Texans players think Keenum can bring a spark


When you’re walking through the desert, a sip of water looks like an oasis.

So it’s no surprise the reeling Texans were willing to throw their full support behind new quarterback Case Keenum.

I think he’s got what it takes to lead us to victory,” Texans offensive tackle Duane Brown said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “He’s worked hard, and he’s made a big jump from last year.

“He’s got a lot of talent. He’s got a big arm, and he’s mobile.”

He better be, since the Chiefs lead the NFL with 31 sacks and a plus-12 turnover margin, and he’s going into one of the more hostile environments in the league.

But as Brown pointed out, the former undrafted rookie might have the attitude to succeed there.

“As a young player, especially as a young quarterback, you don’t find many guys with (the) kind of demeanor he has,” Brown said. “He’s a natural leader. He’s a very intense player. He’s poised, and he’s calm with his decision making, but he gets fired up. He gets fired up to try to hype the offense up.

“When he enters the huddle, he’s pretty vocal. If he makes a big-time throw, he gets excited about it. If he happens to make a mistake, you can tell he’s not too happy about it.”

If the alternative is making a mistake, then coming back week after week and making the same mistake, it’s at least worth a shot while Matt Schaub’s hurt.

7 responses to “Texans players think Keenum can bring a spark

  1. matt schaub is gonna be the next drew bledsoe!! someone make a meme of matt and call it bledsoeing!! or he got bledsoe’d!! we all know how that story ended. lol all fun and games aside i do wish matt schaub a healthy recovery ! he has been in a funk this year and it has been hard for him.he is a human being and us humans tend to make mistakes.he just needs fix his rutt.he could be good with another team if it doesnt work out here or even a solid backup down the road for somebody! if the case keenum try doesnt work then the texans will need to come up with something for the future!

  2. One more embarrassing performance at home, will probably necessitate a coaching change. They have never been the same after that trip to NE last yr.

  3. Credit to Kubiak for acknowledging that Yates would be a bad choice.

    That said, either Keenum = Brady or Kubiak = Washington’s next Offensive Coordinator.


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