Wilson torched that secondary whenever he needed a big play. And more often than not, it was Patrick Peterson getting burned out there. Every time he gets some hype, he gets burned. Sherman, on the other hand, played great and should have had another interception. I guess we know why he got moved from reciever to corner at Stanford.

  21. I posted this earlier and it disappeared so, second time around…..
    I guess bad officiating is just a matter of perspective because in my (obviously biased) opinion, I thought the Seahawks got called for way too many ticky tack defensive holds/PIs.
    Good teams find ways to win games, bad officiating or not. And yes I even include the SB that Leavey blew many calls on. If we’d been better, we’d have won.
    sooooooo– truths4all suck it up buttercup

    and I am in total agreement wtih you mancaveoo1

  22. The refs called 10 penalties against the Seahawks and only 3 against Arizona. You can’t really make an intelligent argument for Seattle getting away with everything. Don’t be sad your own team sucks.

  23. Other than Seahawk fans … any normal football fan could see that was bad officiating. Seriously how can a ref miss a facemask on a QB … its his job to watch the QB … okay he has an excuse it was not RG3.
    Also why near the end of the game were the refs finally calling penalties on the Seahawks DBs … they were doing all game.

  24. LMFAO, look at all these pitiful haters that clearly have no lives, they have to rant on a Seahawk’s BR article… I saw one dude up there writing a F book, LOL.

    @COLTSWIN- I wouldn’t be talking about BS calls from the refs bro, being as that’s the only reason you clowns beat us 2 weeks ago.

    To the rest of the pathetic TROLLS- Don’t get mad that our secondary, and our front 7 are beasts. Don’t hate because our 3rd, and 4th string CB’s would be starting for you, HAHA. Thurmond would prolly be a #1 for some of your joke teams. I saw the Hawks get away with some calls last night, but I also saw the Cards get away with some BS, like the Mathui PI that should have been called. So what’s your point again??? Oh yeah, you’re trying to prove how big of a bunch of tools you are, LMFAO… #LOSERS!!!

  25. I’m still trying to figure out how Arizona calls a time out after an 8 yard run late in the fourth just before the 2 minute warning while the announcers started chatting it up. Suddenly a brief second they show Seattle hudling up for the next play and a flag is thrown for delay of game which end resulted in a failed first down that would have iced the game. I am still confused and saw the confusex look on Wilson’s face when they callled the penalty. Did I miss something? There wasn’t any whistle to signal start of play.

  26. Ban my new name if you want again but this is terrible sports journalism. This was an offensive hold called on Seattle.

    The VP of officiating said the referees properly enforced the call. Its funny when I see who was the contributor I already knew who’s name it was going to be because EVERY article he does is slanted against the Seattle Seahawks. Don’t believe me, check the history.

  27. Perhaps you noticed they also had a touchdown taken back for a block in the back penalty? And besides, doesn’t just about every team benefit from a penalty call at some time? In this case, the resulting 3 points didn’t matter. Seattle would have won without them.

  28. Flag comes out before RW is even half way on his run, he makes two different cuts and ends up in the endzone.

    It’s not like the ref knew the future of what was going to happen.

    If RW gets a TD on that run then I’m sure the Cards would be happy enough to accept the penalty, and we could be saying the ref’s where helping Arizona.

  29. There have been enough sour grapes written here to start a winery. Or whinery, if you will. The Seahawks have a great defense; they play aggressive man on man, and push the edge of the envelope on every play, every game.

    But since they willingly own that rep, people look for them to hold more often, and that leads to the perception that they hold more often.

    But I wonder if the whiny homers are as diligent about holding when it comes to our pass rushers? Somehow I kind of doubt it.

    But we all know you can look at any team’s D, and you will see holding that goes uncalled on virtually every play. That’s part of football.

    Go Hawks.

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