Kaepernick hasn’t forgotten Tennessee draft snub

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Over the next two Sundays, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick will face two of the teams that drafted quarterbacks in 2011 not named Colin Kaepernick.

First up, the Titans, who took Jake Locker with the eighth pick.  Then comes a London date with the Jaguars, who traded up to No. 10 to take Blaine Gabbert.

Kaepernick was the sixth quarterback taken, after Cam Newton, Jocker, Gabbert, Christian Ponder, and Andy Dalton.

The Titans had Kaepernick in for a visit before the draft, and Kaepernick thought they wanted him.  They may have, but they wanted Locker more.

It’s something I definitely haven’t forgotten,” Kaepernick said this week, via the Associated Press.  “I thought I was someone they were interested in.  Whether it was then or later, I didn’t know, but it’s in the past now.”

Yes, it’s in the past.  But Kaepernick said he hasn’t forgotten about it.  Which means he’s found a far more conventional source of motivation than, you know, Twitter.

The 49ers also should find a little extra motivation from the fact that Sunday’s game will be their first collective crack at a defense orchestrated by the man who cartoonishly implored the Saints to try to injure multiple members of the 49ers offense the night before a January 2012 playoff game.

85 responses to “Kaepernick hasn’t forgotten Tennessee draft snub

  1. Greg Williams shoulda been banned from the league. I cant stand cheaters like him and Bellichek. You know they cheated forever before getting caught. Asterisk. Tainted.

  2. What are you going to do? Use it as motivation while you go out and throw 52% completion with 140 yards, 1 td and an int cause that’s about all your good for. San Fran made the wrong qb choice, this guy is tebow part 2. He’ll have a decent game here and there, but for the most part he is riding his team’s defense to victories.

  3. If you seriously use that for motivation, you have bigger issues. Has he also “not forgotten” that 31 other teams didn’t draft him either? So dumb, he “thought” they were interested and they drafted a different QB! How dare they!

  4. Why does every player act like they were snubbed. You were drafted where you were expected. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Thurman Thomas were snubbs. You were not

  5. Maybe cuz Kap had bad accuracy. to any of the idiots who say otherwise he has mostly a half hour at a time to throw the ball, nothing there he runs.

  6. I’m a Titans fan who believes Kap is the real deal. I’m also a Titans fan who’s glad we drafted Jake Locker instead of anyone else (including Cam Newton who was taken 1st).

  7. allday28mvpmvp says:
    Oct 19, 2013 11:52 AM
    Greg Williams shoulda been banned from the league. I cant stand cheaters like him and Bellichek. You know they cheated forever before getting caught. Asterisk. Tainted.


    LOL its true the Vikes have NEVER had an asterisk. Know why?

  8. Here’s hoping Navarro Bowman runs out of bounds and “accidentally” flattens Gregg Williams. Fingers crossed.

  9. Let me get this right. He remembers that Ten. snubbed him. Ok let’s look at this. Was Tennesse suppose to take him 8th overall, when he went in the 2nd round. So I guess it is ok for the 49ers to pass on you and get you in the 2nd round but it isn’t ok for another team to do it. I get so sick of these guys being so dramatic. Have some class your lucky they didn’t draft you. I don’t think you would be where you are now. I know your young but grow up.

  10. I get players feel slighted because it is millions they lose out on in the beginning.

    But sometimes it works out for the better.

    Unless Kaepernick just stinks it up, rest of this year and next, the 49ers will reward him handsomely come contract time.

    The 49ers situation is vastly better than the Titans or the Jaguars. They have pieces all around so that Colin can succeed. Harbaugh and Co, success the 1st two years allows them and him to stick around longer.

    The Titans are not exactly contenders right now. Success is middle of the round. If the Titans turn in another bad season or two. A new regime may come in and they might clean house.

    Jaguars are just bad. Since 2011 Draft they’ve had 3 head coaches. Who’s to say Colin would’ve survived 2 regime changes.

  11. Please, I’m sick of every player feeling “snubbed” over where they were drafted.

    What, these boobs all think THEY should have been drafted #1 ?????

    Get over yourselves and be glad you have an NFL career at all.

  12. Not as bad as Luke Joeckel’s manifesto regarding his unfathomable plummet to #2 overall. But just because everyone has told you your whole life you are the greatest doesn’t always actually mean “THE Greatest”.
    Be proud of yourself and make your point on the field but just stop crying about being sooo disrespected. No one really feels all that bad for your perceived traumatic slight about your draft slot.

  13. Quarterbacks have to be smart to be great for the most part. This guy is a flat sticker bill wearing tool that kisses his biceps rather than study film all night. He doesn’t have the intelligence to be an elite QB.

  14. Sometimes being “snubbed” is the best thing that could ever happen to a player. The pressure to play great and win immediately is a lot to ask of someone who could be headed to a team that needs more than a new qb. Falling to the 49ers was a blessing and I bet he knows that. Still, players are going to find ways to increase their motivation and being “snubbed” by an opposing team is certainly an easy one to find…because every player not taken in the first round was “snubbed” by a team.

  15. warnertobruceallday says:
    Oct 19, 2013 12:58 PM
    Too bad Sam Bradford is better then both. Bradford dominated Kapernick on that Thursday night game. We rams nation laugh at u pathetic fanbases


    You are trying too hard to be logicalvoice. It’s not going to happen. It is never going to happen.

  16. It’s better when somebody actually good says things like this. Regardless if Kaep has a good game, I’d still be fine if I’m Tennessee and I passed on him. I don’t think Jacksonville fans will care either when they land a QB that’s more than just hype in Teddy Bridgewater. Kaep a top 10 QB in the league? You’re a joke Jaworski.

  17. warnertobruceallday says:
    Oct 19, 2013 12:58 PM
    Too bad Sam Bradford is better then both. Bradford dominated Kapernick on that Thursday night game. We rams nation laugh at u pathetic fanbases



  18. As usual this kind of thing gets played up a little too much. When a team passes on a QB, it doesn’t mean they think he will turn out to be a bad player. It just means they didn’t feel he was right for their team/scheme.

    Would Kaepernick really want to play for the Titans instead? He should be glad he went to SF.

  19. “Why does every player act like they were snubbed. You were drafted where you were expected. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Thurman Thomas were snubbs. You were not”

    Forgot Dan Marino and Brett farve.

  20. I think this was taken out of context.

    1. He did not say he was snubbed right? It was the author of the article. If I said I won’t forget about something, and someone says that I said I got screwed, that doesn’t paint me in a nice way.
    2. He did not say he was going to use this as motivation, makes it sound like he’s on revenge.
    3. He had high hopes for a team to draft him and was disappointed he didn’t get it and hasn’t forgotten it.
    Big Deal.

  21. … and Russell Wilson is mad at every team for the 74 draft selections made before he was taken by the Hawks.

    No wait, he was just happy to be drafted and given a shot at competing for the starter role.

  22. Divas are never happy…

    Tom Brady was a 6th round draft choice. He got everyones attention with his performance not running his mouth…

  23. rhamrhoddy says: Oct 19, 2013 12:28 PM

    LOL its true the Vikes have NEVER had an asterisk. Know why?


    Yeah because they never hired Greg Williams or Bill Bellichek. I’d rather root for a team that hasn’t won a Super bowl than for a team that cheated and won. Theres no pride in cheating.
    I bet Barry Bonds was your favorite baseball player of all time.

  24. Kaepernick is talented. I think also that some people rise to a challenge and some don’t. Supremely talented. Distracted and unfocused. Arrogant. Shrinks in the face of pressure or adversity. A frontrunner. Again, supremely gifted. I just don’t think he’s an Alpha Leader. He’s immature. He reminds me of the Terrell Owens of QBs. You can win a lot of games with him, and he’ll be amazing to watch at times, but he’ll always let you down in the big games.

    Unless he grows up. A mature, focused Kaepernick would be fearsome.

  25. Kaepernick is no different than Tebow. Played alright for 1 year, because teams didn’t know what to expect, then puts up sub par numbers the next year. Both of them more known for their trademark endzone dances than their ability.

  26. Greg Williams strategy worked. while they lost the playoff game in SF, they did get a big shot on Kyle Williams head like he said. (who was coming off a monster concussion from That seattle late hit). if you look at the nfc title game, Kyle williams played like he was concussed. Not just the two turnovers/ fumbles. The whole game he was making uncharacteristic decisions- diving at punts in the rain. unbelievable. nobody talks about it, but I think he got forced into action because of Ginn’s injury.

  27. Locker hasn’t thrown an interception yet this year Kaepernick has thrown 5 and Locker plays on a very mediocre team, just maybe the Titans made the right decision…

  28. I remember a lot more teams than TEN foolishly passing up on him. I mean if you have a great pick to make that’s one thing, but so many of these teams made huge reaches and garbage picks. Kaep needs to forget the snubs and not worry about them or let them waste any of his time and energy. Hang out with them if you want to see the regret up close, otherwise enjoy the scenery of going down the path that leads all those people in the dust and let them worry about whatever they want to worry about.

    It shouldn’t concern him any more at this point, he has bigger fish to fry now.

  29. Screw Kaep and Jim Hairball… Alex is 6-0 and the Niners have Mr. 55% completion percentage. The fans should outraged that Smith was treated like that based on a limited game sample from a athletic guy who posesses the brain of a chicken. Good luck with this guy, Hairball!

  30. logicalvoicesays says:
    Oct 19, 2013 12:07 PM



    Seriously, we get it dude. Try something original. You post this same comment on every 49ers articles that involves Kaepernick(and even some that don’t).

    And while my response is giving you the attention you are so desperately and sadly in need of, there’s no one in their right mind that wants a QB on their team right now associated with the name R, G or III. I actually feel sorry for you considering the Redskins are the laughingstock of the league……right up there with the Jaguars.

    But take solace in knowing it’s either you or the Jaguars that get the first round draft pick next year…..and in our opinion, instead of Clowney, maybe look at a long-term option at QB that can take a hit and not cry about it.

    Have a great day!

  31. Mid 50’s completion percentage, as many turn overs as td’s, is it really a stretch to say that Tennessee was wrong to pass on him. If you need to make an offensive scheme to fit your qb’s skills then your not an elite qb, an elite qb takes any scheme and makes it work, that’s why players like kaep, rg3, Newton will not find success in this league and Wilson, luck and tannehill are the real gems of the young qb class. they have to be babysit in a simple offense and can’t deliver when it’s time to play big boy football and the team had figured your “offense of the future!” Out. Pocket qb’s always have and always will lead their teams to a sb win.

  32. Greg Williams belongs in prison, not an NFL sideline. He is criminally culpable in a conspiracy to commit felony injury. If he ever travels to San Francisco he will be arrested for his crimes.

  33. Kapernick is much better than tebow! He has hit some rough patches this year but the niners are only going to get stronger. They have some key additions who will be added to the roster in the next few weeks. It’s going to come down to hopeing the niners get a better win loss record versus the Seahawks. If the Seahawks have to play on the road in te playoffs I think it will be tough for
    Them to pull it out.

  34. He was drafted in the second round. He’s playing like a borderline second/third rounder. If that.

    He can feel snubbed all he wants… But I doubt anyone in Tennessee or Minnesota has given it a second thought. Everyone knows that his success has come when he runs the football or when he has years to get rid of the football. Neither of which he would have had The same opportunities to do in Tennessee or Minnesota.

    Have fun on that island buddy.

    Not even sure why this is a story.

  35. I’m a niner fan and glad Kap is the QB, but for heavens sake, get rid of the chip on your shoulder and thank your stars you play for the niners and not , say the Panthers – who had the first pick in the draft.
    You think Aaron Rodgers would have done as well with the niners as he did with Green Bay? Not a chance.
    Just be happy you got drafted on a great team with a great coaching staff.

  36. Hey Krap, you were passed on by the entire NFL.

    Why don’t you worry more about studying film.

    Someone already said it, and they were right…

    Colon Krap is a poor man’s Tim Tebow.

  37. Not sure where some if u get your info or if you just make it up as u go along but everyone one says he’s first in and last to leave. What he did last year was pretty amazing through three playoff games which is one more then you tools in Seattle watched your midget do. He’s got a lack of talent right now but he is not losing games for them. I expect things will come together in dec and they will be a tough out for anyone

  38. I have a good friend who is a Niner fan, and he wonders out loud how good Kaep would be if he went anywhere where Jim Harbaugh wasn’t there to coach him and design an offense that plays to his strengths.

  39. Well locker played against better competition and was a bigger name in college. Kaep wouldn’t be anything without that offensive line (best in game since 90s cowboys) and frank da tank

  40. In a pocket offense he would look subpar like he has at times this year. Harbough takes a lot of crap on boards and his dry personality can be annoying but no denying he’s resurrected three programs and left them each in good shape as opposed to in shambles with sanctions like most other college coaches have

  41. Watching this draft as a Titan fan, I was hoping we’d land Patrick Peterson, and a QB in round two. Oddly enough, the only two I was hoping for were Locker or Kaepernick. And even then, above all else, praying for anyone but Gabbert.

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