A.J. Green’s Bengals beat Calvin Johnson’s Lions


A back-and-forth battle in Detroit ended with Bengals kicker Mike Nugent drilling a 54-yard field goal as time expired, giving Cincinnati a hard-fought 27-24 win over the Lions.

The story of the day was that two of the best receivers in the NFL both put on a show. Cincinnati’s A.J. Green caught six passes for 155 yards and one touchdown, while Detroit’s Calvin Johnson caught nine passes for 155 yards and two touchdowns. Both players were outstanding, although both also benefited from some bad pass coverage: The Lions had some big breakdowns in the secondary, while the Bengals lost their top cornerback, Leon Hall, to an Achilles injury in the first quarter.

The young quarterbacks on both teams had outstanding numbers: Cincinnati’s Andy Dalton completed 24 of 34 passes for 374 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions, while Detroit’s Matthew Stafford completed 28 of 51 passes for 357 yards, also with three touchdowns and no interceptions. But neither quarterback was great; both missed some throws and underthrew their star receivers at times. It says a lot about Green and Johnson that they can put up phenomenal numbers even on days when their quarterbacks are misfiring.

For the Bengals, the win improves their record to 5-2 and keeps them atop the AFC North. For the Lions, the loss drops them to 4-3 and puts them in the middle of a very competitive race in the NFC. This was a big game for both teams, and the Bengals were the ones who got the big play from their kicker at the end.

44 responses to “A.J. Green’s Bengals beat Calvin Johnson’s Lions

  1. Stafford is definitely not great. He’s nowhere near great. Calvin Johnson makes him look so much better than what he is. Stafford is so inaccurate throwing it anywhere but high to Calvin so he can jump up and catch it. Even that pass he threw into triple coverage for the Calvin TD was an ugly wobbler that was just an insane catch. Stafford gets stats too though for Calvin’s work.

  2. So… when Andy Dalton passes for 342 yards — 3 td — 0 int — 135.9 QB Rating…. it’s a A.J. Green win?!?

  3. Although Chris Houston was torched like a creme brulee and Matthew Stafford overthrew too many easy TD opportunities, this game was decided by line play. The defensive line didn’t pressure Dalton, the O line didn’t create enough running lanes and special teams allowed a blocked FG. Hence, a very winnable game was lost.

  4. One hell of a game. Two good-but-not-great teams. I want to strangle Sam Martin right now, though… What an awful punt.

  5. Marvin Jones never got two feet down for his TD.

    But, if Detroit’s D could cover the big play it wouldn’t have mattered.

    And, the blocked FG and the really bad punt at the end was the difference.

  6. Horrible pass interference called on Calvin Johnson ended their second to last drive and a horrible no-call when Johnson was being held before the defenders feet got tangled ended their last drive.

    Bring back the replacement officials!

  7. Bad coverage? Pretty sure Megatron transformed over 3 defenders all around him on his second TD.

    Good game Bengals. Great defense and protection today. See you in the Super Bowl lol

  8. Quite a game! Lions were evenly matched with Bengals in this game. One better punt may have made the difference.

    @jakec4: Many Bengals fans would swap you Dalton for Stafford straight up without batting an eye.

  9. Losing Leon Hall is HUGE for Cincinnati. But Zim will find a way. Good win for the Bengals. Dalton was good, but not great…..just like he has to be. To much is negativity is put on this guy! He’s surrounded by talent and he know’s how to use it. It’s NOT about the QB….it’s about the TEAM. Look @ Brady, Eli & Tom struggling now that the talent around them is gone. Dalton is just fine. WHO DEY CINCINNATI, CELEBRATE!!!!!! Our Bengals win again!!!!

  10. Many fans from all teams are idiots.

    Get Andy Dalton a quality #2 wide receiver (Jones/Sanu are #3-#4 quality).

    Imagine what Dalton could have done in Ray Rice, Boldin, Smith, and Pitta.

  11. Angus, two feet in bounds don’t matter when he gets an elbow and a hip down in bounds.

    C’mon, man.

  12. NOT “surrounded with talent”.

    Just check out Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu’s game logs. These guys didn’t get separation until last week…. but…. idiots who don’t watch the receivers routes will blame it all on Dalton.

    Jermaine Gresham led NFL tight ends in dropped passes in 2012 (much better this year – knock on wood – but still undependable and lacking explosiveness – good game today other than his stupid penalty).

  13. @doctorrustbelt says:

    Many fans from all teams are idiots.
    Get Andy Dalton a quality #2 wide receiver (Jones/Sanu are #3-#4 quality).

    Imagine what Dalton could have done in Ray Rice, Boldin, Smith, and Pitta.


    We don’t want those guys. We are fine with our guys..

  14. @bengalsbilly

    Sounds like you swallow anything anybody says.
    Let me tell you something
    “Daltons good”!
    And welcome to the 21st century!
    Look who’s using a Computer!

  15. I was assured by several Lions fans that the Bengals wouldn’t pose a problem, and that the Lions would be in sole possession of 1st place after today.

    What happened?

    Oh, they’re not as good as you thought? Right.

  16. Helluva game Lions fans!! No shame in this game!!

    Nice win for the Bengals but you gotta take your hat’s off to the Lions too!! I wasn’t confident AT ALL when the Bengals lined up for that 54 yard FG.

    Someone’s gotta lose though. Wow!

  17. I don’t want them either.

    I was making a comment on the quality of the 2012 Baltimore lineup and results of crappy Joe Flacco with that loaded team while highlighting that Dalton’s #2-#3 receivers are crappy/undependable in comparison.

    This team would be struggling… if it wasn’t for two rookies opening up the field (AND THE DEFENSE).

  18. It’s always a game of inches. Coach Marvin Lewis gets his team to fight hard until the very end. This game ‘could’ have gone either way, BUT The Cincinnati Bengals have extremely good focus and just don’t quit. Nuggent seems to kick better under pressure. Great come back by him after the early miss. Have to admire the effort by The Bengals’ Defense after losing their Top CB (Hall) and having to defend against the Detroit Pistons playing WRs for the Lions.
    Who Dey! Bengals win The Battle of The Big Kats! Good Luck on the rest of the season Lions… Your still a very good team.

  19. I don’t think Lions fans should complain about the refs when Mathis was getting away with PI all day. The guy was constantly mauling Sanu and never looking for the ball.

    I was excited when Gresham was heading to the locker room. I thought Marvin finally dropped the hammer and sent his ass out after one of two STUPID penalties. He nearly cost us the game twice.

    Marvin Jones is looking more and more like our #2 WR. The guy just makes plays when needed.

    Losing Hall is going to hurt us down the stretch. Did anyone notice how many Lions WR’s had our DB’s beat? Luckily Stafford overthrew most of them.

    I’ll take the win but once again we made it harder for ourselves than it had to be. GG Detroit.

  20. Nice win for the bengals. But they sure put you all on the edge of your seats . Congrats on the win.

  21. Just a few weeks ago the lions fans were down playing a loss to an NFC north opponent, saying good teams should, and are expected to win their home games. I guess the lions just are not a good team by their own words than right? You people who continue to make excuses for Stafford need to wake up. He is nothing special. Average QB at best. Big arm great stats, but you need to win games. Stats don’t win games. Just look at his record as a QB, and calling him average is probally generous. More problems than just your coach, but he is awful.

  22. @sagnam says:
    Oct 20, 2013 4:37 PM
    Horrible pass interference called on Calvin Johnson ended their second to last drive and a horrible no-call when Johnson was being held before the defenders feet got tangled ended their last drive.

    Bring back the replacement officials!


    How about all three of Raseen Mathis defended passes where he never turned around and was basically tackling Jones while the ball was arriving. Or the defender hitting Dalton in the head at the end of the slide and no penalty. Holding all game on your line especially on the Calvin 50 yd TD. The interference called on Green on a screen when he touched nobody…another interference on Green with a defender all over him not even looking for the ball. Let’s not forget…when has there ever been a booth initiated review within 2 minutes on a clear first down. Yes there was some really poor officiating but your Lions were given every chance to win by the Zebras and they choked when it mattered.

  23. Aww look at the depressed Bears fan coming in to talk smack. They are tanking earlier than usual this year…

  24. Good battle between two solid teams. Coulda gone either way. Nuge is a good kicker, has been since OSU. Wish it woulda went the Lions way but this wasn’t a “robbery by the refs” or “fluke for the Bengals” by any means.

    Hope both teams get to the playoffs. More confident the Bengals will get there though.

  25. @jakec4 said: Many Bengals fans would swap you Dalton for Stafford straight up without batting an eye.

    Not this one! Many, I repeat Many of Staffords passes were wildly thrown, he is too out of control to play in Lewis/Gruden’s offense. I love this Andy bashing on a day when he has a 135 QB rating….

    Yes, Yes…he underthrew AJ a couple of times…he could improve…I get it. However, there were 5, count em 5 Offensive interference calls in this game and the Bengals took the brunt of them relative to when and what situation. I haven’t seen 5 interference penalties in all the games Ive watched this year…and I have the ticket!

    I’ll take him…I see Kenny Anderson in him and a second coming of Kenny will suit me just fine. Just wait until Gruden gives up on the law firm / Bernard and gives Eifert more of Gresham’s reps…we’ll be fine then.

  26. Bengalsskuta – that was an attempt at sarcasm. I think Dalton is a solid QB. Every time he has a bad game, all of the posts say Dalton stinks, so I thought I would post after Andy had a good one.

  27. Sam Martin sucks. I keep hearing how statistically great he is as a punter. But statistics are for losers. How many punters over their career can point to a game that they lost for their team?- not many. He choked and did it today. That is why the Lions lost. You owe us a win Sam – good luck with that.

  28. I am in no way saying that the refs cost the lions the game, but am I the only one who thought the spot on the blocked kick was wrong? It sure looked to me that the original Bengal to recover was down then threw a forward lateral to another Bengal. It also looked like Swartz wanted to challenge, but I am guessing that he was told he couldn’t. I know it’s one little play that may or may not have changed the outcome, but it looks like a major mistake by the officials to me.

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