Rodgers reflects on Browns’ interest in him

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As the Browns lay the foundation for their next run at a franchise quarterback, they’ll be reminded on Sunday of one who got away.

In 2005, the Browns held the third overall pick in the draft.  They expressed interest in Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers; they drafted receiver Braylon Edwards.  (Two rounds later, Cleveland drafted quarterback Charlie Frye.)

“Yeah I was out at the facility actually,” Rodgers said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  “I remember meeting with Romeo Crennel, who was the coach at the time.  I enjoyed our conversation.  Trent Dilfer, who was a buddy of mine, was the quarterback there at the time.  I thought it was a strong possibility being there.  I enjoyed my visit there.  It was my first of two visits where I actually went to the team facility.

“That was really exciting for me as a young player, to go out there and stay in the hotel and go in the facility and eat at the team dining [hall].  I thought that was really a big deal.  I enjoyed it a lot. They went in a different direction.  The rest is history.”

Yes it is.  The Browns have continued to search in vain for a franchise quarterback, using a first-round pick seven years later on Brandon Weeden, who is actually older than Rodgers.

Eleven other quarterbacks have started for the Browns in the years since G.M. Phil Savage passed on Rodgers.  If Weeden holds the job for the rest of the years, the Browns surely will hope that, come next season, starter No. 13 will be the one that finally changes Cleveland’s luck.

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  1. To borrow a line from the iconic Brandon Weeden, the Browns aren’t losing any sleep over this decision.

    That’s the lifestyle you choose to embrace when you relocate to Elm Street.

  2. If Rodgers went to the browns and Edwards went to the packers Edwards would still be in the league and Rodgers would be Working on his second career. Organizations are just as important to a players development as the player himself.

  3. Who knows if Rodgers would have been as good if he went to Cleveland? Remember he sat behind a pretty good QB for a couple of years before he got the job…..

  4. allday28mvpmvp says:
    Oct 19, 2013 9:03 PM
    Aside from QB position the Browns actually have a better core.

    Jordan Cameron > Jordy Nelson


    Even at the QB Position, the Browns are better at every position (other than RB) than the Vikings.

  5. Aside from QB position the Browns actually have a better core.

    Jordan Cameron > Jordy Nelson

    Maybe on defense.

    You’re forgetting Cobb, Lacy, Finley, Jones, and Nelson. Now I’d take the Browns D.

  6. Didn’t Rodgers use his time behind Favre to remake his throwing mechanics? One of the things that makes him great is his quick release. There’s no guarantee he would have been able to change his mechanics if he started right away.

  7. allday28mvpmvp says:
    Aside from QB position the Browns actually have a better core.

    Jordan Cameron > Jordy Nelson

    At blocking maybe, since he’s a tight end and Nelson is a WR. That’s like me saying Jordy Nelson > Christian Ponder…… Actually that might be true at both the WR and QB positions.

  8. If Cleveland drafted Rodgers they would have started him eventually in that first year, in the first game Dilfer faltered in. It would have been too soon, he wouldn’t have succeeded, and the Browns would continue the QB carousel. Rodgers was able to mature in a well run organization behind a HOF QB, eventually starting when he was ready. As mentioned above, Rodgers’ success likely has as much to do with the organization as it does with the player. Not trying to take anything away from him as this is all speculation, but its hard to argue with. This all coming from an envious Vikings fan.

  9. Rodgers was a pick that was questioned at the time but has turned out to be a god send (and steal) for the Packers.

    Weeden, however, was a panicked disaster pick by the Browns. People are still questioning why a 29 year old rookie was drafted as a first round pick.

  10. The owner should’ve stepped in & never let the GM spend a #3 overall pick on an RB or a first on a 28 year old rookie QB. Absolutely wasted that Weeden pick & moved back like 20-25 spots on the Richardson pick. Soooo so dumb.

  11. Rodgers was lucky to land in Green Bay, even if it meant going to a team that had an established star QB. He got to sit and learn–and when his time came, Rodgers took over a very talented team with a well-oiled offense. He would have never had that advantage with Cleveland.

  12. Ted Thompson doesn’t draft head cases like Braylon Edwards. Watch the Packers take Bama’s AJ McCarron in the 2nd round. He is a winner and he’s got Pack QB written all over him

  13. Above poster was right. If Rodgers went and started right away, and at that time in CLE. Being the 3rd overall pick, he’d actually be working at All-State now instead of doing commercials for them.

  14. Aaron Rodgers must be happy that the Browns did not draft him. If they had drafted him then, now he will be sitting in the couch like Tim Couch watching NFL on Sundays.

  15. Couch, Holcomb, Frye, McCoy and WeeDone! What a rouges list of lousy QB’s!

    Now comes the 2014 Draft. 10 Picks. Lombardturd making the call.

    That’s about as reassuring as a plywood door on a submarine! (Think Jamorca Russell)!

  16. Dolphins had the second pick in that round (which we wasted on Ronnie Brown). There was some talk that The 49ers might pick Rodgers with the top pick instead if he was willing to sign cheaply, which meant that Alex Smith would have fallen to us. That came to nothing and I remember being relieved when we passed on Rodgers.

    One of the many reasons I am not working in the NFL!!! Lol

  17. harrycanyon says:
    Oct 20, 2013 12:35 AM
    Teams probably passed on Rodgers because he whines about everything.

    Do you think that’s the reason ?

  18. zzr600guy says:
    Oct 19, 2013 11:46 PM
    The Browns need to tank and go after Teddy Bridgewater or Marcus Mariota.

    You’re insinuating they aren’t? Didn’t they put Weeden back behind center?

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