Johnny Manziel returns to game after injury

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Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel briefly left Saturday’s game against Auburn after his right shoulder was driven into the ground early in the fourth quarter, but he returned after missing one series and scored the go-ahead touchdown with 5:05 remaining in regulation.

In his first drive back in the lineup, Manziel completed all seven passes and rushed off right end for a one-yard score to give Texas A&M a 41-38 edge.

Manziel was briefly replaced by Matt Joeckel, the twin brother of Jaguars offensive tackle Luke Joeckel.

Manziel’s first play back in the lineup was a deep back-shoulder throw to wide receiver Mike Evans, and his passing appeared to be no worse for wear after the apparent injury, which was suffered as he rushed up the middle with the Aggies holding a 31-24 fourth-quarter lead.

UPDATE 7:36 p.m. ET: Auburn would retake the lead from Texas A&M and hold on for a 45-41 victory in College Station.

8 responses to “Johnny Manziel returns to game after injury

  1. A lot of noisy know-alls who’ve never watched him play assume he’s some kind of over-hyped jerk with no pro future, but the only thing that can stop him is himself. He’s tough and talented with a nose for the end zone. A spectacular player.

  2. Wild have even nice to see what would have happened had the refs not blown the horse collar penalty at end of the game. I don’t have a dog in the fight, but hate when refs decide outcomes of games. And yes I’m sure someone will come on and post how this penalty or that penalty was missed earlier in the game, but the one that counts is at the end.

  3. I can see why people don’t like Manziel. He wants to fight to win all the way, injured or not. Arrogant about it, too. Smiles too much during the game. Reminds me of RG3.

  4. How does an offensive tackle have a QB as a twin brother? Guessing Luke was faster than Matt at the dinner table.

  5. @ cliffclavicle

    He’s also short, does not have a particularly sturdy build, needs to throw his entire upper body into any throw that has zip on it, and won’t get away with all of his jump-ball throws (to Evans) in the NFL. He won’t get away with a lot of the stuff he does in college. He can be electrifying, but his short comings may prevent him from having even near the impact at the “big-boy” level. There have been many players whose college game didn’t transfer to the NFL when many thought it would.

  6. koenig61 says: Oct 19, 2013 7:38 PM

    And yes I’m sure someone will come on and post how this penalty or that penalty was missed earlier in the game, but the one that counts is at the end.


    This just flat out isn’t true. Blown calls can change a game at any point and can affect points either for or against a team. Besides, this missed call didn’t necessarily mean A&M was going to score on the drive.

    Perhaps they didn’t throw the flag because the defender didn’t pull Manziel down solely with the horse collar as his right hand came up on the shoulder pads and was a big part of the tackle.

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