Colts will play Peyton Manning tribute as Broncos enter the field

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Colts owner Jim Irsay has promised a “great tribute” of former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

According to WISH-TV, the tribute will come in the form of a video played when the Broncos are introduced.

As we explained on Friday, Manning won’t be individually introduced.  By league rule (which was adopted fairly recently), the visiting team now must be introduced as a group.

The video is expected to be fairly short, and the Broncos believe, we’re told, that it will have no impact on Manning’s pregame preparations, which are notoriously meticulous.

Other pregame distractions aren’t likely, since Manning spends limited time on the field before a game.  Unlike plenty of other players, Manning enters the field only when he’s fully dressed in his uniform, as part of the structured warmups.

16 responses to “Colts will play Peyton Manning tribute as Broncos enter the field

  1. Stupid to do this…wait until he’s retired than you can yank him off. But he’ll be watching it…just to see himself on the big screen, since his ego is as big as his head.

  2. It’s a highlight reel of all of Luck’s TD passes with a voiceover of him talking about how much Peyton’s legacy and inspiration has helped him be the QB the Colts were always looking for.

  3. Too late…..they should have just scrapped the tribute at this point….too much bad blood.

    For anyone wanting to see how a REAL team honors a former player upon his return….look at what the NY Rangers did for Mark Messier when he came back to the Garden as a Vancouver Canuck. THAT is how you honor someone.

  4. Peyton has earned the right to be honored after the game. Irsay should be classy enough to allow Peyton and the fans to properly enjoy the tribute. Instead Irsay has proven that he’s another turd in a league full of them.

  5. Everybody will sing “All hail the big giant head”, and then present him with a specially constructed helmet that will finally fit without leaving stretch marks when he pulls it off. Jesus Christ never got this much attention. Enough to gag a maggot.

  6. It’s a highlight reel of all of Luck’s TD passes?

    Short reel. What’s he got 7? How many did Manning have week 1 vs the SB Champs? Hmmmm

  7. Wait ….Peyton is playing the Colts in Indi. this week ??? Hmmm, suprised I haven’t heard anything about it on ESPN ….ha

  8. Jim Irsay is worth $1.6 billion.

    It’d be hilarious if the guy proves himself to be so cheap that he won’t pay the fine and have Manning announced.

    $10,000 to him is literally like pocket change to you and me.

    He should do the right thing – introduce the man, pay the fine – and then match it with a donation to a charity

    Add a zero or two while you’re at it!

  9. Peyton is there for one thing, and one thing only. Funny how we get this mega-head crap and we are watching the best QB to ever throw the ball. I may be homer but, I was a fan of his before he ever put on orange and blue. We are extremely lucky in Denver to go from where we were to where we are. He will be ready and the only thing Irsay has threatened is what colors Peyton wears into Canton!

  10. This is a shallow attempt by that toolbag Irsay to save face amongst Colts fans for running the best Qb. in NFL history out of town. Karma will prevent the colts from winning another championship while he is still owner ( silver spoon inheritance of course)

  11. The Colts fans need to enjoy that video honoring Peyton Manning because it’s the only thing they are going to enjoy when the game starts.Irsay and the fans can sit back and watch Peyton pick apart the Colts defense.The betting line on this game is -7 Denver.Bet the whole farm on Denver because they will cover that 7 points with ease.

  12. Peyton Manning has more class in his little finger than every member of your stupid team combined.
    Peyton was nothing but class when he said goodbye at that press conference AND because he has so much class he managed to make Irsay look like a nice guy that day…when we all know PFM was disposed of because of his neck surgery. Nice business decision…and to read on this post Colt fans making fun of Peyton. OMG. You truly are moronic, imbecilic, ungrateful, turncoat, backstabbers!! You will never win a SB now because of the lack of class and ingratitude you have shown to Peyton. When you go to your next game….look around you…that’s the house that Peyton built…with his blood, sweat, tears, talent and loyalty.

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