Belichick disagrees with rule that gave Jets overtime field goal Mulligan

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The game between the Patriots and Jets ended after the first application of a new rule, and New England coach Bill Belichick believes that the rule was improperly applied.

The rule, adopted for 2013 and codified at Rule 9, Section 1, Article 3, subsection (b)(2), states that the defensive team on a kick from scrimmage “cannot push teammates on the line of scrimmage into the offensive formation.”  That’s what the Patriots did, drawing a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.  (Based on the rulebook, it technically should have been unnecessary roughness.  Either way, it should be — and was — a 15-yard penalty.)

The flag wiped out a missed field goal, and it gave the Jets a fresh set of downs 15 yards closer to the end zone.

Via Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, Belichick said after the game that he “disagrees with the penalty for pushing,” an that “there wasn’t a push in the second level that would require a flag.”

The rule doesn’t require a push from the second level.  Instead, it generally prohibits pushing teammates on the line of scrimmage into the offensive formation.

And so the rule apparently was applied correctly.  Even though Belichick and plenty of Patriots fans will believe otherwise.

Raiders fans can relate.  And they’re likely thrilled about it.

100 responses to “Belichick disagrees with rule that gave Jets overtime field goal Mulligan

  1. Here comes the crying. I’m sure the next time the Patriots get a gift, which is all the time, Belichick will make a stink about it.

  2. Refs also had a really bad spotting of the ball on a slide by Andy Dalton that was clearly initiated way early. They reviewed the play with instant replay and still couldn’t come close to putting the ball where he “started” his dive slide.

    Just a pathetic job in almost every game is what you get in the NFL with the quality of rules and in the application of these lousy rules.

    Terribly unprofessional stuff week in and week out.

  3. Mulligan? Rules are rules. The Pats violated a rule and got punished for it. Penalties are part of a game. Jets hung in, benefitted from a proper penalty call and won the game. No mention of them keeping Brady out of the endzone? COME ON MAN!

  4. That’s right Bill.

    When you haven’t coached your players on a new rule, just pretend that the rulebook says something else. 🙂 (i.e.: “second level?)

  5. It’s nice when the refs call the rules according to the book.

    Unlike the “false start” penalty called on the Saints last week on 4th & 1. Remember — the one that was clearly offsides?

    Pats are a pretty average 5-2* team.

  6. How is this like the tuck rule? This was a penalty that had no effect on the play. If anyone looked hard enough they could probably find a hold on the same play. Don’t we like when refs swallow whistles at the end of a game?

  7. There’s quite a lot of people that keep bringing up the Tuck Rule game but it’s not the same if you really think about it, this Jets Pats game was on the line in OT, the Tuck Rule didn’t win the game for the Pats lol they still had pull off a bit of work. I guess there’s just not many people that watch the games in their entirety anymore or remember how games play out. Gotta love the sad little haters.

  8. I disagreed with the hill td being overturned especially since Gronk pushed off all game.

  9. The Pats forgot to bring their homefield refs.
    It’s funny but the Pats should be looking at a 3 game losing streak, last week was a gift from the referees on their payroll.

    Per my post last week:

    ilovefoolsball says:
    Oct 18, 2013 6:29 PM
    Which is exactly why the Jets will upset the Patriots this week.

    1. Before last week Drew Brees had never lost to the Patriots (as a Charger or a Saint)

    2. The Patsies are riding high after their biggest win of the season. Their most valuable players didn’t wear blue they were wearing white and black stripes.

    3. They will overlook these Jets and Geno and be susceptible to an ambush attack.

    4. The return of Gronk will be a distraction and a non-factor in the passing game.
    3 out of 4 ain’t bad.

    Patriots go down hill from here on. They upset the football gods last week with the officiating playcalling.

  10. Jets! Jets!! Jets!!!! Stop crying Patriot fans. You lost. You lost. The window is closing on your team. Face it! I know it hurts. My Jets came out in second half and proved who’s better. I’m not even complaining about that BS call in end zone taking away Jets TD that would have won it in regulation. Go jets !!!!

  11. Karma.

    A week after the Pats were making fun of saints fans for complaining about blatantly one sided calls and missed holding on the final play, you get this.

    And btw, same exact score as the Saints game.

    I bet the Pats would’ve traded that wins since a win here puts them 2.5 games ahead in the division instead of only a 1/2 game lead now.


  12. I thought Belichick was supposed to be smart. In fact a genius. Could it be all just because of Brady? Is he really more like the coach he was when he was the coach of the Browns? What about his HUGE personal football library? Learn the rules!

  13. I’m sure Sean Payton didn’t agree with the “false start” that was clearly an offsides or the no call holding on the last play of the game. I don’t hear him whining though.

  14. Team B players not on the line of scrimmage at the snap cannot push players on the line of scrimmage into the offensive formation. Penalty: For unnecessary roughness, loss of 15 yards from the previous spot.

  15. .

    Regardless of Belichick’s opinion or the opinion of the Mike Perreira wannabes who post here, the game’s over and in the books. The same goes for tuck rule, spygate, and Drew Pearson’s pushoff against Paul Krause.

    Game over. Move on to Week 8


  16. I can’t believe all the people saying it wasn’t a penalty. Jones put both of his hands on his team mates hips and pushed him forward. I agree it’s a dumb rule, but it is a rule and he was called for it. It really is that simple.

  17. helix828 says:
    Oct 20, 2013 5:23 PM
    The Jets had their Butt Fumble, the Pats had their Butt Bumble.
    BUTT BUMBLE – Way too funny!!!

  18. So running into the back of a teammate, which was the extent of this “push”, and there’s a penalty, in OT no less?

    Somewhere at some food court between picking up teens, Sanchez likes that his run into the back on a teammate goes down the list to #2 on famous Jets plays.

  19. Huge pats fan here. Point one the game was not lost because of the call, the game was lost because of poor coaching, horrible play by Brady and the o line, and Brady trying to use Gronk as a crutch too many times and oh by the way we Sucked on third down!

  20. Two wins this season on bad calls in the Jets favor?? Yeah, ok, their winning those two games had nothing to do with all the points they racked up and the way they played for the full 60 minutes.
    Weak arguments, haters.
    Needed the laughs, though, so thanks!

  21. Did he disagree with the tuck rule that allowed the Pats to go and win a superbowl? I’m guessing not. I’m guessing he also does not disagree with any of the other rules that have benefited the Pats over the years.

  22. PFT needs to get its facts right. The Jets were not given an “overtime field goal mulligan”. You hit mulligans from the same position. They were given the equivalent of being allowed to hit again from the red tees after an out of bounds drive from the gold tees in match play.

    That call reminded me of when I was young and someone’s dad would call a do-over for their son because the kid failed the first time (and their dad would cheat to make sure the second effort was a layup). Even at a young age we knew it was bs.

  23. These new field goal rules seem pretty weak. Burned my chargers in week 1. I dont really care what the rule says, watch the play over and tell me thats a penalty. That shouldnt even be a penalty in flag football.

  24. I think there are some Spygate conspiracy theorists who don’t actually know that to this day, filming of play calling remains legal

    As far as Belichick once he realizes the call was applied properly he won’t mention it again. Patriots won’t spend 20 years shinning about a call that was correctly applied either.

    Raiders fans to this day are arguing against an old call EVERYONE admits was applied correctly. #pathetic

  25. Hey Belicheat aka genius, there is nothing about the ” second level” in the rule! This guy never stops cheating!

  26. I swear to god some people need to take a deep breathe and put down their haters goggles because it’s endless entertainment with all the crazies slinging out all their bonehead theories and cheater comments, listen I’m sorry you don’t have Tom Brady on your team or Bill Belichickas as a coach, but hey it’s all gonna be OK, someday they will both retire and then you can yell at your TV’s one last time while you watch them put on their jackets in Canton and then it will be all OK again hahahahaha.

  27. Some of you are going to argue that the Tuck Rule had no effect on the game??!! Game was over at that point if it was ruled a fumble.

  28. The other thilng not mentioned was this was obviously a planned playu. The guy lined up a little off the line of scrimmage so he could get behind and push.
    So Belicheck was either caught cheating on a planned play or didn’t know the rules!
    I guess cheating!

  29. Is he really more like the coach he was when he was the coach of the Browns?

    Belichick’s Browns 1994 were 11 -5, Browns haven’t been able to match it since.

    I would normally say it’s ticky-tack call to make in a critical situation, but really that’s a trade off for the bad offensive pass interference called on the Jets in the end zone. That was a bad call.

    Lose by 3 in OT? No shame in that. On to Miami.

  30. As a Pats fan, that called sucked but its not the reason why the Pats lost the game.

    For all the people commenting about the Tuck Rule, that same rule was called AGAINST the Pats that same season.

    For all the Jets fans saying the Pats window is closing, atleast its still open. Can you let me know when exactly the Jets window will open? Its been awhile.

    Pats will still make it to the playoffs. No worries here.

  31. @thestrategyexpert says:
    Oct 20, 2013 5:26 PM
    Refs also had a really bad spotting of the ball on a slide by Andy Dalton that was clearly initiated way early. They reviewed the play with instant replay and still couldn’t come close to putting the ball where he “started” his dive slide.

    Just a pathetic job in almost every game is what you get in the NFL with the quality of rules and in the application of these lousy rules.

    Terribly unprofessional stuff week in and week out.

    You are kidding me with this right. You are complaining on a play that should have been a clear personal foul since the defender hit Andy in the head during his slide. A slide that was reviewed and marked short of the 4th down. …and complaining in a non-related thread. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  32. Maybe the patriot player was gay and he just wanted to feel his teammates butt on that play. Hey if you Pats fans don’t believe me then go look at the “Belicam” (video camera used for cheating by Belichick…

  33. Belechick should talk….Everyone knows that he won his first Super Bowl as a result of an obscure rule being applied .

  34. Lmao…refs cheat the Saints last week….Karma in full gear….jets jets jets…epic fail for the patsies aka also rans….

    The who dat nation

  35. Bill, you can’t whine about this rule being correctly called after having several gift penalties called against the Jets. Didn’t we watch the same game? You know Chandler Jones was being dirty most of the game and Gronk was pushing off to “separate”. Pay the piper.

  36. Belichick has to hire someone(besides Earnie Adams to read league memos. I really think he thought he was within the rules during the ‘spygate’ thing(not to be used during the game). To coach your ST that way, when the league put out a memo saying it had to be called more, on a 56 yrd FG Folk probably wouldn’t have made anyway, is incomprehensible. Jets deserves to win, but it’s a game the Pats never should have lost.

    Haters saying Pats fans are whining about refs…how many? Two? You apologists saying the Pats get all the calls are he ones posting. Next time they win, you’ll be back to ‘Pats get all the calls’.

  37. If anyone doesn’t feel like reading all the posts up until this one, allow me to share a Cliffs Notes version of responses to this story for you:


    You’re welcome.

  38. The rule was properly enforced. You can argue about the why that is a rule all day, but the Pats lost this one clean.

    The only other time I remember a similar penalty being called is the MNF game in 2003, Bucs vs Colts, the leaping call that negated the missed field goal. The only call that was missed in that game was the illegal onside kick that allowed the Colts to recover the football and drive down the field and force OT.

    Brady is beginning to look like Marino in his decline. You’ve had a nice ten year run slightly tainted by the cheating accusations but the sun is beginning to set. No one stays on top forever.

  39. Jacksonjames4 says:
    Oct 20, 2013 5:25 PM
    really? everyone does. except those horribly idiotic jets fans. that makes 2 wins handed to the yets this season

    Is the “Jackson” part of your name referring to Jacksonville?

    Can’t blame you then.

  40. heymangold says:
    Oct 20, 2013 5:26 PM
    Mulligan? Rules are rules.

    Yea, and in our culture some believe it is the wife’s marital duty to have sex with her husband even when she has no desire. Personally, in that situation I would take a pass but some guys (e.g., Jets’ fans) would consider that a win and actually brag about it.

  41. stonyhands:

    No, I’m complaining about the general and consistent failure of application of the rules on a weekly basis, in addition to the overall quality of the rules to begin with.

    Also the refs missed the obvious forward lateral that Schwartz was complaining about. There were a ton of mistakes in the Lions game, but the one I mentioned and this one were more obvious and especially embarrassing.

    I didn’t catch the hit to Dalton’s head on that play, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that they still screwed up the simple act of spotting the ball by not understanding how to identify with what constitutes starting the act of sliding in addition to not also being able to rectify it even after looking at the replays!

  42. As a Miami fan, I don’t expect us to beat the Pats at home, few teams do, however we have a problem with our OC and his play calling, I say that today we had the lead and need to get closer for a field goal try or to punt and put the Bills in a long field to take the lead, and like with the Ravens he decided to throw the ball, the rest is history, so don’t worry about the fish next week, hell, Tom should rest up and let his back up play, we did lose to a practice squad call up QB. Bill

  43. Patriots fans crying like little girls all over the Northeast right now. Youve been the beneficiary of BS calls like this for a decade. The tuck rule didnt affect that game? ARE YOU HIGH?! Tom Brady got Tom Brady’d today… deal with it.

    Better hope your Sawks win, cause your Pats aren’t winning crapiola this year – yet againe.

  44. That was a lame time to call that obscure ass penalty. But the jets won because of other factors. They deserved the W. The patriots can’t win them all. Just 12 of 13 in division over the last two plus years. I’ll take that

  45. So funny the jets fans who are saying anything about patriots in decline. You won the game as you deserved to. We’ll played by the jets and they came Out on top. Let’s not forget who runs the show and has for the last 14 yrs. slow down and enjoy your teams W

  46. @tedmurph

    Ur such a crybaby when the pats lose. They were not at home so they couldnt set up as many cameras. Thats why they lost. Call Parcells since he was the one they built that pats team for super bowls and fire billicheat.



  47. Not quite as heavy as the tuck rule.

    Not nearly as egregious as the Golden Tate immaculate reception.

    But B.S. nonetheless. There is a time and place to flag a practically unnoticeable violation on an obscure rule. 4th down in OT with the game on the line will never be that time.

    Congratulations Jets. You finally caught the Patriots with enough key injuries to grind out a game and have the officials hand you a win. It’s a moral victory that I hope lasts you through the winter when you miss the playoffs.

  48. it should NOT be a 15 yard penalty. that’s ridiculous. it is a stupid rule, but if youre going to enforce it, it should be a five yard penalty, and replay of the down, NOT an automatic first.

    ridiculous rule. its like this league is just trying to ban any sort of defense.

  49. the tuck rule was ridiculous, and so is this. you don’t say “well, the patriots benefited from the tuck rule.” no. you don’t screw over any team with any stupid rule. two wrongs don’t make a right.

  50. Losing to the Jets = Joke
    Now that’s funny!!

    It’s happened to four teams already this year, guess the joke is on them!

  51. As a Pats fan I know this game was not lost due to officiating, it was lost because the Pats defense was missing 3 impact players on D and Brady and the offense played terrible which in a large part was because the Jets D played great. Congrats jets fans, enjoy your “Super Bowl”! Like every year Pats will be playing in Jan and your Jets will not.

  52. Zero Superbowls since Spygate. #Cheater

    Actually, they’ve been to 2 of them since.

    Lost em both on fantastic pass plays at the end of both games. Check with your Dad, he’ll remember it.

  53. After listening to Belechick’s comments regarding a “push from the second level” it is clear (and in character) that this was a coached play. The Pats clearly tried to gain advantage by breaking a rule intended for a linebacker, not a lineman. He is an absolute cheater.

  54. Toilet paper Tommy did not look pleased. I would not be either, getting beat by sexy Rexy and a hard fighting ROOKIE. Go Pats, everyone in the league is scared to play you. meh

  55. “Team B players not on the line of scrimmage at the snap cannot push players on the line of scrimmage…” Yes, it was edited ex post.

    Belichick’s saying he didn’t believe his player was not lined up on the line of scrimmage. The player’s line-up placement is the ref’s judgment call, and that’s why it was a ridiculous time to enforce the first ever time this penalty was called.

  56. Tuck Rule had been called before – even earlier that same year in Week 2 against the Patriots, when Jets QB Vinny Testaverde fumbled the ball but got it back via the Tuck Rule.

    This is the first time EVER this rule was called. There’s a big difference.

  57. If Belichick’s interpretation of the rule was so wrong, why did the NFL feel the need to change the wording on their website describing the rule AFTER the Jet/Patriots, game. Fact not fiction. The took out the part that said “Team B Players NOT AT THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE [emphasis added] at the snap cannot push players at the line of scrimmage into the offensive formation” A little while after the game it was change to read “Team B players cannot push teammates on the line of scrimmage into the offensive formation.” So if the NFL interpreted one way before the game why is Belichick off base?

  58. “Raiders fans can relate. And they’re likely thrilled about it.”

    Not as much for this Raiders fan unless had it happened during a playoff game.

  59. I’m sure the Oakland Raiders didn’t agree with the “Tuck Rule”. After the Infamous Raider/Patriot game Belichick said,”Whatever the rules are, they are.” I’m not even a Raider fan, yet I was pissed! As a long suffering Jets fan, I’ve gone through years of calls and missed calls. But to be on the side of one of these quirky calls is great…against the Patriots..PRICELESS!!!

  60. of course he does. he disagrees anything that’s against NE. sore loser. maybe he should pay attention to the rules a lityle better. fyi, players actually proposed the rule last year. nothing to do with the league. once again you got beat NE. maybe blame should be on, forbid me saying, Brady for not completing those passes on their first OT drive. Necer can blame him though. that’s unheard of

  61. OH no not against the Patriots . That’s not the first time that was called it happen in a dolphin game a couples seasons ago can’t remember which team.

  62. What goes around – Comes around. Looks like there are many games being decided by bad calls and bad no-calls lately. Nothing against the Pats – but darn your fans called us Saints whinney babies last week, like you were so good to beat the Saints. See what we were talking about.

  63. belicheckisgod says: Oct 20, 2013 7:20 PM

    As a Pats fan I know this game was not lost due to officiating, it was lost because the Pats defense was missing 3 impact players on D and Brady and the offense played terrible which in a large part was because the Jets D played great. Congrats jets fans, enjoy your “Super Bowl”! Like every year Pats will be playing in Jan and your Jets will not.


    REALLY? You BARELY beat us in week 2, in YOUR House… We beat ourselves with 3 ints in the 4th quarter. How about your dear sweet Brady had 0 TD’s in 2 out of the last 3 games? That didn’t factor into your losses? I was at the game and am surprised the refs didn’t call pass interference on the sun when Gronk missed his TD opportunity.

    Remember 2012, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006, 2005. Your AFC Champion years have already begun digressing….

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