Surgery another hurdle for Jeff Demps to clear


There have been far more stories about why Jeff Demps isn’t playing football than there have been about Jeff Demps doing things on a football field.

Here’s another one.

According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Demps had surgery Thursday for a groin injury suffered last week against the Eagles. There’s no immediate word on a timetable for his return.

Demps has become an object of fascination for his world-class sprinter’s speed, but he’s done very little to make anyone think he’ll impact the NFL.

After a late start to training camp a year ago, a mild knee injury landed him on the Patriots’ injured reserve list. This year, after a late start to training camp with the Bucs, he’s totaled 35 yards from scrimmage and has three kickoff returns for 93 yards.

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  1. This could be the surgery that removes that one ligament that is causing pain and can get the player back on the field much faster, under a month. The muscles around it take over the job. Hope its not a hernia.

  2. Wonder if the Tampa Bay fans still think they got the better end of the trade of Blount for Demps?

    Here in New England, we are very happy with our trades with the Bucs.

    Much thanks for Talib also !!

  3. .

    I don’t know whether Demps is a football player or can remain healthy, but his speed is scary. Even as a decoy he forces the hand of a defense to account for him.


  4. Safe to say so far the player movement between the Buccs and the Pats has decidedly favored tha Pats.

  5. He’s done very little to make anyone think he’ll impact the NFL. Except for, you know, the four years he played and contributed at the University of Florida. He’s not just a track guy.

  6. Ampats, did you forget that we also got a 7th round pick for Blount. That pick was Mike James and he’s done a decent job of backing up Doug Martin. Now Doug is out. James turn.

    Blount hasn’t done anything special for you guys. For the most part, he’s been a disappointment, just like he was for us. He’s had 3 games with just over 50 yards and 4 other games under 15 yards. LOL The Pats made out better? Yeah right.

    Bucs made out just fine… I think we’ll wait a year and see who made out better.

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